CircleGinmomo ?
Publication Date:  ------
Rarity:  ****
Series:  Slayers
Lina / Gourry (As an Octopus)
Page Count:  28
Cover:  Cardstock
Art Quality:  Not so good

Description:  From the folks that have brought us the whole Slayers Adult series comes yet another crummily drawn doujinshi.  The art, like I said above, is not really good at all.  It moves between being terrible and tolerateable, the picture at left is actually probably one of the best pictures in the doujinshi, and it doesn't have to do with art, but content.  Although the story of the doujinshi is kind of neat, I believe Xelloss turns Gourry into an octopus and when he sees Lina he just has to have her, it's interesting, but the art doesn't pull it off.  The funniest scene is when Zelgadiss covers Amelia's eyes from the sight and drags her away, but it doesn't make up for the art.

Estimated Value:  $17

        It's not a bad doujinshi, it's just not a good one, and as such it just sits around being normal.