Doujinshi Prototype Project #2

Circle:  Shat Upon Press
Publication Date:  2004
Rarity:  *****
Series:  Hellsing, Evangelion, Insane Clown Posse (Detroit based music group)
Hellsing :  Celes / Alucard     Integra / Alucard (demon form)
Evangelion:  Shinji / Misato
ICP:  Strange story, no sex per say, possibly bukkake
Page Count: 30
Art Quality: 

The book starts out with a nice pinup of Integra and Misato followed immediately by the disclaimer imposed over a picture of Integra dressed like a Playboy Bunny holding a chibi Alucard up like a key chain.  Supposedly less then 100 copies were made.  The first story of the doujinshi is an Evangelion one, it's odd actually being able to read the plot.  Misato shows off her goods, and seduces Shinji (doesn't seem like a hard thing to do).  Then things go from there.  Nice art in the last shot.  Next story is Hellsing.  Celes feels ugly and unloved, and Alucard decides to let her 'serve' him, Integra walks in and gets perturbed.  She kind of storms off and Alucard tries to make it up to her by getting into a bondage outfit, she's in charge.  But things quickly go in his favor, shown in the picture at left.  That's probably my favorite picture of the doujinshi.  Nice full page spread.  The next story involves the Insane Clown Posse.  The story is titled 'Wizard of the Hood'.  The Wizard of the Hood sends them on a mission to kill the 'Wicked Bitch of the West' but she turns out to be quite attractive.  Her servant tries to protect her  but they bukkake her, and in true spirit to the parody, the liquids cause her to melt.  Wrap up the doujinshi with a few pinups and it turns out pretty nice.

Estimated Value: $55

How many American hentai doujinshi have you seen?  Aside from a few that came out a little while back from the same people that brought us 'Sailor and the 7 Balls' and the other one I own from these same people that's about it in the hentai market.  Being that this one was printed in a run of less then 100 copies and I bought it from the artist directly I should really price it higher.  However I have a few copies of this because I knew it would be something to hang on to so since I have a few copies I have a problem trying to value it higher.  However it is very rare!