Chakun Man

Circle:  Chakun Man
Publication Date:  -----
Rarity: ***
Series:  Slayers
Amelia/Zelgadiss & Gourry/Lina
Amelia/Sylphiel/Strangers/A Horse
Page Count: 82
Cover:  Flat, feels neat
Art Quality:  Varies considerably from decent to terrible


      The first story of this doujinshi makes you go, 'What the Hell?'  Zelgadiss is looking over things that may or may not have something to do with a cure for his condition.  Then there is an argument, then light, and viola, Amelia and Zelgadiss are naked!  And Zelgadiss sprouts an erection with such force that it pegs Amelia in the side, throws her across the room, and leaves a massive bruise (see picture left).  That's just the beginning of the strange sense of realism in this doujinshi.  Next up Zelgadiss, overcome with lust forces Amelia to give him oral.  Now, this is rare and I don't know whether to clap or boo at the artist, Zelgadiss' member is actually covered with rocks, not a surprise, but when he forces Amelia to give him oral in the first part it tears up the corners of her mouth and she starts bleeding all around it.  Then Lina and Gourry, who are watching, get horney and go at it with a little sodomy, and now Lina is bleeding with poop going everywhere.  Zelgadiss switches to giving Amelia oral, then he enters her front, and yes, she starts bleeding everywhere.  Meanwhile Gourry screws Lina silly, her face going between obscene pleasure and indescribable pain (although its hard to tell which is which).  Gourry finishes with Lina and leaves her in a pile on the ground then comes over and tries to get a piece of Amelia, but as soon as he enters Zelgadiss punches him away.  It continues, Amelia is bleeding everywhere and Zelgadiss grows a second penis, Amelia bleeds some more and Zelgadiss gets off.  It shows the two of them happily setting next to each other and that story ends.  

The other stories in this doujinshi are drawn badly.  Although that first one is quite substantial in length.  Notable is that they are forced between the people involved, and the last one involves a horse.

Approximated Worth:  $35

      Somewhat rare, this doujinshi is also very unique in its approach and constant blood flow.  Although I doubt heavy Amelia X Zelgadiss fans would appreciate the blood shed.