Gaav has his way with Lina

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        It finally happened, that leap from writing yuri for this series to writing straight. And what better person to make that leap with than Gaav. Let’s see, this fanfic is adult in nature, please turn back if you are under 18 years of age. And since it is Gaav x Lina you know there has got to be some discomfort, if not outright pain in that sex scene so if that freaks you out turn back as well. Other than that, this fanfic contains spoilers for the anime, notably by me specifically giving this fanfic a point in the anime, and in the next sentence where I set the scene. This fanfic takes place between episode 45 (Disclosure at Last? Xelloss’ True Form!) and the next episode 46 (No Other Choice! Set Course for Dragon Valley!). Therefore that gives Lina an introduction to Gaav and sets it in that small gap where she is aware that both him and Phibrizzo are both plotting something involving her before Gaav’s ultimate demise. It begins later that night after episode 45. I do not own Slayers and make no profit off my Fanfiction, this is being written strictly for me, a fan, and for other fans of this great series to read. Now that the disclaimer is out of the way, on with the fanfic, enjoy!

********************Authentic Snowflake Opening*********************

        Taking a step outside the Inn, Lina was surprised at how quickly the temperature had dropped. Only a few hours earlier it had been quite hot, almost unpleasant, but now, even with just the dimmest of lights shining at her back she could see wisps of her breath twisting through the air. A deep breath brought the chill of the atmosphere deep inside her, causing a few of her teeth to ache slightly. Still trying to calm herself mentally she set her face in a mask, going forward into the darkness with long strides. It wasn’t long at all before she felt it, actually she’d been feeling it all night, the unambiguous feeling of eyes. There was a certain sensation to it, and she had been feeling that anxious feeling for some time. But it was more now, undisguised pinpricks of heat trailing over her body. Whatever, whoever was watching her no longer seemed inclined to mask their voyeurism.

        She took another deep breath to steady herself, “I don’t care who you are,” She started out evenly, directing her voice in no specific direction, “…if you’re Gaav or one of his cronies.” Lina gestured widely, pointing straight out in front of her, her voice picking up confidence, but since she didn’t want to awaken her sleeping traveling companions in the Inn behind her she managed to remain relatively mute. “But I get the feeling that I’m being left out of the loop on what’s going on around here, and maybe if someone tried talking to me instead of trying to kill me, something positive might get accomplished.” Bringing her hands to her hips she nodded her head strongly.

        Inside though she was worried. A midnight meeting with Gaav was currently at the top of Lina’s list of dumb things to do before she died. Still, desperate times call for desperate measures. Hellmaster was leading her one way, and Gaav was trying to kill her for it, and Xelloss, that fruitcake had his own agenda, she was betting her life on it. Providing Gaav would talk to her instead of just killing her, she was hopeful they might come to a compromise so she wouldn’t be forced to try and fight off two of Shabranigdo’s generals simultaneously.

        The penetrating chill brought by the night air was slow to act, but Lina could feel it sinking into her bare arms and face. She resisted the temptation to hug herself tighter but still couldn’t help but wish that she had the forethought to put on something warm. Her confident image though was of the utmost importance so she ignored the temperatures and remained composed, confident, waiting. Her shoulders relaxed unconsciously as she felt the presence that had been watching her disappear. Hopefully off to fetch Gaav and not Phibrizo. She was fairly confident that it was the former though. As she understood it Phibrizo currently only had Xelloss in his service, and with him out of commission, it was likely that it was one of Gaav’s lackeys that had been trailing her.

        It was difficult but for a fleeting moment she managed to distract herself from her current situation. Mulling over Gaav’s chain of command and trying to imagine some low level Mazoku complaining about how much they hated their job of keeping tabs on her. Thinking of such things helped to keep her mind of what she was actually doing. And who she was demanding to talk to. It was impossible to distract herself for long and as such her mind came back to Gaav. His humanity may have been seen as a curse by the rest of the Mazoku hierarchy and it was that change that Lina hoped to exploit. She could see that the touch of mortality made him more vicious, more willing to take risks, and less likely to monologue. He was arrogant she admitted to herself, but not to a fault, he treated her like a threat, his level of attack at the Shrine of the Clair Bible shrine showed that…

        Again she forced herself to think of other things, pushing her mind to the mundane lest she dwell on the situation. Thinking about dinner, Amelia‘s eating habits, Martina struggling to explain her version of events at the shrine to Gourry only to be met with his own brand of stupidity. Abruptly she felt a wash of power nearly overcome her but she held upright. Lina pressed to the ground with her toes, centering herself and keeping her posture despite every natural impulse fighting to force her into convulsions. “Gaav… the Demon Dragon King…” She started even before his form had begun to materialize.

        “Lina Inverse…” The darkness took shape, wind whipping around from some invisible vortex as the whole atmosphere around her changed. In spite of the darkness, the light from the doorway was enough to make out his shape. And suddenly she was very glad for the temperature because she could feel sweat pumping to the surface of her skin. She looked up, he stood several heads taller than her and his cape completely blotted out her field of vision, not to mention that he had materialized into her comfort zone.

        Abandoning her initial tactic to remain unruffled she leapt back, her distance finally allowing her to take in his entire form. His mere presence reinforced that initial electricity in the air. There was a change in the feeling though. It was less intense now. Less, malicious. The feeling was still enough to force her muscles to tighten. Her body crying out for the command, fight or flight. Lina knew how to work through that sort of turmoil though, high stakes situations were her specialty after all. She fought through the feeling of dread and managed to come off, at least for the most part, composed. She tried to start out with some comedy to alleviate a bit of the tension.

        “Wow, you must have had someone pretty high up watching me to get here this fast, I mean, I didn’t even get my order at dinner that fast tonight.” She snickered to herself and managed to earn a little scoff from Gaav. Then she continued, “But let’s get right to the point,” She started before loosing her momentum, “… you want me dead because I’m a part of Hellmasters’ plan, problem is I don’t know what that plan is and neither do you, am I right?”

        “That’s it exactly.” That succinct little statement put Lina on edge all the more, “But I fail to see how you restating what we already know is going to help you avoid a death you seem quite eager to reach.”

        Lina managed to hold her façade together despite Gaav’s quick attitude, “I was getting to that, look, we both want to stop Hellmasters plan, so just ignore the fact that I’m a part of it for a minute, will ya?” Gaav’s expression changed, softer.

        “Go on..” He drew the words out, showing that he might be willing to listen, but it wasn’t a guarantee of anything else.

        “If we both team up together against Hellmaster he won’t have a chance. I hate being a pawn in anyone’s game and you seem to be a sensible person, Mazoku thing, so what do you say?”

        Gaav gave a short lived burst of laughter in reply, “You’re more daring than I gave you credit for… But I would never join forces with a human, even considering your skill as a sorceress, working directly with a human willingly is so far beneath me that it ought not even be considered.” He gave another decisive laugh, his face hardening, “So now that I’ve entertained whatever you had going on in that feeble human mind of yours, how are you going to convince me not to just kill you outright in your last minute alive?”

        All color drained from Lina’s face. He could do it, without even flinching, without giving her time to cast a thing. She turned slightly, knowing that there was no hope of getting help from her friends. All the lights inside save the one at the door were out. The possibility of rousing any of her group to have them come to her aid with the time she had remaining was infinitesimal at best. Her eyes began to widen even more as she realized what little time she had left was currently being wasted. She looked up to Gaav, her face openly showing her emotions without any adulteration.

        “Well…” Gaav edged out. Pulling his sword from its sheath he raised it up in one smooth movement, the leading edge of the blade mere centimeters from Lina’s nose. He continued its arc and brought it up to lay over his shoulder, tapping it against himself.

        Her fear left her as quickly as it had came. Just as it always had in these types of situations. She felt her confidence grow and her determination treble. Lina stepped foreword, slamming down her leading foot and brining up her fist, “I don’t want a part in this, any of this! I’m just doing what I can to stay one step ahead of the game before you or Hellmaster decide it‘s time for me to die. And you know what that’s like, more than any of the other Mazoku. You know what it is to be human!”

        Gaav sneered, “Human… yes, I remember bits and pieces. And what I know most of all is that life still isn’t fair. No matter what you can still be killed in a pointless war or by some wandering vagabond.” He cinched his sword in his grip and brought it foreword, pointing the edge at Lina’s heart and taking a step toward her. She gulped but held her ground as he rested the point of the blade directly on the fabric over her heart. “Therefore your point is moot, you’ve yet to make a decent argument tonight, and for that alone I might kill you, regardless of my original intentions to kill you anyway.” The smile that he finished with, illuminated ever so slightly from below, was nearly more than Lina could handle. With each beat of her heart it felt as if the sword point was driving into her chest deeper and deeper. Her brain was scrambling, forcing her to go on instinct.

        “For all you know Hellmaster might already have a replacement in mind if you kill me, it won’t solve anything!” She cried out hoping to sway his sword hand away from her chest.

        “I’ve already thought of that, but since it is you, the famous Lina Inverse that he is after, I have no doubt that your talents alone will do the job….” He pressed harder with his sword and as he expected she didn’t yield an inch. The enchanted blade edged methodically through the cloth over her chest, the pressure deforming her breast slightly to each side as she felt the breath catch in her throat.

        “I don’t want to die, that’s why I met with you tonight!” She cried out with more force than she intended and was seized by a sudden hope that their conversation might awaken some of her compatriots.

        “Yet all you accomplished was to bring yourself to deaths door that much more quickly.” He twisted the blade slightly, causing it to bite into the flesh, a stain of red coming up around it causing Lina to wince and loose half a step.

        With no time left for bargaining she decided to lay all of her cards out on the table. “You make the shots Gaav, tell me were to go, what to do, whatever you think is safe. I just want to get on with my life. Besides you never know, you might need me later. Give yourself time to figure out Hellmasters plan, I can help you.” She was drained, too much talking too fast. It was leaving her light headed, but it looked like Gaav was contemplating her logic.

        Then shook his head dismissively. “Promises, whether from a Mazoku or Human are no good… but…. If you would truly like to live a short while longer I can grant you that.” He grinned before continuing, “You did finally make a valid point while you were scrambling for an excuse to stay alive.” He pulled his sword away from Lina, to her the blade felt as if it were covered in barbs, as it pulled out it ripped at her flesh, the small wound causing more pain than she would have ever imagined, forcing her to cry out. She immediately put on a slight quirky smile though and looked up to Gaav, but his expression in the light was unreadable.

        “Thanks for your generosity.” She chuckled out weakly as she stood fully upright again. There was just the slightest bit of sarcasm there as she turned away but that smile dropped just as quickly, relief flooding her mind while her blood remained ice in her veins.

        When she heard Gaav grasp his sword tightly again though, the unmistakable sound of a swordsman going into a battle stance, she thought she was going to have a heart attack. “Nevertheless, the fact remains that you had the audacity to demand my minion to summon me this night…”

        She knew better than to keep her back to him so she turned back slowly. Sure enough he had his sword pointed right at her head, held at the maximum extension of his right arm. “Ummm… sorry about that…does it make it any better that you almost made me pee my pants just now?” Lina regretted the reflexive reply but put her hand to the back of her head to show how embarrassed she was over it, hoping to deflect the severity of the situation.

        Gaav re-sheathed his sword and dropped his guard slightly, bringing his hands down to his sides and becoming slightly less imposing as a result of it. “It really has been a long time since I had to deal with any human to this degree, centuries in fact. And you… the scent of fear… your reaction to the blade and…” He trailed off, trying to put what he was thinking into words. “You’ve managed to make me feel some things that I haven’t in a very… very…” He trailed off and Lina hoped to L-sama that he was done, but he wasn’t, “…very… long time…” And the way he smiled at the end made Lina realize without a doubt that he wasn’t talking about being constipated.

        Lina tried to laugh it off but it hardly came out as a gust of air. She took a breath and tried for some clarification, “You don’t mean that you want to… with me?” She squeaked out taking in his mammoth stature.

        Yet again Lina managed to make Gaav laugh unintentionally, “Oh, you act naive, but you know exactly what I’m talking about.” Again that smile and again Lina felt her heart race, just not in a good way.

        “But.. I…” She tried, blushing and simultaneously more afraid than when her life had been on the line, “I’ve never…”

        That piqued Gaavs’ interest, “And a virgin? This promises to be fun.” His eyes widened and he removed his hand fully from the pommel of the sword, taking a few steps forward. Lina took a slight step backward but knew better, holding her ground as she had before while Gaav reached out and set his hand gently on her shoulder. Unintentionally she turned her head to look at the point of contact. His large hand completely encompassed her shoulder, each of his fingers as thick as her wrist, and she realized he could completely encircle her throat, or tear her limb from limb with his hands. She gulped audibly causing a smile to become more pronounced to Gaav‘s face.

        “Now, to begin with you can strip off that silly outfit.” The snide remark didn’t even register with Lina. Shivering she tried to pull herself together, to meet his demand with words of her own, a witty retort, a plea, but she found she couldn’t hold the breath in her lungs. She tried again and was rewarded with a raspy gasp, her heart pounding even more loudly in her chest. Gaav could see the conflict so he made the decision for her. “You mentioned that the reason you called me out here was to ensure your survival, and I can assure you that if you don‘t do this you will be dead as quickly as I can draw my sword.”

        Her hands went to the clasp around her neck before she even had time to think about it, but she was shaking, fumbling with the locking mechanism. Impulsively she gave up and hurriedly unhooked her belt, snapping it off in one quick motion. But Gaav’s eyes showed every bit of the lust he was feeling, and none of the patience she was needing as she rushed to undress. She managed to unhook each of the broaches around her hands in turn and nervously bent over, putting them into a growing pile. She tried to fumble with her pants, it not even dawning on her to get out of her boots first. Instead she pulled the drawstring on her pants, allowing them with a little persuading to drop down around her knees then pushed them to her ankles. She managed to pull them off partway, then had so struggle to get them over the cuff of her boots. She felt his presence again pressing on her, making her move forward, she was actively trying to fight it though to force herself back to sanity before she let herself get any further.

        She whipped off one of her gloves, and with her hand now uncovered she felt a few stray tears fall wetly onto its exposed surface. She hadn’t even realized she was crying, sniffling she reached up and wiped her eyes, everything was blurry for a moment, her vision was shot with her eyes so full of tears. Her momentary pause though was rushed away as she felt more than heard Gaav clear his throat, the reverberating tone rippling through her body, reminding her of his namesake in all ways that mattered to him.

        Suddenly rushed she pulled her other glove off, tossing it to the side. Gaav nodded his head approvingly, a gesture that would have sickened Lina if she had been looking to him. She continued her stripping, reaching up untying the sash holding her shirt in place. She started unwinding the chest wrap, the lack of compression leaving her chest feeling free but just as with her gloves it was accompanied by a numbing cold. She let her body stay on autopilot, undressing as slowly as she thought Gaav would tolerate while she struggled to fight off her consuming fear.

        Gaav for his part was enjoying the show. That was until Lina started to develop a bit of backbone. Fighting against the oppressive feeling Gaav generated she managed to halt her roaming hands. Bringing an end to the strip tease. Already she was hyperventilating, standing unsteadily in just her boots, underwear, and shit, complete with mantle. Slowly she moved her arms to her chest, steadying herself. Starting to feel defiant in the face of death again before he cut into her with his words again. “You’re not done yet…” It shocked her, it was more commanding but it had a different edge, he’d been affected by the strip tease more than she had expected him to be. Resisting the temptation of pointing with his sword he instead brought his hand up and motioned to her shirt and panties, “You still have to remove those before you can serve me properly…”

        “But…!” Lina tried with as much force as she could. Using the control she had regained in an attempt to sway him.

        Calmly Gaav lowered his hand to the sword hilt, grasping it tightly enough for Lina to hear. “If I so much as hear one more objection out of you, I will give you a reply with the swing of my blade…” With his other hand he reached forward and cupped her face, pulling it so that her eyes would meet his shining orbs, “Understood?”

        Gaav had an overwhelming visage. His face was massive, large bushy eyebrows, black by the weak moonlight framed deep eyes, she felt a different power there, something else that could force her onward. In response Lina managed a timid “Um.. Hum..” Biting her tongue to hold back a retort that had sprung to her mind on reflex. Her instinct to live was very strong, forcing her hands down to the thin bands around her hips and forcing her to push her panties down around her ankles and to step out of them. Looking down at herself she didn’t notice Gaavs movement until his hand caught her wrist, pulling it away firmly but slowly. “Ughnn..” She cried out lightly at the violation as he grabbed her other hand and pulled it away as well, giving him access to her.

        “Very nice…” He trailed off, sounding more human than ever. He released his hold on her but she was reluctant to cover her privates. The lingering feeling of his touch on her wrists causing a strange tingle to spread to her hands, the true fear of the situation being intensified by the action. “Now…” He pointed intoning to her shirt. Ironically enough this was the hardest part for her, her chest had always been a sore spot…. She tried to block out what was happening but was failing worse than before. So, again she froze. Fleetingly the thought crossed Lina’s mind to run, but she knew she wouldn’t make it far. This wasn’t just anyone, just one of Gaav’s attacks, physical, astral, magical, anything from him would be enough to finish her off, and he could do it without batting an eye.

        The temperatures caused her nipples to harden painfully and she could no longer resist hugging herself for warmth. Seeing her reluctance to strip he did something unexpected, he reached to his side for his sword and unclasped it, sitting it down next to his feet. Next he reached forward almost gently, putting his hand again on her shoulder, then faster than her eyes could follow he yanked downward, tearing her shirt open along the middle. The sudden contact of the air, the brutality of it. She swooned and again her mind tried to provoke her to run. But with the most wicked of smiles on his face she watched him pull open the trench coat and lower his pants just enough to free himself.

        And there it was.

        He was already apparently quite ready to go as his erection stood fully at attention, but the size. The mug that she had drank from that evening could not contain it in terms of girth, let alone length. Its scale dwarfing her petite forearm by all levels of comparison.
“I.. don’t.. think it will fit…” She dared say despite his previous threat. Again she managed to incite a laugh from the Mazoku lord.

        “Don’t worry, unlike you this is not my first conquest, it has fit in the past just as it will fit into you tonight, though I must confess most women do not find their first experience with me to be a pleasant one ….” He gave another deep laugh, “…and you will likely be in need of a healers talents when we are through.“ Giving his words a second to sink in and watching her eyes widen he took a few steps back and sat down on a rock wall bordering some gardens behind the inn. For him it was uncomfortable, his knees bent with his hips lower than the peak of his knees, but for anyone else it would have been relatively high, with their feet dangling by comparison. He motioned for Lina to come forward, and hesitantly she took a few steps, crossing the distance in twice as many as Gaav had taken.

        “I…” Lina started off flustered, his girth sticking straight into the air, “Please…” She tried again, afraid to finish her thought out of retaliation and trying her best to convey her hope for an alternate resolution. Finally Gaav had enough, he tossed his mane behind his back and bent forward, reaching out and grabbing Lina. “Ehh!” She cried out feeling his strong hands encircle her midsection. His fingers joined easily behind her back and his thumbs remained touching at her stomach as he lifted her partially clothed body up, holding her directly above his member.

        “This’ll make it easier on you, trust me.” His arms were not shaking in the slightest, Lina’s weight was hardly noticeable to him as he brought her slightly squirming body to his face. The gentle smell of her sex wafted along the wind to his nostrils and he took a moment to savor the smell. It had been quite some time. Then he pulled her more closely to his face, sticking out his tongue and dragging it gently over her opening. She shuddered, but more from the invading contact than anything, the cold multiplying the discomfort. Undaunted Gaav repeated his efforts, this time taking care to make the contact more than superficial, dragging his tongue over her sex and probing gently with it. He was rewarded with a change in texture beneath the furry mat and a hint of her juices.

        Keeping up his attention he continued to caress his tongue up and down her opening, occasionally using its length to penetrate into her somewhat deeply. It was messy but he wanted to be sure that she had sufficient lubrication to last the whole session. His saliva combined with her meager juices were running all down his face and finally he was rewarded with a slight sucking sound from her privates, he pulled away “Finally…it‘s time…” He sighed out, his face feeling slightly chapped from rubbing against her bristly hair.

        Ashamed Lina felt him break his contact. Her fist time…. And with Gaav. Fearful and heady she tried to look away, afraid of what was to come. She was however thankful that the chill had dissipated, and she was finally starting to warm up despite her lack of attire. She looked skyward, her breath still leaving trails of mist behind it, illuminated by the full moonlight now peaking out from behind the clouds. She felt herself being lowered but tried not to think about it, keeping her head arched back as much as her neck would let her, gazing to the stars. Letting her hands hang limply at her sides, trying to block it out and just go with it. Then, she turned her gaze downward abruptly.

        Gaav had lowered her sex down on top of his member. Her eyes widened and she tried to make a coherent sound but it died in her throat as she felt herself start to be impaled on his erection. The tip of the bulbous head went in fine, deforming to fit into her opening. But as it went it become less elastic, more rigid. There was a slight resistance, not from inside, that was gone long ago, but from her opening, it was stretching. She looked up, searching Gaavs face but his gaze was downward leaving her to look at his flowing hair trailing over most of his body from her aerial view. He was watching their shared connection. She felt some of his strength holding her up fade and as a result she felt herself slipping down.

        Frantically she brought her arms to his hands, holding them as if they would hold her up away from the invading member. That brought his attention back to her, but that fire, desire, it was more encompassing now, strangely the authoritative feeling was gone but she knew better than to say anything. She again directed her gaze downward letting out an occasional mewling sound as she was penetrated. Only a small amount of him was inside of her but it was stretching her unbelievably and she had yet to reach the thickest parts of him.

        “Brace yourself sorceress…” Again, falling, she felt it pressing into her more and harder. He was just steadying her now, all of her weight pressing on his member. She held there for a moment, back arched, unmoving. Then she felt herself sliding down his shaft ever so slowly. She made gasping halting sounds as she slipped a little bit then a stop, then a little more. There was a new wetness now too, she reached down panicked and was surprised Gaav let her. Bringing her hand back to her face the taste of iron let her know how badly she was bleeding. She could feel herself tearing right where her body opened to him. She could feel every increment of him pressing into her, her body barely able to take his girth.

        Finally after several minutes of heavy breathing and her consciousness seemingly threatening to fail she felt him hit some sort of block. Looking down she found she barely had a third of him within her. “Looks like that’s it for now, we’ll work on the rest as we go….” His hands tightened and just as before panic gripped her. Slowly she felt herself being pulled upward, an unnatural feeling pulling at her insides, every organ within her being simultaneously pulled down as he pulled his member out. Then all at once he forced himself back in, the pressure exerted on her diaphragm forcing the air out of her lungs and nearly causing her to heave, the movement causing her shoulder guards to jingle loudly.

        “Hold your breath, it will make it more tolerable.” Gaav offered without even looking up as he repeated the process. It was strange to say the least and Lina doubted very much that sex was supposed to be anything like this. Her eyes watered as he pounded back in and she felt her full stomach shift to accommodate. She looked down, his shaft glistening with blood in the light and he pulled out of her all over again. She felt her tummy cave a little as her body managed to secure an exceptionally good vacuum for the moment before popping back out. She tried to distract herself and analyze it, how strange it was that the look of his cock bulging out her stomach excited her on some visceral level before she again felt the horrifying lurching of her insides as he violated her.

        Lina’s eyes widened as she felt him spin her around on his member, facing her away from him. Switching and tightening his grip to simultaneously control her movement with a hand under her thigh and the other holding her hands steadfast behind her back. Lina felt his grip tighten and knew that things were coming to a head, he had been moving faster and she had become accustom to his size as much as humanly possible, but he was starting to fight to get more of his length inside her. So with a determined pull he dropped her onto his rod fully. Her eyes widened as she felt something within her shift and screamed, the finality of the vocalization punctuated by a croaking sound as he forced the air from her lungs. “Almost…” She heard Gaav groan out as he lifted her and drove her down yet again, this time harder than before.

        There was a feeling of… it was hard for her to explain, kind of like when he had first entered her, like when her lips were first forced around his enormous head, except this time deep inside her, and it hurt more. She bit her lip but cried out anyway feeling him go deeper inside her than ever before, nearly to the halfway point. This time when he pulled away she felt that same part deep inside her pull with him, it wasn’t letting go. Pain, she cried out again as he drove into her just as hard, and again, and… she felt his grip tighten.

        Hot, wet, she could feel it inside her, all at once he came into her, grunting and bucking and suddenly unable to control his strength she was grateful all at once when he let go of her, grabbing the rocks of the wall he was sitting on with giant force, crushing them to rubble while leaving Lina to sit fully on his member unassisted. Still grunting she felt herself become flush, as the heat was spreading out from where they were connected. But her balance started to fail and she could feel that she might fall, she dropped down her legs, putting them on Gaav’s own thighs and tried to stand up. But there was no way she could fully extend her legs, their connection was too secure. Crouched over she tried to stand again.

        Gaav for his part seemed to be oblivious to her attempts to separate them from one another, making groaning sounds while leaning back into a wall of shrubbery in the garden. She managed to get her footing, firmly planted in the squatting position she lifted with all the might her thigh muscles would provide. Then suddenly she felt him pop out of her deeper recesses’ and she could feel him sliding out. It was difficult even assisted by her leg muscles to pull away from him, as if it were never ending, tugging at her deepest parts. Finally though he popped out. And a torrent of hot liquid ran down both of her legs, pooling at her feet.

        Lina grunted with exertion and managed to take a few steps before hopping off Gaav. She was tempted to sit on the wall for a moment before finally giving in an laying down on it, her body throbbing almost pleasantly from the abuse, the only thing that prevented her from falling into slumber from exhaustion was the deep pain between her legs. With her legs together she could feel the torn flesh, irritated and pained. But with them apart there was the unpleasant sensation of wetness and openness, she wasn’t sure if it was from her imagination, her mind didn’t want to check, but she felt as open as she had been when Gaav had been inside her. Only a few moments later though she heard Gaav stand. Cracking an eye, she was too frayed and traumatized to fear what might happen. Gaav instead shot her a snide smirk, “I must admit there is something special about you. But even with the payment I just took, you should feel lucky to be alive.” He pulled up his pants and smoothed out his coat, “Until we meet again.”

        With that his form shimmered out of existence leaving her drained, cold, wet, and naked. Carefully she tossed her feet over the edge of the rock wall and dropped down. The drop off the wall jostling her insides causing a new torrent of liquid to pour out of her. Unable to hold in the tears any longer she started sobbing, her emotions building until she was crying openly. Semen and blood ran down her legs to the ground and the polluted mixture was soon joined by a few spattering tear drops. Her tears mixed with her shame by the moonlight, finally it was too much, “I should have been a waitress!“ She called out to the sky in anguish before collapsing to her knees in the gathering pool of filth.



RVincent’s Authors Notes:

        This fanfic was based off a picture. My girlfriend basically drew the picture and I had agreed that if she drew anything I would write a fanfic about it, and well, it was Lina x Gaav so…. I opted to tack it onto my ‘______ has His/Her way with Lina’ series even though it doesn’t really have any of the elements of those other stories (I.e., Gaav is a man, Lina is conscious, etc.) But still I think it turned out better than I expected though not my best work. Anyway, the original ending had Lina kind of dismiss what had happened saying something like ‘Well, that didn’t work out like I thought it would’ but again my Girlfriend thought that Lina should be traumatized and crying and such so that accounts for the current ending. Usually a fanfic might take a few years to write but this one went quick thanks to inspiration so it was only a work in progress for about 1 month. If there is no picture within the fanfic it should be between the 6th and 5th to last paragraphs and I’m sure if you go to my site the version there will have the picture appropriately placed within the fanfic. So, thanks for reading this far, if you want to e-mail me my address is at the top of this fanfic. If you would like to read any of my other works please visit 

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