Konyamo Abarechauzo

Publication Date:  July 2008
Rarity: ***
Series:  Slayers
ina x Gourry x Xelloss
Page Count: 20
Cover:  Glossy
Art Quality:  Poor



        Lina and Gourry are traveling together when Gourry does something to arouse Lina's ire.  He successfully parlays that into seduction and they start getting it on, soon enough Xelloss makes the scene ever so slyly and starts in on the action as well.  Finally both Gourry and Xelloss are spent and leave Lina laying in a pool of semen.

Approximated Worth:  $15

       Art is kind of crummy and the story is short however the pairing is rare and the doujinshi being a newer publishing is somewhat rare despite this.