Publication Date:  January 31, 2001
Rarity: ***
Series:  Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon/Goblins   
Chibi Usa/Montour 

Page Count: 48 Pages
Cover:  Glossy  (But Stiff)
Art Quality:  Close to the series


    The first section is Sailor Moon being raped by a bunch of goblins.  It is the scene that makes this book worth owning, it is awesome!  Afterwards she kind of stumbles away, it may have actually been consensual with the way they treat her afterward.  Next Chibi Usa gets with a giant Montour, I mean, it's penis is the size of her body, but she doesn't hardly miss a beat once she gets started.  That fills up the first half of the book, the last half appears to be full of some of the artists original work.




Approximated Worth:  $20

      I would say this doujinshi is worth more, but due to the large market surplus and high availability of Sailor Moon doujinshi to say something is worth more then $20 is usually a stretch.  It is however a good doujinshi, I would buy it if it only contained the goblin scene, which is only 8 pages or so.