ParodyKingdom- 4

Circle: Oak Comix
Publication Date:  November 30, 1998
Rarity:  ****
Series:  Slayers / Several others I don't Recognize
Lina / Gourry
Page Count:  160 (25 Slayers)
Cover:  Glossy Dust Jacket
Art Quality:  Decent


         This is one of the reduced size doujinshi.  There are several stories in it but I only recognize the Slayers one. The story starts off with Lina and Gourry playing some variant of chess.  Problem is that Lina is loosing.  She gets a little irritated and Gourry takes that as his que to take her by force.  At first she is reluctant but rapidly starts enjoying herself.  Things keep going and wow, there are some excellent scenes.  This is the same artist from the Montou series and they do some very good hot and heavy action, and love Lina / Gourry and know how to make that couple sizzle.  Anyway with the Lina x Gourry action played out over 20 pages Lina suddenly comes to.  It was all a dream (and of course our first hint was that Gourry was winning at chess).  Nonetheless, Lina is soaked when she wakes up and makes a big scene about it which attracts Filia's attention.  She looks a little irritated but honestly the shot pans out at the end and only shows the outside of the Inn with some words being screamed and without knowing what is said I don't really understand how things go.  It isn't critical though because the art that is there is great!

        Approximated Worth:  $25

       This artist or group of artists are great and I would happily purchase any of their works.  Another great example of their works and the bit with Filia at the end is an amusing touch.  Oak Comix is a large circle so there have got to be a lot of these doujinshi out there so it cannot be incredibly rare but it's still a nice find.