Hi-Side Ver .8

Circle:  Guy-Ya
Publication Date:  December 30, 1998
Rarity:  ***
Series:  Slayers + Other Unidentifiable Series
Naga / Gourry
Amelia / Zelgadiss & Gourry / Lina
Page Count: 
Art Quality: 
Varies Greatly


        The first story is a bit hard to explain, so I'm not even going to try, suffice it to say the artist that drew it is the same artist that drew the Hellsing manga and it seems a little eccentric, the story has Lina, Amelia, Gourry, and Naga together.  Everyone is drawn really strange except Naga and all the art styles for each person varies except Naga, Amelia is shown as a pig several times, Gourry could easily pass as a zombie and Lina appears as a stick figure more then once.  The gist of it though is Gourry rapes Naga.  Naga is drawn well though.

        Then there are several strange stories and little snippets of other things and then another Slayers story, yay!  Amelia is mad and she's reminiscing about her first time with Zelgadiss to Lina.  It goes to her flashback of that time, Zelgadiss is quite gentle with her and it goes well.  After the flashback Amelia is overcome with emotion, she's blushing and happy.  Gourry takes this as his queue to try and seduce Lina, but she's not taking kindly to his sort of seduction and fireballs him.  But Gourry is not going to take no for an answer, he bends Lina over and starts to finger her, surprising both Lina and Amelia.  Amelia steps back and watches excitedly as Gourry basically rapes Lina (picture at right).  At the end Amelia is incredibly horney and goes off to find Zelgadiss.  The second story is much better then the first, the first is completely non-sensible, especially without text.  But this doujinshi is quite interesting.

Estimated Value:  $45

        This is one of those rare doujinshi that star the talents of a well known manga artist before they went pro.  Similar to the high value of the doujinshi done by Koshi Rikudo before Excel Saga.  The art is somewhat reflective of his Hellsing work but this doujinshi is quite sought after and I have seen it go for high prices, the production values were pretty high, the cover is nice and the paper is of a high quality.  This is definitely a doujinshi that has gone up in value along with the authors popularity.