Sonic SS O L Dexual

CirclePico (?)
Publication Date:  December 13, 2003
Rarity: ****
Series:  Sonic the Hedgehog
Couplings:  Pinup Doujinshi
Page Count: 34
Cover:  Smooth Cardstock
Art Quality:  Great - Not So Good


        A book of pinups, some of them were really good, the 'Before and After' pictures like those above were neat and there were some nice full page numbers, but there was bad art too.  Lots of writing that I wish I could read.  There is a short three or so page story between Amy and Chaos in the middle but it's not really worth mentioning.  This is a good doujinshi to own though, even if just for the cover.

Approximated Worth:  $50

        Sonic doujinshi are gold.  I have seen bad ones sell for hundreds of dollars and this one isn't bad.  I would put the rarity a little lower except that even though this doujinshi came out comparatively recently it sold out almost instantly.  So it is very rare considering the demand for it.  The art only partly justifies the price.