(Not the actual name of the doujinshi)

Circle: World
Publication Date:  February 25. 1995
Rarity:  ****
Series:  Slayers / Several others I don't Recognize
Lina / Amelia
Page Count:  143 (15 Slayers)
Cover:  Glossy Dust Jacket
Art Quality:  Decent


         This is one of the reduced size doujinshi.  There are several stories in it but I only recognize the Slayers one. First off in the story Lina stubs her toe.  She complains and hops around then decides that masturbation might distract her from the pain in her foot.  Amelia instantly objects but somehow Lina convinces Amelia that it is her duty to help Lina get off and forget her pain.  Amelia goes at it with gusto and gets Lina off, looking like she starred in a bukkake video in the process.  Then she wants some turn about.  So Lina starts off a little slow then get hit with inspiration and grabs a dagger, using the hilt on Amelia she doesn't last long and soon enough it is Lina that looks like a glazed doughnut.  They fall asleep in one another's arms.  The next day Lina, Amelia, and Gourry are all traveling together and Gourry says something off handedly and Lina fireballs him for it then Lina and Amelia sneak off together and start going through their loot.

        Approximated Worth:  $20

        Pretty rare as I never saw it before but since Slayers is only one of the stories in here it might have went up several times before just never mentioning Slayers.  The art is good, not great and the characters look a little chibi, but still good.  Plus it's Lina x Amelia which is always awesome, personally I would have paid more than $20 but that's just the fanboy in me talking.