Circle:  Uknown
Publication Date:  December 25, 1999
Rarity:  ***
Series:  Slayers
Couplings:  Lina x Gourry
Page Count:  22
Cover:  Cardstock
Art Quality:  Fancy and distinctly different then the series except the pinups, not very good though.

Description:  Amelia laments on her love life and Lina counters with a synapses of her own.  Portraying Gourry as a selfish lover.  The story is very short and the drawing is not really that nice, hardly any kind of plot and you can hardly tell what is going on during the action scenes.  There are TWO nice pinups, one of which is very nice of Lina looking innocent and there are several somewhat worse looking pinups of Lina looking used and submissive.  Not a bad doujinshi though for the price I paid.

Estimated Value:  $ 15

I would have said this one was only worth $10 but Slayers doujinshi is becoming increasingly rare, the only thing difficult would be to find a person who appreciates it in our fading fandom.