Shinseiju (The Holy Tree)

Publication Date:  May 10, 1998
Rarity:  *** (Hard Copy)
Series:  Slayers
Sylphiel Solo
Sylphiel Strangers (Family?)
Page Count: 46 + Special
Art Quality: 

This doujinshi is the absolute best pin-up doujinshi bar none!  It has non-stop awesome pictures, most of them involving Sylphiel (who is depicted as a timid girl in the anime) getting very dirty with herself of strangers.  In the middle of the doujinshi is a few pages of doujinshi with plot in which she gets it on with some strangers (but they might be family).  Very nice full page spreads throughout.  Highly recommended!  The last two pages are authors rant and I also got a little post card sized piece of paper with yet another drawing that the circle included and some more information.  A must for any Sylphiel fan.

Estimated Value: $30 (Hard Copy)

This one is pretty rare, after I saw the cover awhile back I knew that I just had to have it.  And when I saw it I pounced on it, and I'm glad I did, I haven't seen a physical copy of it since.  It has great art, a good length and of course Sylphiel!  If you want to get a copy of this doujinshi in PDF format there is a link below for the site that carries doujinshi in PDF format and the actual circles get money when you buy the doujinshi and this doujinshi is available from there, instantly for a small fee.  I would recommend buying it from there if you have a thing for Sylphiel.

You can pick up a computer copy of this doujinshi at:

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