Circle: Satsui
Publication Date: August 19, 1995
Rarity:  ****
Series:  Darkstalkers
Couplings: Lei-Lei/Various
Page Count: 46 + 4
Cover:  Glossy with metalized shining  letters
Art Quality:  Vairies Greatly, one story is good art, the next is not of a good quality, the last one is decent

Description:  The first story of the doujinshi has Lei-Lei getting screwed by the author.  It is a very nice little piece that really exploits Lei-Lei's beauty.  There are a couple little one page numbers including a few pinups (like the one on the left) and then a crummy little story involving Lei-Lei and Morrigan.  The book ends with Lei-Lei doing battle and being vanquished, her soul is then freed and she's happy.  Additionally this book came with 4 more pages (Basically one large piece of paper folder onto itself to make a little booklet)  that were inserted into the front cover, they were not originally part of the book are are numbered 10-1, 10-2, 10-3, and 10-4, when put into place they add an extra hardcore conclusion to the author's screwing of this doujinshi's main character.  Very unique and interesting.

Approximated Value:   $30

I'm not very up to date on the Darkstalker doujinshi market but I believe it is not a very busy aftermarket.  The series has seemed to die off in popularity.  But this appears to be a rare doujinshi, it's in great shape especially considering it's age, and it comes with the added bonus pages.  It has a few good pinups and the art is great in part of it.  A Darkstalkers fan would really appreciate it.