Slayers Minimum

Circle:  Team Twin
Publication Date:  August 17, 1997
Rarity:  ***
Series:  Slayers
Lina / Amelia / Zelgadiss
Filia / Luna Inverse
Page Count: 
Art Quality: 
About 70% of the series

The first story of this doujinshi is also in the Slayers doujinshi 'Refrake' so the artist may have been freelance and sold his story to others.  In it Lina and Amelia are enjoying some time in the hot springs together and Lina comments on the size of Amelia's breasts.  She wants to know how they got so big.  But then Gourry and Zelgadiss lurch out of the bushes.  Lina knocks away Gourry but Zelgadiss is more massive so resists the temptation of flight.  It seems Amelia and Zelgadiss had planned to get her helpless and naked.  Amelia holds Lina in place under her arms and Zelgaidss crouches down into the water and slyly moves between Lina's legs and starts licking.  They move to the edge of the pool of water and prop Lina up on the edge and keep up their routine, Zelgadiss eventually switching to detaining Lina and fingering her simultaneously.  Lina gets off and while still dazed Amelia spreads her legs and tells Lina to lick her now.  Lina does but while she's distracted Zelgadiss enters from behind shocking her.  He pounds into her, Amelia switches so she can hug Lina from behind and lick her neck and they go on and on and on...  Then there is a panel of the three of them yelling at each other fully clothed with Zelgadiss looking smug and Gourry looking scarred.  Then, a giant robot...

        The next story is what I would call a true rarity.  A Filia X Luna story, I've never even seen Luna in the Anime, and Filia is anime only so it's quite rare.  Luna challenges Filia to keep her tail hidden no matter what she does.  And of course she decides to sexually pleasure Filia.  Filia looses and that may be the justification why Luna told her to take her sister over her to save the world in TRY.  It's a neat story to say the least.  Some more little drawings and one page comic strip type stories follow and the doujinshi ends on that low note.

Estimated Value: $25

        Slightly rare but one of the stories is available in multiple doujinshi.  Also the art is not what I would consider top notch, though there is that really rare coupling....