Slayers Adult #8

CircleGinmomo ?
Publication Date:  May 1999
Rarity: **
Series:  Slayers
Amelia / Lina / Valgarv (passed out)
Lina / Valgarv
Page Count: 50
Cover:  Glossy
Art Quality:  Acceptable - Not So Good


        As I've said before I really don't like the art of the Slayers Adult series.  However the covers are one exception, they are usually nice.  This doujinshi starts out with Amelia and Lina talking and drinking with Valgarv's gang downstairs at an Inn.  The hour is late so they shower off then go to their room for sleep.  But who do they find sleeping in their bed?  Well, it's Valgarv.  Lina goes to yell out but Amelia covers her mouth, she has something else on her mind already, like showing Lina how she likes to give men oral.  They go back and fourth playing with his manhood until he suddenly wakes up (Big Surprise).  He snatches up Lina and takes down her panties and takes her (picture above, yet another big surprise).  Then he takes her some more and more (BTW, where did Amelia go?)  When he's done she falls asleep in his arms (She enjoyed herself quite a bit).  He carries her to her bed and puts her in it and she keeps sleeping.

Approximated Worth:  $30

       For some reason Slayers Adult is always in high demand, I get more requests to scan it then any other doujinshi I have on this site, despite the fact that it is widely available online to download from other sources.  That is where about ten dollars of its value comes from, the rest is of course based on the usual factors, rarity, art quality, page count, and cover appearance.