Giga Slave

Circle:  Studio NeoMIKI
Publication Date:  August 7, 1995 (?)
Rarity:  ****
Series:  Slayers
Bandits / Lina
Lina / Gourry
Lina (Hermaphrodite) / Gourry (With two penises) / Amelia
Sylphiel / Gourry
Lina / Gourry
Page Count:  64
Cover:  Prismatic, very neat!  Lots of little flecks of different prisms make up the cover, doesn't come over in a scan very well though.
Art Quality:  Okay - Good


        The first story is a bit dark, Lina is kidnapped and raped by many men (picture right), and in the end they attempt to slit her throat, but Gourry shows up at the last moment and saves her, but does she show gratitude, noooo, she hits him.  Next up, Lina is a dominatrix and forces Gourry to serve her.  She has a chain and collar around Gourry's neck but her dominance soon fades in the face of his bedroom mastery, in the end it's her that's subservient to him, but he says one thing that sets her off and she's the dominate one again yelling at him and threatening him with fireballs.  Story number three has an incredible amount of text in some of the bubbles.  It might be Chinese, it looks different then the rest and is typed in instead of being penciled in like most all other text.  Lina is a hermaphrodite and Gourry has two penises.  And this scares the crap out of Amelia when they both start coming toward her at once with their equipment hanging out.  Soon Amelia is naked and sucking cock and being screwed, at one time Lina is in Amelia's cunt and Gourry has one penis in Lina's butt and the other in Amelia's butt.  In the end Amelia seems completely shocked still at what happened.  There is a page or two of little drawings then yet another story, this one with Sylphiel talking to Lina, she gets angry at her and hits her away, then strips naked and seduces Gourry.  In the end we see Lina looking at Sylphiel like she's messed up somewhere in her head and Sylphiel has a look of joy and contentment that she can't hide.  The last story is drawn somewhat badly and has Gourry's penis drawn like the Sword of Light.  Lina is ecstatic and immediately starts going down on him and such.  There are several pages of their love making and then the story section of the doujinshi is done.  There are a few pages of author notes then it's over.

Estimated Value:  $30

        Neat cover, good art, interesting plots and just overall goodness.  This doujinshi is pretty rare and as such it has a respectable value.