The Puffpuff Girls


Circle:  Hayatoya Comics
Publication Date:  Aug 12, 2001  (Comiket 60)
Rarity: **
Series:  P*wer Puff Girls

Bl*ss*m/M*jo Jojo   
Butturcup/Gang Green Gang  

Page Count: 40 Pages
Cover:  Glossy
Art Quality:  Just like the series


        The story opens with the power puff girls trapped in one of M*jo Jojo's recent inventions/traps.  He is of course rejoicing.  The girls are quite scared and M*jo is pressing his fear factor with them.  He goes one step further, snatching up Bl*ss*m.  He forces her to strip down the performs oral on her.  And in return he expects the same for himself.  Afterwards is a few panels of straight sex and then it cuts to the next story.

        In this one Butturcup is surrounded by the Gang Green Gang.  What follows is described by most as disgusting.  An invigorating gang bang between this gang and Butturcup, full of dripping decaying penises and more.  The last sex scene involves Bobbles, the mayor and all the citizens of Townsville are gathered around her while she urinates.  And then the mayor urinates in her mouth.  The a bunch of dogs come in (Dobermans?) and have their way with her.

        This whole story is wrapped up by panning out of a dream bubble above M*jo's head and revealing that the girls had escaped his device and that this was at least all in his head.  They in turn beat the living crap out of him.

Approximated Worth:  $55

        When this doujinshi came out there were copies of it available in many places, but only for a short time.  Then it seemed like all the copies of it disappeared.  There are still some places to find them but if you can't find those paces this is a treasure trove book, highly collectable, and of a popular series.  I have seen it go on eBay as high as $295 I bought my copy however at a significantly reduced price, however with all highly collectable mainstream series, the price is subject to nearly astronomical fluctuation.  Considering that I hardly think of this as a rare doujinshi it has an incredibly high price and is worth it for its incredible inside art.

*  Note  * I used the astics and intention misspellings of the names in an effort to prevent children from finding this page during their usual quests for cartoon information online.