Circle:  Studio Kimigabuchi
Publication Date:  1997
Rarity: ****
Series:  Slayers

Lina/Naga/Other Girl/Bandits (Gang Rape)
Lina/Bandits (Gang Rape)

Page Count: 66 Pages
Cover:  Flat Non-Reflective
Art Quality:  Moderate - Not so good


        The book immediately starts with some other girl I sort of recognize from the manga being raped by a bunch of men.  A few pages in Lina and Naga show up and it hereafter focuses on them being raped.  It is quite the brutal scene, 20 pages are taken up with it.  The story following it involves Lina walking into the woods to find a flower, she is raped by some bandits, I believe her grandfather sacrifices himself to power a machine to turn back time, and prevents the rape, but Lina knows what happened and cries.  There is yet another story in this doujinshi involving Ranma 1/2 characters.  Ranma has sex with lots of guys  in girl form, that's the gist of it.

Approximated Worth:  $30

       There is quite a quantity of work here and it is not bad in terms of quality.  Plus it is unique in its brutal ness and in some of the gore and what would be a good plot if I could read it.  When the rarity is taken into account though it definitely gives this doujinshi a respectable value.