Circle: J. Sairo Solo Works
Publication Date:  August 3, 1996
Rarity: ***
Series:  Slayers and others
Couplings (Just Slayers):
Naga / Lina
Page Count:
Glossy, but not high-gloss
Art Quality:  


     There is only one Slayers story in here which also appeared in J.Sairo's effort in the doujinshi series 'Totally Naga' in it Naga and Lina are lovers but Naga wants to go a step further.  She finds a spell to fuse her body to Lina's.  In doing so Naga experiences incredible orgasms, but it looks like Lina's not enjoying it, turns out their blood types are different and they die.  It is a good doujinshi though as are the other stories for the other series involved in this one.

Approximated Worth:  $40

        I don't know what part of this doujinshi makes it worth so much but they usually sell between $25 and $55 this was one of the first doujinshi I ever tried to buy, I bid on it on eBay and was outbid in the last few seconds, it went for over $125 but I picked it up about a year later for $25 so it was for the best I guess.  It is a good doujinshi and it is somewhat rare and the art is good and yes, the page length is up there, so it sells for a good price.