Filia has her way with Lina


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        There was an evil presence that hadn’t been there the previous night. If it had been, Filia was sure that she would have noticed. Sitting at the breakfast table Filia looked over her friends, stunned. Zelgadiss, Gourry, Amelia, no one seemed to notice anything. But Filia’s mind was screaming out as they all ate and drank as normal. But it was Lina that stuck out the most, she now seemed as far out of place in Filia’s mind as a representative of Ceiphied would be as a willing participant in an orgy honoring Shabranigdo. This pressing sensation of darkness, perversion, corruption was something that Filia was only used to thanks to the likes of Xelloss tempering her. But she could feel it, an evil aura coming from Lina. She reached for her mace, no intention to use it but just running her hand over it, comforting her to some extent as her fingers traced out some of the unique details. Slowly her initial shock withered and Filia let out a deep breath as she started to calmly take in the situation.

        Honestly, although it was a distinct feeling of darkness, the only reason it had temporarily overwhelmed Filia was that she had not expected it, she tended to let her guard down around her friends and Lina had just shown up at a moment when Filia had coincidentally been vulnerable. Still at a loss as to what to do though, Filia politely excused herself from the table, resisting the urge to... to do something! *But... she’s acting so normal....* Making her way away from the madness of breakfast Filia felt her mind clear and she sat down, hoping to get a better grasp of the situation. It only took a few moments for Filia to discern the source of the taint on Lina. Unexpectedly though the darkness was not coming off some physical object Lina was carrying but instead it came straight from Lina herself, from her soul. Surprised and shocked, Filia slumped back in the wooden chair, letting her body be dragged down by gravity and allowing her shoulders to droop.

        A little frustrated with things going from bad to worse, Filia rubbed her temples before giving Lina another glance. This time she shifted her vision to closely watch the edges of Lina’s figure until they blurred and faint colors came into view. Looking at ones aura is a good way to determine the alignment of an individual and as always Lina had a brilliant golden radiance. However, there was something else blurred in her figure. Imposed somewhere in Lina’s abdomen Filia could see a dark patch in Lina’s aura. She had found her cause for worry. Pursing her lips together Filia swallowed dryly. Whatever was wrong with Lina, it was in the astral plane. Filia huffed, she had practiced for years to be able to transverse her conscious to the astral plane, but it was one of those pain-in-the-butt type things she tried to avoid. Begrudgingly she stood up and walked to the far corner of the room where she wouldn’t be disturbed and settled in. Pulling out a chair she gathered her long golden hair in a bunch and dropped it over the back of the chair while sitting down. Settling in further she let her robes drape comfortably around her before removing her head dress and sitting it down on the table.

        A course set, Filia closed her eyes and focused. At first there was no difference, but she knew that she was trying to push it too much. Her ability to astral project would not come if she was too anxious, and she had realized over the years that her inability to calm herself was her major fault in the process. Over time though the outside sounds surrounding her started to fade, for an instant she wondered if Lina and the rest of the gang had left the table, but quickly squashed that train of thought, too much thinking and she would loose her calm. The sounds continued to drop in volume and pitch as Filia focused her life-force. Inside her eyelids little flashes of light started to become apparent, tiny little bolts of lightning that would occasionally meet and started to coalesce. Then there were more then just lines of light, but colors too, she felt the real world drop from her senses, and it was replaced with a flighty tingling feeling that passed over her skin, signifying her transition from the material plane as the colors and lines came together brilliantly in her vision to form the astral projection of the souls around her. It took a little while for Filia to adjust to the changeover and finally start to look for Lina. Although Filia was just across the room from Lina, the astral plane was skewed with respect to the real world, it was a fully three dimensional plane, nothing was solid.... so it took a little bit of searching until she came across Lina. Immediately after finding her though Filia gulped, there was something very wrong. Inside Lina’s astral body there was a dark mass pulsing, writhing, and apparently growing in size, spreading an icor out from Lina’s astral self like a errant drop of black ink on white parchment.

        Filia moved in closer, felling negative energy push her away and press on her from all sides, it was so much stronger then it had been on the material plane. There was a strange pain to it like traveling too deep under water. Being so close to whatever it was she found she couldn’t get any closer. Even from her vantage point though, only a few comparative feet away, she couldn’t garner any further details about the growing mass. And she was feeling her concentration waver from the effort she was putting into this exploration under such strenuous circumstances. It was fathomless black, and about the size of a fist, but tendrils spread out in all directions, their occasional movement leaving murky streaks of black in the astral fluid. But Lina’s astral body didn’t give any indication that something was wrong. Filia tried to focus her eyes on the mass but couldn’t, the corruption was blurred, unable to be focused. “What the hell is this!” Knowing that it was a worthless gesture but spurned on by a hatred at what was happening to her friend, Filia gave it her all and pressed foreword, trying to grab onto Lina’s astral body but failed. As she expected, her hands slipping right through Lina’s ethereal form. Her concentration now totally spent, Filia felt herself slipping back to the physical plane.

        Her consciousness snapped into her body with a start causing her to gasp for breath. After her brief panic attack she cursed herself for being unable to ‘physically’ interact with the astral plane. It was just beyond her, her soul, despite being that of a dragon, and more in tune with the astral plane then humans, was unable to transverse the astral plane and interact with it on the same level as say an astral being like a Mazoku. Filia turned to watch Lina, who was now sitting back in her chair relaxing, patting her full stomach but hey eyes still roaming the table for stray food. And yet nothing seemed amiss on the surface, and Filia had to wonder if Lina even knew what was happening within herself. Probably not she deduced, but that just lead to further questions. Should she tell Lina, what else could she do.

        No, definitely not tell Lina. The mass was probably demonic in nature, probably sentient to some extent, if it worried Lina knew about it, it might grow more rapidly. Or maybe if Lina knew she might try something drastic, then again she usually managed to come out on top in a pinch. There was magic, specifically the elmekia lance came to mind, but it had the precision of a boulder, really when it came down to it, there was nothing in the magical arsenal that she knew of that could affect one level of the astral plane, and not another, and considering the thing was growing inside of Lina there was no way Filia could think of to take it out with magic. That wouldn’t kill Lina in the process.

        Several minutes later Filia had settled on a plan, to sit, wait, and think for the next few hours or days. In the process see how fast this ‘thing’ was growing and hopefully come up with a way of destroying it as quickly as possible. As a stipulation though she gave herself two days to find a solution to Lina’s problem, if she didn’t have one by then she would be sure to tell Lina no matter what. It took Filia all of ten minutes to come up with that course of action, but she quickly found she really hated waiting when someone’s life was on the line. Suddenly noticing that everyone had left, Filia got up and hastily donned her head dress, running to her room to gather her stuff and start the day before everyone left without her.


        Still.... nothing! The sun was setting and Filia was no closer to understanding anything then she was this morning. Worse yet, Filia found the evil within Lina was growing fairly rapidly, much more quickly then she would have been comfortable with. Nearly doubling in size during the course of the day. That’s why she couldn’t notice it the day before, it must have just happened or been so miniscule at the time as to avoid detection. At best, Filia figured she had maybe two more days to deal with it before Lina was completely consumed. And she would definitely have to tell Lina what was happening sooner then she had anticipated, that is if she hadn’t figured out already. Still though there were no outward effects to her personality or otherwise, showing just how tough Lina could be at times.

        With the daylight fading and at Lina’s prompting, which was a little odd, the decision was made to break for camp. In response Amelia took to the sky with levitation and glided straight up before hovering some thirty feet in the air. She turned slightly and after a moment she fluttered back down to the ground settling lightly. “There’s a clearing over there Miss Lina.” Amelia said as she pointed triumphantly off the road toward some nearby trees. Hidden from the road was usually the only requirement for a good camp site. So as a group Filia and the others got off the main path and headed into the woods where they quickly came to a clearing. As everyone started to set up camp, Filia forced herself to interact by saying hello to Amelia, Gourry, and Zelgadiss to deter any suspicion that something might be amiss. Quickly though she noticed that Lina had gone missing somewhere in the last few minutes.

        Indeed this finding caused a creeping cold panic in the back of Filia’s mind to spread out and through her limbs. She tried to steady herself as her mind told her that the worst could be happening and she could hardly control her run when she went off looking for Lina, having to reach up to hold her head dress in place as she picked up speed. She didn’t have to go far though, her extra-human hearing picking up a distinctly human sound not far from camp. Following the sound, she soon came to Lina, facing away from her and leaning heavily on a tree with her hands against it. Her head was hung low, her brown, almost red hair falling down around her face blocking any details.

        Filia could feel the stink of evil come off Lina in waves but she moved foreword, grimacing slightly as she put her hand on her friend’s shoulder. “Lina....?” Lina jerked foreword suddenly, a wrenching sound followed by a wet spattering making it apparent she was loosing her lunch. Following some heavy breathing Lina turned around, wiping her lips off as she turned and ending up looking, for the most part, in good shape. “Filia, what can I do for ya?” A little put off by Lina’s vigor Filia decided to ask a loaded question, “Lina, are you feeling okay?” Lina let out a little burp and her smile dropped a bit, “Actually... not really... I’ve been feeling pretty bad most of the day now...” Lina laughed a little, leaving Filia stunned at Lina’s honesty before she continued, “But you just saw that anyway, so no sense in hiding it... just... don’t tell Gourry, okay?” Filia forced a slight smile back, “Okay... I just... I was just worried about you.” Lina gave a little knowing grin, “I know... I think I’ll have Amelia try her hand at healing me later, that is unless you want to give it a shot right now.”

        In her mind, Filia gave a little shout of joy, she backed up excited and motioned toward the ground, “Okay ummm, just lie down for a few minutes and I’ll see what I can do”. Lina nodded and moved away from the tree she had been standing by, carefully lowering herself to the ground and laying on her back. “Filia...” Lina paused waiting for Filia to turn toward her, “something just seems off, I don’t know how to explain it, it doesn’t feel like it does when I normally get sick...” Toward the end it was apparent that Lina was showing some worry and Filia responded with a half smile, suddenly very guilty for hiding anything. Never the less, Filia nodded her head determined before starting, “Now just fold your arms over your chest and close your eyes, this will take a minute.” Filia dropped to her knees next to the sorceress and held her hands above Lina’s body, chanting a short prayer to the Fire Dragon King. Radiant light shone from her hands and pierced through Lina’s body, no doubt some of the magical energy going clear through her. Lina screwed her eyes shut and grunted, obviously pained. “Just give me a few minutes, I have to figure out what’s wrong...” Filia kept up her low level assault but to no avail, she could sense that the mass within Lina had not moved or responded in the slightest. She was only hurting the parts of Lina that were infected with the evil, and hurting them bad. She broke off the spell as Lina gasped to catch her breath and followed up with a standard healing spell. Filia knew it would do no good in treating what the dark infection was doing, but it would at least help Lina get some strength.

        “Healing power flowing white...” Filia started, bringing her hands above her head. She continued chanting as they lowered toward Lina, small arcs of light and energy darting between them. Finally though she laid her hands on Lina’s stomach at the completion of the spell, sending the healing energy though her body. Again Lina grunted as she felt magic course though her. But Filia noticed something different, she had put her hands over the spot where the darkness resided because that is where one would normally place their hands, but in response she had felt the darkness shift ever so slightly away from were she had put her hands on Lina. With Lina still laying motionless and the spell completed Filia moved her hands a little toward where the evil had settled. In response she felt it shift yet again, her eyes widened, *A response!* But even with her hands right over it, all it did was roll out from underneath them. Filia’s presence seemed annoying to whatever it was, but not painful or fatal. She could only hope that it was something she could exploit.

        Lina opened her eyes slowly, tilting her head up a little. She held still as she watched Filia moving her hands gently over her tummy, the faintest blush spreading to her cheeks, “So Filia... what are you doing running your hands over my stomach...?” Filia snapped out of what she was doing a little embarrassed, she could that tell Lina had meant it as an honest question, curious as to what Filia was looking for, but Filia didn’t really have an honest answer, so she laughed it off embarrassed. Lina gave a light smile in return, “Right.....” she said in a somewhat knowing sarcastic way, trailing off. Before lifting her hands off Lina though, Filia tried to trap the darkness by moving a hand in from either side at the same time, but she sensed it move between the two of them. Lina cooed a little, surprising Filia who looked up at her inquisitively, Lina blushed, “It just felt like there were warm butterflies in my stomach or something, that’s all...”. Filia did pull her hands away this time as Lina sat up, “Well... I feel better..thanks a lot!” Lina’s smile was plenty reward for Filia as she got up and started walking back to camp. But Filia’s lightened mood was short lived as she turned away from the lights and bustle of the camp to see what remained of Lina’s lunch by the base of a nearby tree, a somber remainder that things were not all right.


        “It was him!” Filia shouted, bolting upright just as she was starting to fall asleep. It all clicked when she felt Xelloss’ presence for a split second at the camp, then gone. He was staying away until he was sure the deed was done so that no one would suspect him, *That damned namagomi!*. All day Filia had been keeping an eye out for him, and usually he would make appearances throughout the day, even if he didn’t announce himself, just to check in on the group, but things had been silent all day. She had actually been waiting for him, to swallow her pride and ask him to check Lina’s astral self and get his opinion, but now it seemed apparent that Xelloss had to have been the one that did whatever it was that was to Lina. Filia went though the points that went in favor of her theory, the biggest one being his complete free access to the astral plane and his ability to manipulate it.

        Something was wrong with Lina and it seemed Xelloss was the only one that would have motive and access to hurt her for one reason or another. And if it in fact Xelloss was the one behind this, then that also explained the tendency of the affliction to move away from Filia. She was after all a servant of the gods, her mere presence probably hurt it slightly, but never enough to destroy it. Filia couldn’t destroy it in Lina, but Filia’s body was basically immune to such a distress, if Lina had Filia’s powers she would never have succumb to such an evil affliction in the first place. Filia thought for a moment, if Lina were given her powers then she might be able to fight it off, might there be a way to give Lina some of her powers?

        Grabbing her hair and frustration and crying out a little Filia wracked her brain for an answer, some sort of solution. First she would have to get Lina to let down her guard in the astral plane, somehow, but it’s not something someone can consciously do.... Then she would have to be receptive toward Filia sharing a piece of her astral self with Lina and if she could do that then Lina would be able to fight off the evil on her own. The power of the gods and the power of the Mazoku canceling within her body. So, to transfer a part of her soul she would have to....

        Each step had logically come to Filia’s mind, lower Lina’s defenses in the astral plane and give Lina a portion of her own astral self to fight off the evil. However it suddenly clicked exactly what she was describing. A bonding of the souls. As soon as Filia realized precisely what that would entail she started to rally against it mentally and scrambled for another idea. She cursed out loud though as she realized just how perfectly it fit with the situation. Depressingly enough she realized that it was, as of yet, her only plan of action, although not a sure bet, “Damn!” She cursed out loud, once again debating on when to tell Lina.

        Thinking about it more Filia felt heat start to build in her cheeks. Although young by her races’ standards, Filia wasn’t naive. She had been around quite long enough to know how ‘it’ works but honestly had never been with another person, let alone a human. However, although she would not admit it to anyone at all.... she had indulged herself a few times. Thinking back to those times.. and blushing all the more, thinking about well.... her simmering golden dragon body, writhing in pleasure under her own touch. Easily she remembered that exact instant when she felt the distinction between the material world and the astral plane fade away. That incredible ethereal sensation of her own climax. And as her mind started to turn back to Lina, Filia found her heart beating noticeably faster.

        IF, Filia could time their orgasms close enough together she would indeed be able to give Lina a piece of herself... Her heart started to flutter as she realized she too would be on the receiving end... if the act wasn’t enough of a bond, she would end up with the tiniest bit of Lina inside her soul as well. IF Lina was willing and if she could get herself to do it, there was a chance of success. Filia was sweating now, the severity of the situation sinking in, and this less then desired course of action slowly becoming the only feasible solution that Lina would be able to turn to.... the question was, how could it be done?


        The moonlight lit the top of Filia’s tent gently and staring to the light she resolved herself to destroy the evil as soon as possible. As Filia laid there she could find no way around it, now was the time to act. She could sense the evil within Lina growing.... Running her hands over her own body lightly she felt nervous, thinking about her course of action, her hands paused on her large breasts for a moment, rubbing them lightly through her bra. *Never in this body before...* Carefully Filia slipped a hand beneath her bra, and found her nipple, twisting it between her fingers lightly. During this time her other hand had made its way down between her legs, rubbing herself timidly through the fabric, causing her breath to catch in her throat, “I... I think it might feel better in this form...”

        She kept up her attention for a moment, the differences in feeling more then she anticipated, *At least I know where everything is, I think...* In the name of research she continued, using her hand to cup be breast more and squeezing it she nearly gasped at the sensation, “Everything’s so soft on a human...” She squeezed the nipple even tighter, rolling its unique texture between her fingers, *....everything is so much fleshier...* Meanwhile he other hand had worked its way beneath her panties and she ran her index finger along her engorged lips, their slightly firmer texture increasing her anticipation, she swallowed hard, “It feels so different with hair down there....” Somehow Filia managed to composed herself and slowly started to sit up, already finding it difficult for pull herself away from her own attention.

        She shivered a bit though as the night air sucked away her warmth. Raising her body up even more the covers fell away entirely, revealing her frilly two-piece pink outfit she wore beneath her robes. She crawled out of the tent on her hands and knees, grabbing her blanket on the way out and putting it over her shoulders like a cape before heading to Lina’s tent. On the way though she paused momentarily and looked back to her tent, contemplating whether or no to bring her mace, but decided against the extra weight and encumberment. Again though she stopped, this time in the center of the camp to warm herself at the embers of the fire before heading onward.

        Lina had pitched her tent a little away from everyone else’s and Filia thanked the gods for small favors. As she approached though she could immediately sense that Lina wasn’t feeling good at all and was likely awake. Before she got too close and alerted Lina to her presence, Filia raised up her hands, “Sleeping...” she whispered out, blanketing the whole area with an aura of sleep. Pausing for a moment to ensure its effectiveness, she extended her senses and found that everyone at least felt like they were sleeping. Happy with her security once again she crossed the small distance to Lina’s tent slightly more confident.

        Inside, despite the darkness Filia’s dragon eyes adjusted rapidly to take in the chaos of the tent. Only Lina’s right foot remained under the covers, the rest were tossed off and pillows along with Lina’s regular clothes were strewn about with Lina in the middle of it all, laying on her back wearing modestly covering, yet tight fitting undergarments. With her dark hair tussled all around her and beneath her it was obvious Lina had been, to that moment, unable to sleep. Filia stood there for a minute in the doorway taking in Lina’s presence. Despite the evil aura, there was still a definite radiant presence that Lina projected. Lina shone like a star, she outshone Filia and all of her friends, long ago when Filia had started her travels with Lina she was warned by the great elder that Lina was not meant for this world. Her time would be short because she burned so brightly. Despite this Filia found herself desperately attached to Lina at times, her strength providing an anchor in the most desperate of situations. Throughout her life she had been warned to ignore attachments like that, humans were fragile and not long for this world anyway. Whereas she was destined to see Lina live and die as though in the wink of an eye. Still, she couldn’t help it, and maybe there was something more. Whatever it was, Filia had to admire it from the tent flap as Lina’s chest rhythmically rose and fell, gently highlighted by the filtered moonlight.

        Creeping in, Filia shed her blanket and laid down to the left of Lina on the bed roll. The hardness of the ground was easily felt through the material but Filia settled in slightly and moved her left arm over Lina’s stomach, again feeling the darkness there shrink away from her presence. But she also felt the heat coming off Lina’s body. She moved her arm to drape over Lina’s chest and put her left leg over Lina’s lower extremities as well, in an effort to siphon some of the heat from Lina. Laying there and holding her closely Filia couldn’t help but feel her attachment to Lina intensity. Suddenly she felt more attached to her then ever and as she steadied herself for what she needed to do she could no longer be sure exactly what she was feeling.

        Drawing from the spells Filia was taught as a shrine maiden she began to recite one of the more unethical spells, one that affected the conscious mind of the target. Putting them into a dream-like state while awake. A state indifferentiable from a real dream the next day. The spell itself was a simple matter, the difficulty came over the next twenty minutes as she had to carefully nullify the sleep spell on Lina, precision being the key in negating the sleep spell but keeping her other spell in place. For any sorceress this would be a dangerous game, but the net effect was in giving Lina a nice transition between the dream world, and the real world.

        “Huh... wha...” Lina came to, turning slightly, “It’s okay, it’s a dream...” Filia said matter of factly, silently cursing herself for how cliche it came out, but quickly going into her plan of action. Filia moved in and ever so gently kissed Lina on the lips, eliciting some kind of muffled sound from her. “I...” Lina started out trying to say something, then looked around with unfocused eyes, “does not make sense...” Filia wasn’t sure how well the spell was working but Lina definitely seemed out of it, “Dreams don’t always make sense...” Filia sounded a little insecure but moved in for another kiss and started to move her other hand over onto Lina’s stomach again, rubbing it in circles, causing Lina to let out some little sound of contentment. Meanwhile Filia intensified the kiss and slid her hand off Lina’s stomach and more up Lina’s flanks and under her bra. With her fingers under the bra Filia pushed it up and off Lina’s breasts, giving Filia access to the beautiful soft flesh there. Filia started running her tongue over Lina’s lips while simultaneously becoming more daring and into it as Lina started to reciprocate.

        Moving her hand over Lina’s breast Filia quickly found Lina’s hardening nipple and started gently pulling at it, thankful for her small bit of self exploration previously in her tent. Lina tilted her head back and away from the kiss, “Ohh.... Gourry...” Filia tumbled off Lina and onto her butt in a heart beat, “augh!” She yelped out as she looked toward the doorway to find no one there. Meanwhile Lina had rolled over to where Filia had fallen and reached out for her, caressing the side of her face, “Gourry.?..” A little freaked out at the turn of events she realized it was something she should have expected, if Lina thought that she was Gourry, at least that would hopefully make this seem like a reasonable dream when she woke up.

        Filia leaned in for a kiss, suddenly unsure as to if she should use a deep voice or her own, not settling till she said in her own voice, “I’m right here Lina..” Closing the gap with a delicate but deepening kiss, Filia was reminded of Lina’s innocent comment earlier, feeling butterflies build up in her own stomach. As her lips touched with Lina’s, Filia found there was an intense feeling there she hadn’t expected. Now on their sides, face to face Filia pressed her tongue between Lina’s teeth and into her mouth, playing with Lina’s own tongue. At the same time working her fingers back around Lina’s nipple and tweaking it. Lina responded by putting more vigor in the kiss which in turn spurred Filia on even more, now trying to switch between Lina’s two breasts but failing miserably due to the angle of the furthest one which was effectively buried between their two bodies as they pressed their chests together.

        Stepping up things even more Filia pulled away from Lina and dropped her head down to Lina’s nipples, taking the tip in her mouth. Lina let out an approving sound and writhed a little as Filia continued, taking the whole nipple into her mouth and using her other hand to tweak the opposite nipple when suddenly *thud* Filia’s tail shot out, striking the side of the tent solidly, scaring Filia for a second. After a moment of tenseness though, Filia’s tail dropped down, eventually hanging out the door barely as Filia continued suckling on Lina’s nipples. Ultimately though Filia decided she needed to use her left hand for herself. Using her right hand on one of Lina’s nipples while sucking on the other, Filia worked her left hand beneath her panties and to her crotch. The hairy tuft there already damp from anticipation. To her surprise though she found herself so sensitive that she couldn’t touch herself directly, she settled on using the palm of her hand to rub the whole area in a circle. It was strange, the feeling of the hair passing over her palm and a satisfaction as her hand started to become slick as it passed over her more and more.

        As she continued to work on Lina she debated on weather to move her head any lower. But her trepidation didn’t last long, Filia was getting completely swept up in passion of the situation, she was breathing hard and already the attention she was giving herself was becoming exceptional. She heard Lina cry out louder then usual and had to restrain herself, realizing that she may have been biting Lina’s poor nipples a little too hard, her passionate dragon nature becoming more apparent and perhaps her fangs too. Deciding for a change of pace, Filia started kissing and licking her way down Lina’s tight chest and stomach, but was held up as she realized somewhere along the way Lina had wound her hands into Filia’s hair and was pulling her into her breasts. All Filia had to do though was move her own hands up and gently guide Lina’s hands away though and they started picking up on Filia’s work, rubbing her own nipples.

        Satisfied Filia began her decent down Lina’s body, pausing her tongue on Lina’s belly button, something she never gave herself in human form. Filia trailed her tongue around it, suddenly reminded of her purpose as she felt the sinister evil stir almost directly beneath her face. Reluctantly, but with renewed purpose, Filia pulled her hand away from her own crotch to make an attempt on removing Lina’s panties. With a little bit of work Filia lifted herself up on her own knees, using her tail to balance so she could pull Lina’s panties down to her ankles. The task was easier said then done but after prompting Lina to roll on her back Filia eventually succeeded and getting Lina’s panties. Again she propped herself up on her right hand, her wrist starting to hurt from the angle but the pain masked by the pleasure as Filia again started to work her hand between her own legs and into the slickness between her folds, this time daring to push a finger into her wetness.

        The pleasure was building fast for Filia and as submissively started to spread her legs, Filia finally lowered her head level with Lina’s crotch. She ran her tongue in wide swaths over the bulk of the area, enjoying the strange contrast between the hairy patch surrounding velvety lips, the dampness giving it a characteristic taste that was wholly unique, something completely unexpected from the books she had read on the subject of human sexuality. The wide path of her tongue was narrowed until it traveled between Lina’s lips, parting the engorged folds to either side as her tongue passed, sticky dampness left in its wake as it made its way to Lina’s clitoris again and again, the hardness of the engorged little bump signaling Filia to pick her tongue up and move it back to the start again and again. Filia felt herself getting closer to the edge and her tongue lapping sped up, Lina cried out, “Oh Gourry, stop teasing me!.... please.....” Filia lifted her head up, swallowing hard, heady from her lack of breath and the otherworldly aroma, “What is it Lina, what do you want?” Filia managed out, the hormones getting the better of her, Lina giggled, breathlessly she pleaded, “I ... I want it inside ... me...” Each word forced out, taking all of her conscious effort to get across.

        Smiling, Filia dipped back down between Lina’s legs and started tonguing her again, this time inserting one of her fingers into Lina while balancing on her elbow. It went in smoothly and Filia resorted to sucking on Lina’s clit directly as she worked the finger in an out. Lina’s moaning doubled in volume and Filia again felt herself nearing the edge, but she didn’t want to force it until she was sure Lina was going to come with her. “...more... Gourry..” Filia responded by adding another finger to the scene, the two of them intertwined, pumping in and out wetly as she also worked another finger into herself. The duel wet pumping sounds alternating in the quite tent along with their haggard breathing and Lina’s moaning. “... I want it all inside me Gourry....”

        On Que. Filia noticed her tail thrashing back and fourth outside the tent hitting against the flaps and moved it in. She pulled away from Lina, wet, hot, and simultaneously cold. Filia pulled her tail up to her own mouth, licking all over its sensitive heart shaped tip, carefully removing the bow. In her euphoric state she noticed for the first time how sensitive the tip of her tail had become. Unexpectedly taken up in the moment she pushed the tip entirely in her mouth, feeling the widest part of it fold in on itself to fit into Filia’s warm orifice. “Umghhh...” Filia groaned out surprised at how good it felt, there were more nerves then she expected packed into that tiny bit of herself. She flexed her tail at the base and tried to force it deeper into her own mouth, the texture slightly rough but still wonderful. She moved her hand back to her crotch and rubbed her clit as she tongued her tail a little, her mouth feeling so full had a strangely arousing effect on her and she couldn’t help but try to force her own tail further down her throat, she stopped abruptly though as she nearly gagged herself. Coming back to reality a little she finally let her tail fall wetly from her mouth, the flesh at the end of it unfolding yet again to its normal shape.

        With Lina now laying on her back, submissively ready to take whatever Filia had to offer, the passion within Filia rose steeply. In the moonlight, with her saliva glinting off it suggestively Filia painstakingly inserted the tip of her tail into Lina, slowly she felt the tip folding onto itself as it fit snugly into Lina’s tight soaked opening. Still though the warmth now surrounding her tail had been unexpected for Filia. She bit her lip as she watched Lina’s face carefully. She too had a look of determination but she was definitely enjoying it. With no objection Filia worked another three inches into her, Lina’s enthusiastic moans accompanying the penetration. “Oh... It’s so good Gourry!” A strange dominance started to overtake Filia as she experimentally moved her tail in and out, feeling Lina contract around it in all sorts of wonderful ways. Filia moved foreword in response and was now laying on top of Lina, her pussy right above Lina’s, with her tail curved around and penetrating her. Filia propped herself up on her right hand and again moved her left hand down to her slick opening. As Filia worked her fingers in and out, a near constant flow of her juices dripped down her elegant digets, some rolling down her thighs and causing a slick contact between her and Lina, and still more dripping down onto Lina, traveling along her curves to where Filia’s juices combined with Lina’s, the two being mixed together where Filia’s tail was pumping in and out of her. Each thrust of Filia’s tail into Lina caused a wonderful wet sound, bubbles and fluid being forced out around the glistening golden tail as it penetrated into her again and again. Filia ground her chest into Lina’s and she could feel the evil presence within Lina now kicking like a baby, but that was the faintest thing on her mind. What was dominating Filia’s mind was the beautiful girl beneath her and the intense fire where she felt their skin contact. The fierce closeness they had and the surprising dominance of sensation coming from her tail slick with Lina’s pussy juices.

        Filia had her eyes tightly head shut as she felt Lina start to contract around her tail, holding her breath she pictured herself on top of Lina, against her, the way she must look with the sweat covering the two of them, pumping her tail in and out of Lina while fingering herself. She doubled up her efforts as she heard Lina gasp out, “.... there’re stars....” in a amazed voice and immediately start moaning and bucking her hips into Filia hard enough to lift her off the floor. The feeling alone, the mutual love, there was love and passion in the tent and it drove Filia over the edge. Closer then ever to Lina now there was an incredible oneness, all the air was forced from Filia in a soundless scream as she came, and she too saw stars as the incredible orgasm overtook her. It was too much, Filia rolled off Lina and in response Lina rolled onto her side and grabbed Filia, holding her tightly as they rode out the orgasm. Lina’s tight hole trapping Filia’s tail within her body as they both felt a glorious heat fill their souls.

        Like a precisely aimed dragon slave Filia felt the evil presence that had been with Lina for the past day fall apart and leave her body entirely, causing her to breath a sigh of relief and relax entirely into Lina’s arms. Happy... loved... Filia felt a lot of things she wasn’t used to and there was no motivation at all to move. That is, until she noticed that the tell-tale magical signature of the spell she had cast on Lina was gone, likely destroyed during what she could call ‘The Ultimate Healing Ritual’. The particular danger of her situation became all the more apparent as she realized there was no denying what the two of them just did, or that Lina would be able to notice that everyone just happened to be under a sleep spell.... or that Filia’s tail was still inside her and slick with her juices.

        Realizing that things might be ‘misinterpreted’ somehow Filia began to barely move away from Lina, but in response the grip on her tightened. Looking down at Lina’s head she was horrified as she saw the shorter girl start to turn up to face her. It was dark but they both knew they were face to face, “Filia.... what are you doing in my tent... naked...” There was panic, accompanied by a blush, “Ummm... just trying to help a friend out...” Lina smiled back at Filia, “Just like I thought, another dream...” With that Lina rolled away and grabbed a pillow that Filia was laying on, pulling it out from underneath her head, causing it to crash onto on the floor. Her twisting meanwhile causing Filia’s tail to bend painfully before popping out wetly, somehow not rousing Lina’s interest.

        With her moment of escape at hand Filia darted out of the tent as fast as possible, her tail hitting against one of the edges. As she got outside Filia fastened the top two buttons of the doorway and made it back to her cold tent just in time for the sun to come up, throwing the covers over herself. The fear of god had been struck into Filia by Lina waking up. Yet as that panic subsided there was just a warm, somehow empty feeling left inside her. Eventually that wistful feeling managed to lull Filia to sleep and brought a smile to her face. If only she had not forgotten her panties in Lina’s tent.


Authors Notes:

Well, I hope you enjoyed this, it was pretty fun to write. This is only the second or third fanfic (maybe fourth) that I’ve written a rough draft of in one sitting. Good for me! I don’t think it turned out bad, heck, maybe it will start a torrent of Lina x Filia lemons ;) I doubt it, but this series of fanfics is just meant for the most part to make all of these lemon pairings I don’t normally see. Anyway, you can e-mail me at the address listed at the top of this fanfic, or you can go to my web page at where I have more fanfics. Thanks for reading and have a nice day!

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