Circle:  Studio TAMO
Publication Date:  April 17, 1994
Rarity:  ***
Series:  Sailor Moon
Ami / Rei
Page Count:  26
Cover:  Vinyl with vertical grooves (Very neat)
Art Quality:  Good


        The art in this doujinshi is pretty nice and the cover is so unique.  The first section of the doujinshi is short little one page stories or skits or whatever some of them just have one picture and some words around them (like the picture above) and others are just a few panels long.  There is only one real story in this doujinshi in terms of having more then two pages and a plot of sorts.  Mars and Sailor Moon are having an argument when suddenly Mars passes out.  She wakes up some time later in a hospital bed with everyone hovering over her.  No one is sure what happened and they all filter out one by one until just Amy is left with Rei.  Amy is playing doctor and Rei needs a little shot.  But things progress from there, Amy start fondling herself and invites Rei to join.  Together the two of them get off.  But it was all in the name of science and the scene wraps up with Amy thinking about something.

Estimated Value:  $20

        It's short but the cover is really neat, there are some good pinups in it especially of Dark Lady.  The art on the inside is pretty good too as is the story and it's just a nice well rounded doujinshi, and as such it attains a relatively high value for a Sailor Moon doujinshi.