Circle:  Toy - S
Publication Date:  November 3, 1997
Rarity:  ***
Series:  Slayers
Xelloss / Filia
Lina / Gourry
Page Count:  50
Cover:  Glossy
Art Quality:  Not so good


        The art in this really isn't good at all.  It starts out with Filia tied up and at Xelloss' mercy.  Filia is incredibly angry but Xelloss is his usual calm self, but, Filia is also horney (for some reason...).  Xelloss starts to touch Filia but she doesn't want to go for it.  But she really has no choice and Xelloss will force his way.  He lets her down but she can't help but touch herself and give Xelloss oral, and on the inside she has no clue why she's doing it.  Xelloss cums all over her face and in her mouth and when she chokes he threatens her with violence.  He bends her over and takes her roughly from behind then cums inside her.

        In the second story Lina and Gourry are in bed and Lina's not in the mood to do anything, but Gourry is horney so he forces his way and Lina complies because she loves him.  

Estimated Value:  $ 15

        This doujinshi has pretty bad art, usually Xelloss has to be drawn considerably better then everyone else, that's just an unwritten doujinshi rule, but in this one there are many parts where he is drawn like crap.  Although the doujinshi is of a normal length and rarity its bad art detract from what it could be if it realized its art potential.