Bomber Girl

Circle:  Dark Water
Publication Date:  August 17, 1997
Rarity:  ***
Series:  Slayers
Lina / Gourry
Zelgadiss / Amelia
Page Count: 
Art Quality: 


        Lina confesses her love for Gourry, and all he can think about is getting her naked and having sex with her.  It happens that quickly.  Two pages of love confession, then six pages of anguish filled sex with Lina crying most of the time.  Then in the end I think Lina might be pregnant and Gourry looks quite upset at her.  The second story is the same except the role of Gourry is played by Zelgadiss and that of Lina by Amelia.  However it does not appear to be as forced for Amelia, she actually gives Zelgadiss oral first.  When it's all over Amelia gives him a big hug.  The art is good, but it's nothing that really stuns you, and the stories are blah.

Estimated Value:  $ 25

        Somewhat rare, good art, but not staying value and it's short.  This is actually a medium priced doujinshi, but I always liked the cover.