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        When I first started out on the internet in 1995 I really had no clue what fanfiction was, as a matter of fact, although I was watching Sailor Moon and some Ranma at the time I had no clue there was any information on either online.  However eventually I started to come across adult Sailor Moon pictures and in my quest for them I was introduced to hentai fanfiction.  At the time though fanfiction wasn't referred to as hentai Sailor Moon hentai fanfiction was for the most part entirely referred to as lemon or yuri.  Eventually my searching for fanfiction led me to the most famous Sailor Moon fanfiction depository on the web, Sailor Moon Romance, currently at however at the time it was somewhat different, although you can find hentai fanfics there now, there was an entire section of them before separate from the rest.  Also after a site outage the main pages were never the same again and recovery efforts are ongoing.

        There were so many great Sailor Moon fanfics. It was the hentai that drew me in, great stories such as those by Sir Anime, and Dr. Allosaurus, and eventually non-hentai works such as those by Andrea Hui.  Some of my favorite fanfiction ever was from Sailor Moon, just wonderful immersive works that could not be approached in terms of quality today it seems.  Most memorable to me from Sailor Moon were,  One Hot Summer Day, Grant me the Serenity, A First Time For Everything [One of the best fanfics ever!], Artemis, Sailor Moon V [An incredible epic work], Heavy Genesis, and of course Unseen Curiosities!

    If you actually want to read any of those fics, which carry my highest recommendation just try to find them at moon romance, or:

Sailor Moon Lemon Fanfiction Index

        Moving onto my Ranma phase, again I was pulled in my the hentai fanfiction.  The old school Ranma fanfiction was the best, if anyone reading this likes Ranma hentai fanfiction and haven't read it yet, you must seek out the original Ranma 1/2 hentai fanfic "Okonomiyaki Orgy", it was the quintessential Ranma hentai fic back in the day and it still holds its ground.  There was also another fanfic "Ukyo and Shampoo get down on Ranma" by Philip Mak, this follows in the sprit of Okonomiyaki orgy and does not disappoint, great read!  'Camping' by Ranmasolo1 was actually my first hentai Ranma fic that I read and it was great, I'll always remember it but there are so many other great ones.  A Tale of Ten yen is a more recent classic for me, only a few years old and I could never forget the classic Ranma hentai fic Lemonade Punch Series.  These fanfics can still be found with some searching.

        The true pull of Ranma fanfiction to me though lies not with the hentai fanfiction but with non-hentai drama/action/comedy.  Here are the absolute must read fanfics in the Ranmaverse, Shampoo 1/2, I like Ucchan, The Magical Mystery Hibiki Tour, The More Things Change [And it's sequel, too bad the author stopped!], The Varaiyah Cycle & The Nameless Sequel [Funny as all hell also check out "Ukyo can cook" while you're there for some dark humor], Chasing the Wind [By Fission Park Press but the site is gone :(], Revelations [This is an intense Ranma fanfic, I highly recommend it, also check out The Prize while you are there.] Ukyou's Chance is a very good slightly dark take on things, and of course The Suicide Blast [Dark but good by Keener Barnes you might have to search a bit to find it] and I cannot forget "The Bitter End" or anything else by Zen that fanfic has caused more people to switch from the cannon Ranma X Akane pairing then anything else in the world.

        Also check out the Ranma 1/2 lemon archive at it's the biggest one that I know of.

        Finally to Slayers, my last big obsession, I must say however, although I have read a lot of fanfiction from the series, nothing has really stuck me as much as the powerful material from Ranma 1/2 fandom and Sailor Moon fandom.  But there are some notable works out there, specifically the hentai works by Suten Net and Tsutsuji's monumental work Poison and it's sequel in progress.  There are some up and coming authors on as well that are really doing the series and characters justice.

        Anyway, what this was all about, if I made a point.  Is that although there are some archives out there it seems that the fanfiction from my bygone age is long since gone, some of it seemingly forever as I searched for days to find the links to the fanfiction I could remember, I have some of it backed up and I was tempted to host it on my space but I wouldn't want to make the authors upset, it just is so strange, a bit of fame from so long ago, searching the web you might find the one fanfic that a person wrote in their life with no sequel but on their hard drive soon to be deleted is the document you crave and need.  Please though, these are my favorite fanfics of all time and if you have some free time, you might want to read though more then a few of them, you probably won't be disappointed,