Slayer Tiny

CircleSairo Publishing
Publication Date:  Spring 1998
Rarity: **
Series:  Slayers
1st story has no real couplings
Lina / Gourry
Page Count: 50
Cover:  Flat Non-Reflective textured
Art Quality:  Good (Half is similar to the Series, half is good but different)


     Gourry and Zelgadiss are sitting around talking about girls, but the girls are hiding in the bushes watching them.  Lina wonders if Gourry really finds her attractive and Amelia thinks that she could seduce Zelgadiss quicker, so the two of them start to compete to see if they can seduce their man quicker.  Lina gives it the first try, stripping off her outer outfit to reveal lingerie underneath.  Amelia is quick to act, dragging Zelgadiss off and stripping off her shirt to show him her breasts.  Coming back Amelia pushes up her chest to give Gourry a little show too, infuriating Lina.  She steps it up and takes off her cloak, but Amelia immediately bends over, stretching the fabric between her legs and running her fingers over it to accentuate the features.  Lina counters by jumping into the water, coming out seductively and soaking wet.  Amelia goes all out and drops her pants, sitting on the ground and spreading her legs wide to give a show.  Then Lina does the same, Amelia pulls down Zelgadiss' pants quickly and starts giving him oral, he comes across her face but appears physically drained.  But Lina's mad that no one is paying attention to her any more.  They clash again (picture above) then in the next frame they are both in bondage gear.  Filia makes her appearance known and looks like she wants to get in on the action, but the only one not busy with the contest in Xelloss, they lock eyes for an awkward moment and .... some time later ... they're all having an orgy and Valgarv shows up, but he's angry that no one is paying attention to him.

        Two pinups follow in a fancy art style then the second story beings.  Lina begins to contemplate something that she had talked with Amelia about and suddenly she is struck by inspiration.  She sneaks around the house while Gourry sleeps and while he is sleeping she pulls down his pants and has her way with him.  The story is followed by some very nice pinups (a few of which are available on JSairo's site) and that rounds out this doujinshi.

Approximated Worth:  $22

       This doujinshi is the most readily available of JSairo's works.  It has good art and a neat cover material, but it does not make up for its availability.