The Secret of the Lovely Eye Bandage

Circle:  -----
Publication Date:  -----
Rarity: -----
Series:  Jubei Chan
Konusuke / Jubei (girl)
Others that I can no longer name :(
Page Count:
Stiff Cardstock, inside pages are almost newsprint quality paper
Art Quality:  
1st story is okay, others use almost no screen tones


      Pretty good doujinshi overall, hard to give a play by play in this one since I no longer know the characters.  The cover is larger then the actual printed material on the inside by a margin, cheap paper, cheap cover, this doujinshi appears to be quite underground as opposed to most of the doujinshi I own.

Approximated Worth:  $15

        Normal doujinshi price.  Nothing extraordinary here an a series that receives little attention add nothing to the value of this regular doujinshi.