Gold Rush 14

Circle:  Wall
Publication Date:  December 26, 1999
Rarity:  ***
Series:  Excel Saga and others
Couplings (For Excel Saga only):
Excel / Sumioshi & Hyatt / Iwata / Matsuya
Page Count:  74
Cover:  Flat Matt
Art Quality:  Good


        Hyatt's been kidnapped and Excel must find her!  And who would have her but their hopelessly mismatched neighbors.  Excel fires missiles into the domicile of her neighbors to stop their sexual actions on her partner but the missiles change their trajectory and head back toward her, blowing up Excel.  Frazzled and burned and unable to move they tie her up and Sumioshi has his way with her, meanwhile the other two are getting it on with Hyatt who appears to be willing participant.  Soon though Excel is getting into it too.  The two of them are plastered in cum when some of the missiles Excel fired earlier swoop back and blow the whole place up.  The Great Will is less then happy.

        There are other little shorts too, such as Iwata getting it on with Hyatt while she is on a hospital bed, probably dead and some thing about Excel and Hyatt lost in an airport while someone is fantasizing about ruining their innocence.  The others stories in the doujinshi are pretty good too, the last 10 pages or so of the doujinshi are artist rant.

Estimated Value:  $25

        It's got length, it's got pretty good art, and it's got a series that was somewhat popular outside mainstream culture.  It has a reasonable value, I have never seen this up on eBay as far as I can recall and the site that I bought it from sold out so it may be rarer then I figure and if that is the case it could be worth $5 - $10 more then this.