CircleStudio AQA
Publication Date:  1999
Series:  Various
Rarity:  **
Couplings:  Unable to name
Page Count:  76
Cover:  Glossy
Art Quality:  Good


        I don't believe their other doujinshi was a parody but this one parodies Techi Muyo, Evangelion, and another series which is aimed at children so I don't want to mention the name so it doesn't come up on searches (but you can see the character on the cover).  It is incredibly cum soaked, to the point where you cannot tell what is going on (like above).  Fugo makes great doujinshi and I highly recommend picking one up.  The art is great in places, and the doujinshi is good on the whole.

Approximated Value: $25

        Specific fetish doujinshi can sell for more so this is a baseline price if looked at in that way, from an anime parody standpoint it could be worth more or less, the incredible amounts of cum could dissuade some.  Regardless, it is of moderate rarity and good art and page count.