Slayers Adult #11

CircleGinmomo ?
Publication Date:  Sometime past 2000
Rarity:  **
Series:  Slayers
Couplings:  Sylphiel imagining herself with Gourry/Xelloss/Zelgadiss
Page Count:  50
Cover:  Glossy
Art Quality:  Decent

Description:  Sylphiel is sitting in the middle of a clearing and relaxing, daydreaming a bit.  She starts to think about Gourry with Lina, them together intimately... her thoughts progress and she suddenly snaps out of it, shaking her head.  She didn't want to imagine that.  She relaxes back again, this time she's in a wedding dress, and Gourry is her groom, they're at the alter and then she goes down on him, then and there.  She finishes him off and starts to touch herself in real life.  He fantasizing keeps going and she's imagining herself with more then one Gourry, then other people, Xelloss, Zelgadiss, strangers.  Sucking them all off.   Then, two men show up, they startle Sylphiel and she's caught off guard, she fumbles for words but gives up and blasts them with some spell and runs away, seemingly in a happy mood.

Estimated Value:  $ 30

To me, this doujinshi is not worth that much, but Slayers Adult doujinshi normally go for a good price, they're just popular for some reason, good shots of Sylphiel but there are doujinshi out there with better art.