Publication Date:  December 1998
Rarity: ***
Series:  Slayers
Lina / Naga / Strangers
Page Count: 42
Cover:  Flat Matt
Art Quality:  Good - Not so good


       Very few screen tones are used, most of it is hand/computer shading which is kind of neat.  The arms and other parts are too thin on occasion and their tongues are usually hanging out of their mouths, all good in moderation but these Barricade doujinshi usually do that in spades.  But they're still good enough for me to own and buy in the future.  This doujinshi has one story in it, the plot, Lina and Naga are sluts.  That's it.  It's not too bad though, several of the last pages are devoted to a story that of course I cannot read so the actual pages of pictures are only about 32.

Approximated Worth:  $25

        It's a neat book, nice cover, decent art moderate page count.  I used to see copies of this on eBay from time to time but it's going further out of public reach, I don't think any of the online doujinshi places have it any more either, I would be interesting in finding out if it is still available from the circles website.