Doujinshi that I am currently seeking.

It's not like I already have every doujinshi that I want.  But I have most every doujinshi that I have seen for sale and wanted.  Still though, there are others that have passed me by. Some of these doujinshi I have never seen for sale and have only seen scans of, some where only available on Japanese auction sites and I didn't feel like footing the extraordinary bill, and some of them were just downright expensive.  Regardless here is my listing of doujinshi that I would be interested in acquiring.  Please contact me if you have information leading to the location of a doujinshi listed here, or if you have any additional information (page count, scans, etc.) of doujinshi that I have listed here.

* = I kind of want it, if you have it and I have spare money laying around I might attempt to acquire it for a nominal fee.

** = This doujinshi is worth something to me, not a lot, but something, usually this would be a normal doujinshi.

*** = I wish I had this doujinshi and would be interested in getting it.

**** = I need this doujinshi!

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Circle 'Want It' Factor Publish Year

Extra Information

"M" is for Magewappa Heron (**) 1998 Slayers and also G-Gundam.  Not sure about the content and not even sure 100% if it has hentai content, just liked the cover and saw it on eBay and frustrated that I lost the auction.
Passion Red Unknown (***) Unknown I think that I found this up for auction on Yahoo Japan but didn't bid on it due to the difficulties associated with using the common Proxy bidding services.  Looks like a neat doujinshi.
Gourry & Lina Unknown (**) Unknown Another one that I found on Yahoo Japan and thought looked neat enough to put a notice here for it.
Sudden Death Syndrome Circle Sure Sure (***) Unknown Toshi was selling this up at his site back in the day but even back then this doujinshi was sold out, not sure on the plot though I could check the Wayback archive if knowing it ever came up.
Night Snack Tsukamoto Hiroyuki (****) Unknown Toshi had this one up for sale and I think it was the one that P Mak purchased.  He made scans of it and posted them on his Lina x Sylphiel site and it just made me want the doujinshi more, Lina x Sylphiel goodness.
Slayers SS Halopack (**) Aug 2000 Halopack does good work, I've seen scans of this doujinshi and I would kind of like to own it.
Slayers Adult for CD Ginmomo ? (***)


2004 This doujinshi can be purchased from DLsite at:

This is basically a non-interactive story involving Lina and Gourry.  There are like 75 different (some of them only slightly so) pictures and lots and lots of Japanese text.

Can you follow? Can you follow?  (***) 2003 There was a time when I was really into Sonic doujishi.  Too bad there are not more of them.  I would be moderately interested in getting this doujinshi, last time I saw the actual doujinshi for sale it went for $40
Unknown Unknown




Unknown I've seen this one up on Yahoo Japan a few times.  I think it might just be a novel but really the cover is just strange enough to spike my curiosity to the point where I'd want to pick up a copy of this to check out.
Unknown Unknown (***) Unknown This scan came from a doujinshi site that is sadly no longer with us.  I believe it sold for approx $70 which was too rich for my blood.  It is a Super Smash Bro doujinshji which are pretty rare and that is one of the main driving factors to me wanting it.  I have seen better scans of the cover but no internal scans.
Zoamailghscar Unknown (****) Unknown A Japanese doujinshi collector offered this doujinshi to me in exchange for sending them a copy of Slayers Adult for CD.  At the time my copy was lost but even after I found it again, it is not something I would do.  I don't trade in scans.  Still, it looks quite interesting, actually, very interesting....
Okonomiyaki Teishoku Tokumori Unknown (***)


2005 This one gave me some trouble.  I saw a copy on eBay and bought it.  When I got it though turned out it was not the one I wanted.  This circle did two different doujinshi with very very similar covers and I got a copy of the other one.  Scans of this doujinshi are readily available online and that is why I want a copy of it.
T.C T.C. (****)


2008 Saw this doujinshi available on the author's website.  Doujinshi was purchased.  Well worth the money, check out the website above for ordering information.
Shiohebi Ryuko Semedain G (**) 2009 I mostly just want this one because it is new.  The doujinshi database has an entry for it here.

Others whose pictures were too big

Title:  Unknown (***)

Published: 2002

Title:  Furry Bomb #1 (*)

Montau Doujinshi's

Pictured here are Montau 10, 14, 15, and 20 (Not sure of the last one) (**)

They are part of a long running Slayers doujinshi series and I am interested in each of them and others not shown that I do not posses. Below is another set of pictures from this doujinshi series found at the Mandarake website (too bad they no longer sell any doujinshi from this series).

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