Yamainu Volume 4

CircleSairo Publishing
Publication Date:  August 16, 1997
Rarity: ****
Series:  Slayers and Evangelion and Sailor Moon (Same Sailor Moon story as the second one in the doujinshi here.)
Lina / Gourry & Zelgadiss / Amelia & Amelia / Lina / Gourry
Rei / Shinji
Boy / Usagi / Minako / Rei / Ami
Page Count: 98
Cover:  Glossy
Art Quality:  Close to the series (Characters appear slightly younger)


        You remember that one guy from the episode where Lina and gang wanted to eat dragon cuisine?  You know, from NEXT?  Well, they met back up with him and the dragon is all prepared and the Slayers gang (Lina, Amelia, Gourry, Zelgadiss, Xelloss) are all enjoying the exceptionally long cooking times.  But something suddenly catches Lina's eye, the dragon tail laying near by with a ribbon on it, a pink ribbon... suffice it to say most people at the table lost their appetite (Except Gourry).  They head out later that day or the next looking through some ancient ruins for some reason or another.  Xelloss has a handbook of sorts showing where to go and what to do to reach the goal of these ruins so they have a little bit of an edge.  The group comes to a rock with two indents in it and Lina and Amelia eyeball is suspiciously.  They figure that the key is a set of breasts.  Lina walks up and sticks her wrapped breasts in the indents, immediately it projects her back into a wall.  Amelia then decides to tempt her luck, she unwraps her chest and when she inserts them a door opens.

        The door in the next room has a rock with a depression in it the shape of someone's butt.  Lina takes down her pants and Amelia tires to hold a curtain in front of her for modesty but Gourry rips it down, so Lina blasts him away.  When she sits down though the door opens to the next room.  This one has a rock with one hole.  Xelloss breaks out his book and points to some of the drawings of a penis going in the hole.  I don't know why but Lina sucks Gourry off and Amelia sucks Zelgadiss off and as a result Zelgadiss sticks his penis in the hole.  (He can't remove it by the way) And a chamber opens with a bed in it.  Gourry picks up Lina and carries her to the bed, he tires to have his way with her but she's not too receptive to his actions.  Xelloss pops up and sticks his dick in her mouth and Amelia comes up behind Lina and starts stroking her seductively (Which Lina completely freaks out over).  But Amelia keeps up and I am therefore rewarded with what I was waiting for, an intimate moment between Amelia and Lina, however short (see below).  Eventually though the quintet all get off and fall into a magical vortex created.  They pop out in our world in the middle of a basketball game.  Xelloss simply smiles and tears a hole and space and goes home and leaves everyone in the real world.  Funny stuff.

        The Evangelion story sets Shinji in the forest with Rei, they eventually get to having sex when those two oddball male side characters decided to join in (one of them must be gay) then Misato shows up and beats everyone but Shinji up.  For a synapses of the Sailor Moon story following this one look to the link far above.

Approximated Worth:  $40

        Funny doujinshi with great art and three recognizable series and a serious length, this is a stable investment here.