Amy Untold - Finally

Publication Date:  2008
Rarity: ***
Series:  Sonic the Hedgehog
Couplings:  Sonic / Amy
Knuckles / Tikal
Page Count: 69 (48 Story, 21 Full Color)
Cover:  Glossy
Art Quality:  Consistently good


        Where to start?  Usually the doujinshi that I get a hold of are not in English e.g., Furry Bomb, Sonic Sexual, etc.  So, because this one is actually in English for once I can give a somewhat respectable review of the contents aside from high-level thoughts on art and such.

        First off, this doujinshi is available to anyone willing to drop the money, it can be purchased from the authors website for a nominal fee (see below).  Also this is slated to be #1 of a 5 part series to hopefully things continue onward with more releases.  Anyway, the doujinshi is made up of two chapters of the story, each about 20 pages each (give or take).  The story starts out with Amy doing some solo stuff and fantasizing and progresses from there to things with Sonic.  Art is fairly consistently good, the shading gives it a really nice look different than the screen tones that I am used to seeing, it make it look slicker.  Very nice.  The action is also well depicted with a number of things different than the run of the mill porn content (I.e., Sonic ends up with cum on his eye and Amy licks it off seductively).  The story is progressive though, so I am reluctant to give out any details, but being that the plot is complicated enough to worry about spoilers that says something about the quality of things. 

        The chapters of the story are broken up by a 'joke' chapter and followed by a 'joke' chapter.  These are just a few pages long and have some comedic interaction between some of the other characters with some kind of sex or innuendo involved.  The second one had me laughing pretty good, really clever idea.

        Finally, the book ends with some 20+ pinups.  Every one is full color, high gloss paper.  Wonderful art, wonderful coloring.  The doujinshi would have been worth the price for these pictures alone.  A number of solo pictures, gang bang pictures, and more focusing on Amy.  I was seriously turning through the pages my first time sure that each was the last but they just kept on going. 

        The size of the doujinshi is smaller than normal.  Traditional Japanese doujinshi are 7.25 x 10.25 inches, but this doujinshi is 5.75 x 8.5 inches.  Binding is good and tight, high production values here more than make up for the size.

Approximated Worth:  $15 + Shipping and handling

        This one is easy because it can still be purchased.  The authors website can be found at if you are interested in purchasing this one.  Shipping time to the middle of the US was about 2 weeks total, packaging was very thorough with lots of support and discrete.  I highly recommend purchasing this doujinshi not only because it's good, but because it's always good to support doujinshi authors when given the chance.  However if I were to assign a value to this, going from the quality of the copy, the quality of the art, pinups, story, factoring all of this in I would rate it as a high-quality doujinshi which I assign values of approximately $1 per page, so if I were to assign a value to this doujinshi it would be $69+  as I've said before, sonic doujinshi are gold.