BTB 19

Circle:  Himawali Endan
Publication Date:  August 4, 1996
Rarity: ***
Series:  Slayers
Orgy w/ Lina;Amelia;Martina;Xelloss;Gourry;Lots of Men
Lina / Evil Lina / Gourry
Page Count:
Glossy, but not high-gloss
Art Quality:  
1st story has good art, but no screen tones, the second one is shaded strangely


      Look mom, no screen tones!  What the heck is up with that, you don't really know you like screen tones until they are gone.  And look at the above picture, you can tell they're lacking heavily and they stay that way (I think they screen tone Lina's hair three times or so).  It is a neat doujinshi though.  The usual Slayers gang are sitting eating when a man walks in and mentions money (Little Yen signs light up in Lina's eyes).  A little later they are with the man in another room and Gourry says something to upset Lina so she hits him away, far, far, far, away.  Then a woman comes out of a mirror?  Humm...  Now Amelia's trapped too, no, now she's untraped, now she's horney, and now she's going down on Zelgadiss.  The man from before gets ready to take advantage of Lina's immobility when Martina decides to stroll in.  She quickly realizes that for once she might want to be somewhere else but it's too late.  Lina is thrown down and stripped quickly (above picture), and Martina is treated likewise.  Amelia starts to take it from behind while giving Zelgadiss head and Martina is being used as well, but Gourry is back, and he's possessed.  He enters Lina, but it's actually Xelloss!  He screws her for a little while until the people around realize that he's not what was supposed to happen, they go to hit Xelloss but he just teleports away, then Gourry runs out of nowhere and plunges into Lina.  All the girls are being screwed, at one time Lina's taking a triple penetration, another scene of her and Amelia both licking the same cock.  Lina's hypnotized, then that lady from the mirror appears again and walks toward Lina, growing a penis on her way there.  She cries out, breaking her chains then.... a few blank panels and everyone is once again clothed and walking together and talking.  Gourry mentions something that makes Lina think and suddenly there is a shot of Martina, still being screwed by the strangers, and it ends on that note.

        The next story involves Lina stepping into an enchanted spring.  The spring makes an evil clone of her that has tentacle hair that she uses to rape Lina.  Gourry tires to help a few times.  But Lina is really getting it.  Suddenly the Jusenkyo guide is there from the Ranma series and he's telling Gourry all about the spring.  He takes the sword of light and jams it inside of the evil Lina and activates it, killing her.  The real Lina is relieved but some time later gets mad again when he brings it up.  The doujinshi is wrapped up with two pinups, one of which is shown below, the nice puddle of fluids has been cut out, and another pinup of Sylphiel in bondage to the EXTREME, both of these are great pictures and make this doujinshi worth owning an day.

Approximated Worth:  $30

        This is actually a good doujinshi despite the lack of screen tones in the first section.  Plus with the neat cover it displays well.  The four or so pinups in the doujinshi are really nice and it has a respectable rarity to it, it's definitely moving to the higher scale of doujinshi value.