Circle:  -----
Publication Date:  August 13, 2000
Rarity: *
Series:  Slayers
Lina / Gourry
Sylphiel / Gourry
Martina / Zangoliss
Page Count: 46
Cover:  Glossy
Art Quality:  Close to series


        Story number one picks up with Lina laying in a field remembering her confrontation with Hellmaster exactly as it happened in the anime.  She flashes back to the present, distantly remembering Martina boasting that she had beat Lina to the punch by marrying someone before her.  She looks next to her at Gourry and tires to forget things by talking to him.  But the conversation really doesn't go where she wants, she is forced to admit her true feelings and Gourry embraces her.  Cut immediately to the sex scene, Lina looks kind of sad or in pain in most of the shots but Gourry seems pretty happy.  It ends quickly and they're sitting together in the field again (did it really happen?).

        The next story pairs Gourry with Sylphiel.  She shows up at the Inn he's staying at one day and professes her love for him.  He quickly takes to it and embraces her and next thing you know, they're on the bed together rolling around naked and such.  Gourry gets off between Sylphiel's larger then normal breasts then in her front.  She falls asleep and wakes up the next morning, all he left is a note, she looks to the sky longingly. This story was also in another doujinshi I have, Kujikenaikara, using the same story twice, tisk, tisk, it's pretty good though.

        Final story is a short one, but how often do you ever seen Zangoliss in a doujinshi!!!  I had to cheer when I saw him engaged in sexual behavior but still wearing his hat.  Then I had to laugh.  It's only three pages but it's the best part of this doujinshi.  Some nice action from Martina too.  And that's about it for this doujinshi.

Approximated Worth:  $12

         This is by far my most common doujinshi.  Not only did the now defunct Doujin 2000 release it (an incredibly bad copy) but I think the author was desperate for money and released it en mass, many many copies have passed through eBay and some online retailers still have it.  Though it does sell quite rapidly there are many copies of it out there, this is definitely the low end of the price spectrum, but the art quality and stories definitely make it worth owning.