Waku Waku

Circle:  Sakurairo
Publication Date:  November 3, 1998
Rarity: ***
Series:  Slayers
Amelia / Xelloss
Filia / Hummm... I can't tell
Lina / Xelloss
Gourry / Sylphiel
Page Count: 52
Cover:  Glossy
Art Quality:  Okay

This picture is kind of disturbing, okay?


        The first story is pretty funny, Amelia is preaching justice as usual but she goes on and on and either everyone gets drunk and passes out, or they just fall asleep.  Later in her room Xelloss shows up, and using his superior intellect gets in Amelia's panties.  Amelia is inexperienced but quick to follow orders in the cute sex scene.  The next day Xelloss pops up and whispers something in Amelia's ear that makes her blush, she may be falling for him.  There is a neat pinup of Martina putting the Zomelgustaf emblem into her unmentionable area then the doujinshi continues.  Filia is having sex with her idealized man, then, BAMM!  Xelloss is there, and Valgarv, and what, more sex but who's having it, then Filia is mad?  I'm confused, it was only four pages anyway.  The next story, Lina's blowing off some steam by blowing up a forest and Xelloss is once again standing around being a source of chaos.  He walks up to Lina and says something and in the next panel she is angry and naked.  They kiss and Lina flashes to an image of Gourry but it fades quickly.  Lina seems to be reluctant to go further but Xelloss takes out a bag of gems and presses them onto his member, they quickly form into place and now it's jewel encrusted.  Lina takes to it with glee after that giving him oral.  Then begs him to take her.  He leaves her laying there in the forest naked, with jewels and cum dripping from inside her.  The next morning at breakfast Xelloss shows back up and Lina is pretty pissed off.  She starts to tear into him but he just teleports away laughing.  The final story of the doujinshi focuses on Gourry waking up at night, there is movement beneath his covers, lifting them up he is quite surprised to see Sylphiel down there.  Gourry is seduced instantly, Sylphiel takes his member and puts it between her breasts and he quickly comes, but once he comes an image of Lina imposes in his mind mounting him, and angry Lina.  He bolts up from bed, it was just a dream.

Approximated Worth:  $17

       Although the story with Amelia and Xelloss was neat and the other stories were not bad, this doujinshi fetches just an average price due to only decent art and nothing major in terms of uniqueness.