Slayers Parody #1

Circle: Sairo Publishing (J+ Sairo)
Publication Date: Winter 1997
Rarity:  ***
Series: Slayers

ORGY Gaav/Lina/Amelia/Gilis/Valgarv/Xelloss/Zelgadiss/Filia
Gourry/Lina  &  Zelgadiss/Amelia

Page Count: 116
Cover:  Glossy
Art Quality:  Varies, but always good.


Description:  How can you deny a doujinshi that depicts Gaav happily eating cooking with Valgarv?  You can't!  This is a great doujinshi, the orgy section of it, is hillarous as Valgarv and his gang complete with his henchmen and Gaav all go after the Slayers characters, funny stuff!  Very hot action too, check out Filia with the spiked dildo at left, she goes after Valgarv with that after he takes his horn and sticks it (the first place you imagine he would in a hentai doujinshi).  The reast of the doujinshi is good too, the Lina and Amelia story is good and there are some nice little eye-catch scenes.  Very good stuff here.

Approximated Value   $25

This doujinshi would be worth a lot to me (If I didn't own this one, I would personally be willing to pay $100 for it).  It's value is decent because it is somewhat rare, it is a long doujinshi, good couples, and good art.  However it looses value by virtue of being a Slayers doujinshi and the availability of the scanned doujinshi online.