Circle:  Daburuboranti
Publication Date:  December 25, 1999
Rarity:  ***
Series:  Slayers

(1) Zelgadiss/Amelia
(2) Lina/Naga
(3) Gourry/Sylphiel

Page Count:  42
Cover:  Poly-Glossy
Art Quality:  Story (1) is great art, (2) is not good at all, and (3) is good


This doujinshi starts out with a single pinup of girl Ranma in bondage gear.  The next page begins the real doujinshi, the first story starring Zelgadiss and Amelia.  The scenes rapidly progress into some very painful looking sex, Amelia is crying the whole time.  Is is however quite kinky from the way she keeps acting pleasurably.  

The next story is a little one between Lina and Naga, I believe they are confronted with a whishing fountain.  It's up in the air what they are going to wish for but Naga takes the initiative and grabs a coin throwing it in, her wish?  It looks like somehow Lina is now her sex slave.  Lina quickly pounces on her in the crowded town square where they quickly attract gawkers.  The scene changes to a hotel room, Lina is still going at it with Naga and some mutual pleasuring soon follows, Naga puts on a strap on dildo and the moment before she enters Lina the statue in the wishing well breaks the spell.  Lina is screwed silly and seems to be quite shocked (although none the less enjoying) at what is going on.  Naga pushes herself over the edge and Lina gets off too, but soon after Lina is again on her feet, to extract her revenge on her traveling companion.  She blows her up.

The final story is the exact same story as in the Maiden doujinshi that I also have.  Same exact story.  Gourry gets together with Sylphiel for one night, kind of a going away present and Sylphiel wakes up to find a note he left, and cries while reading it.  What follows this story is a five page story in text, fanfiction of sorts, of course it's in Japanese so I have no clue what it says.

Approximated Value:  $30

Pretty good art, good stories, and rare.  These make good characteristics to bring up the value of a doujinshi.  However as I've said time and time again Slayers doujinshi usually don't go for a whole lot and therefore there is a cap to how high this doujinshi will be able to rise and it's almost there anyways.