Sailor - Q2

Circle:  Sailor-Q2
Publication Date:  December 29, 1993
Rarity: ***
Series:  Sailor Moon
Mamoru / Usagi
Page Count: 50
Cover:  Flat Matt
Art Quality:  Acceptable - Not So Good


        Kind of a lame doujinshi.  Usagi and Makoto are angel and they have to go to earth for some reason.  Usagi visits Mamrou and Makoto stays in the shadows and masturbates at random moments.  Mamorou gets it on with Usagi and then she turns into an angel and flies away.  The art is nowhere near good in many parts and the plot is odd, the sex is forced, the best attribute of this doujinshi is the cover, that farewell to innocence aspect makes this doujinshi entirely worth owning.

Estimated Value: $15

        It's old and rare and somewhat famous online, I've seen the cover image in several places.  But this is offset by the bad art and low page count.