Pink Typhoon

Circle:  Delusion
Publication Date:  December 30, 1995
Rarity: ****
Series:  Slayers
Lina / Amelia & Lina / Gourry
Page Count:
Smooth Cardstock
Art Quality:  
Somewhat bad


        About 75% of the art in this doujinshi is actually worse then the art in the picture above by a large factor.  Never the less you do get to see Amelia and Lina make out a little.  Although in spots you can't tell who is who.  Gourry is kind of a distant third presence, hardly noticeable in most parts.  This really isn't a good doujinshi though and the Amelia - Lina thing is the only redeeming value.

Approximated Worth:  $12

        Although it is very rare ( I have only seen it one time and I bought it that time) it does not make up for the bad art and short length to any appreciable extent.