CircleComic Pinky  [Oak Comics] (?)
Publication Date:  June 10, 1999
Rarity:  ****
Series:  Slayers and others including Battle Athletes
Couplings (Just for Slayers):
Gourry / Lina
Page Count:  178
Cover:  Slip cover, cover underneath is glossy
Art Quality:  Good - Great


        I think the Slayers section of this doujinshi was done by the same person that did the Mantou series.  This is not really a doujinshi in that it has an ISBN number on it but it looks like one and does contain copywrited characters as shown.  

        There comes a time when a doujinshi comes in many layers with many stories; this is such a time. Behold the colorful cover of this delicious meal of several courses, the mysteries within tantalizing. As much want there is to consume all within such isn't possible for now, our mortal minds only able to grasp so much.

        For now we can only snack on the delights of Slayers within, beginning with a delightful scene of our young sorceress escaping from the turmoil of a shower, or perhaps from the imprisonment of a bath. It just so happens that on this day Lina was given a sort of a gift basket from the inn proprietor (Surely the bonus gift came free, else Lina would have thrown quite the fit). Inside the gift package she finds the most strange ... interesting things. 

        Curiosity is a damning one and those strange things are put to much test. The red-headed teen dresses in the clothing she's found; something scant and certainly a difference from her usual magician attire. The toys present are of far more interest... so she experiments. The joy of experimentation, we'll say fortunately, was cut short by our favored blonde-haired dullard swordsman. 

        Gourry is such a helpful guy! First aiding Lina with the anal beads, earning the reward of Lina's lips on his abundant manhood. Hoo Ha... then there's some sex that seems to show up out of no where! Then it ends abruptly, Lina mounted on Gourry with a look of pure - pure something... Let's say shrieking ecstasy. We're denied the desert of seeing Lina wail upon Gourry for seeing her immodestly, for robbing her innocence and whatnot. The rampant libido of Gourry wins this day!

        Did I mention the Art Quality was superb and on par to the usual OAV comics? Whoops. Well, it is. 

Approximated Value:  $35

        Although a small sized doujinshi it is a long one in terms of page length, it covers many series and the art is good.  It will only go up in value as time progresses.