Slayers Parody #3

CircleSairo Publishing
Publication Date:  Winter 1998
Rarity: ***
Series:  Slayers
Lina / Amelia / Hellmaster Phibrizo   
Gourry / Lina  
Amelia / Zelgadiss
Naga / Lina
Page Count: 80
Cover:  Glossy
Art Quality:  Varies, some is very close to series, some is far from it


        The first story is the longest, has the best art, and is the best overall.  The usual Slayers group, plus Phibrizo and Xelloss are playing a drinking game called 'King' together.  They all drink, then draw Popsicle sticks, one Popsicle stick has a crown on it, signifying the king, and the other signifies that they are the slave.   The person crowned king gets to order the slave to do a thing or two, then everyone drinks again and draws new sticks.  Easy huh?  It starts off simple, Lina is the King, Phibrizo is the slave, Lina makes him get on the table on all fours and bark like a dog.  He does it, but afterwards finds a corner to hand his head in shame.  Next up, Amelia = Kina, Zelgadiss = Slave, guess who ends up rubbing who's shoulders.  In the middle of this Lina leans a bit too close to Gourry and he grabs her chest and gropes her, Xelloss randomly joins in the groping and Phibrizo cops a feel too.  Meanwhile Amelia falls asleep.  For draw number 4 Gourry is the King, Lina the Slave, he pulls open her shirt and tweaks her nipples, Phibrizo is king, Lina is the slave again and he too tweaks her nipples, then Zelgadiss pulls the king and Lina is once again subjugated, Zelgadiss pulls down her pants and starts fingering her, Gourry joins in and Zelgadiss moves his head down to suck on her nipple.  Amelia is still sleeping and Phibrizo is jealous so he smacks her in the head and goes, "Look what's going on over there, are you going to let that happen!"  Or something to that extent.  Amelia gets up and sprints into action, she grabs up all the forgotten Popsicle sticks and says "I'm the king!"  Then points to Zelgadiss, "You're the slave!"  She spreads her legs and tells him to lick her.  He's somewhat reluctant.  Meanwhile Lina and Gourry give each other knowing looks and strip down and start foreplay.  Phibrizo demands that Xelloss do something and he pulls a stick, ta dah, he's king.  Next thing you know Phibrizo is in some sort of bondage getup and complaining about it, but the girls are loving his new look (by the way, they are magically clothed again).  Lina is now the Kind and Phibrizo the slave.  She makes him jack off till he comes, then, she's king again!  She tells Phibrizo to do it again, but this time she helps a little, putting her hand over his.  Then she's king again.  She tells Phibrizo to do something so terrible, that he yells out that he won't do it.  But Lina burns with rage and Amelia shouts in that he's obligated to do it.  With two angry women on his case he really has no choice.  Cut to a scene with Amelia wearing a strap on and taking Phibrizo analy, Lina meanwhile takes a dildo and wets it in her mouth before sticking it .....  Gourry and Zelgadiss have had enough by this point, they throw off their clothes and jump into the fray.  Lina gets taken, Amelia gets taken, and somewhere in there Phibrizo gets taken (by Xelloss?).  They pan into Phibrizo's butt, he's having pains there and Xelloss laughs and takes some cream to ease anal pain and puts it in place.  Everyone else has passed out.  Cut to a final scene with Valgarv bent over on a table, Gaav lowers his butt down and holds out a finger menacingly, fade out.

But wait, there's more!  There is a little sweet story between Lina and Gourry, some neat little one page numbers involving Lina looking sexy and driving Amelia nuts, and Lina and Amelia fighting over a box with Lina thinking it's cookies but it turns out to be a vibrator.  A nice little story between Amelia and Zelgadiss follows, but the art is sub par.  Oh well.  Then it's time to watch Naga seduce Lina for a few pages and then some artists rants.  A good book.

Approximated Worth:  $30

        JSairo stuff has a tendency to show up from time to time.  Therefore the rarity is subject to fluxuation.  The art is very nice in the beginning, an easy story to follow despite the language barrier.  Definitely worth $50 to me, but there are copies online too so that detracts from the value.  Slayers doujinshi tend to max out around $35 or so dollars just by the popularity of the series, but then again I'm always willing to pay large sums of money, and if the series ever hits a cable channel then this doujinshi might turn into gold.