Slayers Parody #2

Circle: Sairo Publishing (J+ Sairo)
Publication Date:  Summer 1998
Rarity: ***
Series:  Slayers

Lina/Gourry  &  Amelia/Zelgadiss
Amelia (Dickgirl)/Lina
Lina/Naga (Cat)

Page Count: 140 Pages
Cover: Glossy
Art Quality:  Varies widely, mostly very good.

Description:  This doujinshi starts off with the ultra rare pairing of Lina and Amelia, I've seen Gourry and Xelloss get together in doujinshi more often then these two.  It's done decently well and although the art is not great it is good in and of itself.  About a quarter of the rest of the book is done by J. Sairo, a great artist who specialized in Slayers doujinshi for a time, his work in this doujinshi is included in his Slayers Trilogy doujinshi which I also have.  This book also has some good pinups and other good stories.  It is a good length too and highly enjoyable.  I would recommend buying this to anyone.


Approximated Value:   $30

In my mind this is worth a lot more, however Slayers doujinshi is not in very high demand and this doujinshi, although listed as somewhat rare does spring up from time to time and it does not go for a whole lot of money on eBay or elsewhere, although I never see it in online stocks.