Rampage with the Demon King

CircleE Gap 
Publication Date:  2009 (No Date on inside)
Rarity: ***
Series:  Slayers
Valgarv x Martina
Garv x Amelia
Garv / Valgarv x Filia
Sylphiel (Futanari) x Lina x Garv x Valgarv
Amelia x Filia x Martina
Page Count:
Cover:  Glossy
Art Quality:  Poor - Acceptable




        Okay, here is the long and the short of it.  Despite making doujinshi for years the art quality of this doujinshi is just as poor as any of the previous releases from thsi group (they also did Slayers Adult and the Slayers Adult CD which was the gem of their work so far).  Still, they are the only circle that has stuck with the series thus far, their label on the back states "For Adults Only!" but also says "We Love Slayers" which I think I am starting to believe.  So despite sub par art I will continue to buy these doujinshi.  That being said here is the synapses of things:

        First off Martina is thrown down naked and she's being taken by Valgarv, we don't even know who is doing the deed with her until page 5 and don't see his face until page 6.  Amelia makes an appearance, obviously freaking out and it's revealed that Garv is hanging out with a hard on and they start going at it.  Flying penises abound.  One thing of note is that this circle has taken to drawing the x-ray style internal cum shots.

        Then Filia is there.  Where the hell did she come from?  They don't show her walk in she's just suddenly on her knees doing the business to Garv.  They tit screw for awhile then Valgarv comes in and they double team her.

        Finally, Lina is there, tied up. Same place?  Must be because a few pages later everyone is is just getting up from their post orgasm naps.  You think that Garv is going to go at it with Lina but Sylphiel shows up with an erection as thick as her thigh.  I tried to suspend my disbelief and critique of the bad art for the moment and just went with it.  Lina then gets double teamed by Garv and Sylphiel.  Then Valgarv steps in.  Of course the other girls can't hold back and they all start doing their own thing too (Martina, Amelia, Filia).  The doujinshi ends with all of them sporting massive smiles.

Approximated Worth:  $20

       Rough art but new to the market and I've only seen one physical copy up for sale.  Plus, what's up with these pairings?  They are really pushing things over there at E Gap lately, it's kind of nice but kind of disconcerting.  Clicking the banner up top will take you to the page for the circle.  This doujinshi is available to be downloaded from DLsite.