Ranma Hit

Circle:  Jinmu (?)
Publication Date:  July 13, 2000
Rarity: ***
Series:  Ranma 1/2
Ranma (Girl Type) / Ryoga
Page Count: 32
Cover:  Textured Cardstock
Art Quality:  Great


        This doujinshi's story begins with Ryoga dreaming about Ranma, as a girl, in a revealing cooking apron fixing him breakfast.  But he doesn't resist doing anything for long and soon she's spun around and ready to take it from behind, he bolts up from his bed roll somewhat phased by his dream in some way or another and runs off determined to do something.  A little later Ranma's sitting around in the hot weather fanning herself and in comes Akane carrying P-Chan.  P-Chan though immediately sprouts a huge erection and Akane panics and drops him.  P-Chan runs off and finds the shower, changes back to his human self and runs straight in, grabbing Ranma by the hand and dragging her off without a word.  They end up in Ranma's room and Ryoga, over the course of two pages explains his feelings to her, she totally freaks out and he gets a giant erection, and yes, just like in the picture on the left, it is P-Chan!  He points it at Ranma like a weapon and she struggles saying she doesn't want it, but Ryoga thinks to the contrary and Ranma doesn't seem to be fighting as hard any more.  Ryoga makes her suck it and the cum spurts out the nose of the appendage, gagging Ranma.  Several pages follow of little P-Chan being driven into Ranma and she's in ecstasy, blushing and panting and loving it.  But Ryoga gets carried away and knocks over a vase that was sitting on top of a nearby dresser, transforming him back to P-Chan, Ranma gets up infuriated (maybe because he didn't finish her off), but Akane chooses that moment to walk in, Ranma tries to act innocent but it's too little, Akane punts him out of the roof.  Four or so pinups follow and the doujinshi ends.

Approximated Worth:  $35

        Somewhat new, slightly available, and good art.  Ranma doujinshi usually don't go for very high prices so this is a somewhat reasonable estimate of what you would see this doujinshi selling for on a web site, however prices of Ranma doujinshi are subject to heavy fluxuation depending on innumerable factors and I have seen this doujinshi sell, when it first came out for over $75 on the mangadrake auction site.