Totally Naga!

Circle:  ----- (Has work from J.Sairo)
Publication Date:  December 5, 1993
Rarity: ***
Series:  Slayers
Lina / Naga
Lina / Naga
Lina / Naga
Page Count: 44
Cover:  Vinyl coated paper
Art Quality:  Decent - Good


        Three Lina X Naga stories in this book including the first one, Raise #1 which is the first of what would be a continuing series for J. Sairo.  In it Lina casts a spell on Naga's chest to shrink it.  But Naga quickly learned the spell just from watching it being cast once and cast the opposite to make her chest grow, so Lina shrunk it, and Naga grew it back and fourth until Naga's breasts were much larger then they originally started.  The atmosphere changed and Lina was now naked, Naga pinned down her less experienced partner and traced a saliva coated finger across her chest and ended right at Lina's clitoris.  Naga starts kissing her there then.... where did that dildo come from?  Naga uses a dildo on Lina for some time but when everything is over Lina's confused, and Naga gets mad at her, but she regains her bearings and moves in and despite Naga's anger, gives her a little loving kiss, shocking Naga.  Four pinups follow then the next story.

        Lina is masturbating then Naga walks in and decides to help her.  The art in this one is no where near as good as the first one.  It ends on a low note then some more pinups.  Then time for Raise #2.  Lina has grown a magical penis with the head of a fish and a hit point counter.  She looks to be upset over it for some reason and Naga can't stop laughing.  Lina 'bitch slaps' her and Naga gets angry and goes to yell back but the look Lina gives her shows there is no room for argument.  Naga is stripped naked and Lina immediately plunges in with her new appendage in an angry way but they settle into a rhythm (see above).  Eventually they get off and Naga is still a little sore and angry but she looks over and can't help but start laughing again at what is still between Lina's legs.  Another pinup and authors rant and the doujinshi comes to a close.

Approximated Worth:  $25

       An older doujinshi of good quality with great stories and pinups, what more could you want.