Circle: ------
Publication Date:  December 6, 2006
Rarity:  **
Series:  Slayers
Naga / Naga
Naga / Men
Page Count:  32
Cover:  Glossy
Art Quality:  Good



        Okay, the story starts out a little bit hard to follow due to my lack of Japanese linguistic skills.  Nonetheless, it doesn't take substantial brain power to follow the rest, Naga meets up with a clone of herself and apparently they are both into the scat thing so they start pooping on each other and eating it.  Finally though it gets too much for one of a Naga's and she vomits all over herself with chunks of crap in it.  Nasty stuff.

        In the second story Naga gets gang banged by the two men shown in the picture at right.  It's pretty short and then she craps on herself at the end.   

Approximated Worth:  $15

       Common and relatively recently in pint, you can still find this one at some places.  For me the great artwork doesn't make up for the somewhat pointed fetish content of this book making it pale in comparison to some of their first works which where, in my opinion, significantly better.