Black Noise

Circle:  Sakurairo
Publication Date:  April 20, 1998
Rarity: ***
Series:  Slayers


Page Count: 34 Pages
Cover:  Non-Reflective
Art Quality:  Decent
(65% of the series)


        Filia is having flash backs over the destruction of Valgarvs people and suddenly it stops.  She was hit in the head by a rock and she comes to.  Xelloss is standing over her.  Xelloss gets mad at her and walks away but she stops him, he turns around and starts caressing her all over then starts all out molesting her.  She is against his actions but doesn't stop him.  He gets Valgarv to help out and together they rape Filia.  In the end she gets pregnant, but I think there was some arrangement between Xelloss and Valgarv, the last few panels show Valgarv giving Xelloss oral.....


Filia getting horney.

Approximated Worth:  $15

        Despite being physically rare the couplings are nothing out of the ordinary, and the art is not so spectacular as art that would be necessary to garner a higher price.  As such this doujinshi sells for a normal price.