Team Rocket Messes up Again


        Insert standard disclaimer here, these characters are not mine and this is being distributed freely so please don’t sue me. This is a lemon fic, that means there is sex, so if your under 18 or don’t like this kind of stuff don’t read it. More specifically it contains sex between pokémon and humans and if you don't like that sort of thing stop reading now. I guess that's it, thank you and Begin!


        Ash, Misty, and Brock are all sleeping in the forest. A beautiful full moon looms above, flooding the clearing where they are sleeping with a sort of ethereal light.  All is quiet except the inconsistent chirping of crickets in the distance. Everyone is cuddled up in their sleeping bags, innocent, serene, calm. No one is aware of what is about to happen.

        Disturbing this picture of utter peacefulness we see Team Rocket sneaking out of the edge of the woods nearby. Meowth comes out at the front, followed by James, with Jessie taking up the rear.

James: "I still don’t get this plan, it doesn’t make sense."
Jessie: "Of course it doesn’t make sense to you, but to a person of my intelligence it's plain, simple, and straight to the point."
Meowth: "I still don’t like this idea, you're not pokémon so you don’t realize what your doing."
Jessie: "Of course we do Meowth. First we replace Ash’s pokémon potions with the stimulant then we run for cover and when the pokémon start to leave to mate we pick them off for our selves, one by one they’ll come and we’ll catch em’ all."
James: "Yeah that does sort of sound simple but are you sure it will work?"
Jessie: "Be quiet you!"

        In the basic spirit of Team Rocket, Jessie bashes James painfully over the head, which results in him falling down, and Meowth face faulting. The noise they make nearly wakes up the weary travelers sleeping near by, foiling Team Rockets plans one step early. As fate would have it though, no one work up allowing Team Rocket to continue with their suspicious work.

        The now incapacitated James is dragged by Jessie toward their final target, Misty’s backpack, where they believe all of Ash’s potions reside. They reach the sleeping trio with no further disruptions. For a moment they stand and stare at one of their worst enemies, sleeping without a care in the world, with no way of knowing what is about to happen.

        The embers in the fire are glowing a dull orange and the wind begins to slightly pick up. The clouds begin to move over the moon creating a picturesque impression of evil. All goes quite as Team Rocket prepares for the final implementation of their plan. We see them fumbling through a sack that they had apparently pulled out of nowhere and after several minutes Meowth pops out with a triumphant look on his face. In his paws he has a bottle of what could have easily been mistaken for super potion, except for one thing, the color.  It was like flowing mercury, even thought it couldn’t be moving much inside the bottle. They began their work by looking all around the campsite for something, they found it. A bottle of super potion.

James: "Why don’t we just replace this super potion with this bottle we got?"
Jessie: "Because you idiot this looks nothing like super potion, and besides it's concentrated, we wouldn’t want the effects to be super powerful now would we?"
James: "Why not?"
Jessie: "Because we just wouldn’t!  So stop yapping and help me."

        After some fumbling around in the night they finally had the cap off the super potion. They added one, two, three drops to the potion with no visible affects. Then they recapped the potion. Then they began searching for some more pokémon healing concoctions to pervert. After several minutes they had them laying all over the ground in disarray, every thing you could imagine. But just as they were about to start altering these potions as well James slipped on a bottle and fell backwards onto Misty.  Despite this she woke up slowly and looked at the young man currently laying on her sleeping bag with his hand on her breast. Recognizing who it was she promptly started screaming and beating him with her backpack. This woke everyone up.

Ash: "Huh.....wha..."
Brock: "What’s going on here!?"
Misty: "I don’t know, one thing I’m sleeping, and the next this 'thing' is laying on me!"
Jessie: "Look what you did James! This is all your fault."
James: "Its not my fault someone put a bottle there."
Ash: "I’ve had enough of this Pikachu go get them"
"Pika Pika Chuuuuuuuu!"

        The time worn scene of Team Rocket getting fried by an irate Pikachu is re-played once again with the predictable result of them running like crazy. The gang begins to collect themselves and took a moment to survey the scene before them, bottles scattered everywhere, but otherwise everything looked okay.

Brock: "Ash, it looks like they were after our pokémon medicine."
Ash: "Yeah but me and Pikachu stopped them, right Pikachu?"
"Pi pika pi!"
Misty: "Well I’m the one that woke you up, if I hadn’t you would have slept through the whole thing!"
Ash: "Umm... I was awake we were just waiting for the right time to do something."
Misty: "Sure you were Ash."
Brock: "I don’t think that they'll be back tonight but we should just stay up, the sun should be up soon don’t you think?"
Ash: "Yeah maybe a half hour or so."

        Cleaning up the camp site took almost an hour and by the time they were done the sun was well on its way into the sky. Although the morning started differently, the day went as they usually did.  They traveled and traveled and appeared to be going in random directions most of the time. They took a break by the lake around noon, cooking food and swimming in the cool water. Ash and Misty had a water fight, she used Staru and Ash used Squirtle, it lasted almost a half an hour and neither pokémon was hurt but everyone and everything within 500 feet of the lake was soaked to the bone.  Ash swore the water level of the lake must have dropped by more then a foot and with Ash and Misty in the middle of it, they were the only ones that were as wet as their pokémon. Actually Ash and Misty were wetter then their pokémon because they lacked the special water repellent skin their pokémon possessed. Imagine a half an hour being blasted with the pressure of a fire hose, needless to say they were very cold, and very soaked even though the temperature outside was more then 80 degrees. 

        After Ash got back to dry land he decides to call out Charmander to light a fire, and after a little over an hour Ash and Misty were totally dry. Meanwhile Charmander had wondered off into the forest while his trainer got dry. He came to a small stream that fed into the lake and began lapping up the water. After his thirst was quenched he started heading back but on his way back he ran into a human. This human male had pokéballs and therefore Charmander thought that he must be a trainer. His suspicions were confirmed.

Trainer: "Oh wow, it's a Charmander, it would be so cool..... if I caught it!"
"Char?" -  "Huh?"
Trainer: "Seal go!"

        Seal appeared on the battle field in a brilliant flash of light. Charmander is instantly worried, but collected as he went through the scenario, 'That’s a water pokémon, I don’t do well against water pokémon but maybe it's weak, I got to get back to Ash'. However Seal’s thoughts were more scattered and they ran along the lines of 'food, food, I’m outside, food, give me attention'.

Trainer: "Seal use take down!"
"Seal Seal" - (seal gets not translation, he's stupid)

        The tension in Charmander went away, 'what kind of stupid trainer would do this instead of a water attack'. Charmander easily sidesteps and launches a flame thrower in Seal's general direction instantly sending the low-level water pokémon to a fiery doom.

Trainer: "Seal return, oh your a crafty one Charmander.  You're supposed to be weak against water pokémon!"
"Char, char, Charmander!" - "That’s only because they use water attacks!"
Trainer: "Beedrill go!"

        Charmander beat Beedrill and the three pokémon that followed it, his experience overcame their numbers after the defeat of the trainers final pokémon, a Pikachu, the trainer ran for his life.  The manual never covered what to do if a wild pokémon defeated all of your pokémon.  He was pretty sure it might be angry. But now Charmander was worn out and hurt to a great extent, but he persevered and made it back to the temporary camp just as his master finished drying off.

Ash: "Charmander what happened to you!? Who did this to you?!"
Brock: "I’ll get the super potion"
Ash: "Charmander you're going to be alright, you hear me!"
"Char, charrrrrr....." - (He uhhh... kind of slurred that one... I'm not sure what he said... sorry..)

        With that last pathetic sound Charmander passed from the world of consciousness. Ash quickly realized that one of his pokémon was near death and in desperation took the top off the super potion and upended it over the fallen Charmander. Now all he could do was wait. It would be nearly ten hours before Charmander woke from his slumber and in that time several things happened. Ash went from scared, to upset, back to scared, and finally settled on nervous. Misty was also saddened, she kept a watchful eye on Charmander from the moment he passed out and refused to eat or sleep. Brock tried to explain to Ash that Charmander would be alright and that this kind of thing happens, that pokémon get hurt and get better. During this time many things also happened to Charmander. First and foremost the super potion was doing its job, infusing his muscles and skin with its healing energy, revitalizing him. Secondly the additive that Team Rocket added was doing its job as well. Team Rocket’s plan was to stimulate the pokémon to want to mate.  With the goal of making them leave/sneak away to find suitable partners, but Ash had used the full container, not the recommended third or so of it, effectively tripling Charmander’s dose. So while he slept he got hornier and hornier. As day turned into night and night began to drag on sleeping arrangements were made, Ash, Pikachu, and Brock slept on one side of the fire with Misty and Charmander on the other side.

        It was black out, the moon was covered in a blanket of clouds, blotting it out. Embers glowed brightly in the fire and Charmander’s tail burned strongly, and all was silent for some time. Gently at first, a sound started that was not unlike whimpering. It soon became apparent the noise was originating from Charmander, he was, as it sounded, in pain. Movement became clear under the covers, and in the darkness that’s saying a lot. It was Charmander, he was moving and his movement was waking Misty from her sleep. When Misty awoke she threw back the covers expecting for Team Rocket to be there for the second night in a row. What she saw totally shocked her, a very horny Charmander desperately hoping for release by her leg. She stifled a gasp.......'what should I do, what should I do?' she thought to herself.

        Presented with her current dilemma Misty started running things over in her mind. 'What do I know about pokémon mating habits?' she thought to herself. 'Damn I wish Brock were awake, where is a future breeder when you need one! Ok, calm down Misty think think lets see I’m laying here in the dark with a horny Charmander fucking my leg like a dog what am I supposed to think? Maybe I can wake Ash and Brock up, no I can't do that, this too embarrassing!' Misty looks down at Charmander, his face is shadowed by the glow of his tail, it is obvious he is suffering. 'Well it looks like he’s not enjoying this much either, how pathetic. I’ve heard of people having sex with pokémon... but I thought they were lying... but I am sort of getting turned on by this.....' Suddenly an idea struck Misty.

Misty: "Charmander?"

    Charmander does not notice her and keeps humping her leg.

Misty: "Charmander!"

        Although she wasn't a whole lot louder, she was loud enough to where she could have easily woke most normal people, but Brock and Ash slept on to her relief. Misty decided that this was having no effect so she slowly reached down and put her hand on Charmander's nose. Charmander made the equivalent of a yelp and jumped back. He had done something very bad he told himself, very, very, bad, they would never forgive him.  They would beat him and he would deserve it, and after they trusted him he broke that trust. It was then that Charmander started crying, it was really a sad sight because he was looking so heart broken and alone and even though Misty may have held some anger for this cute little creature she sat up and hugged him.  Now Misty was crying too and they just sat there and held each other. After a couple minutes Misty gathered her resolve and stood up.

Misty: "Charmander, I don’t know what’s gotten into you but you were way out of line with what you did."
"Char char mander char" - "I am so sorry.  I’m sorry, hit me.  I deserve it, please.."
Misty: "But even though you did something like that I can't blame you.  From the look on your face I know that you didn’t want to do it, so I’m going to help you out."

        Charmander was looking at Misty puzzled, she just pointed down at him?  He followed her gaze downward. She was looking at his member! Charmander was happy but also confused, he wasn’t sure if she wanted to hurt it or him or whatever. So when she grabbed a blanket and motioned for him to follow he followed it, whatever was going to happen was his fault anyway. Eventually they arrived at a clearing some distance away from where they had originally been. Misty spread out the blanket and proceeded to strip, Charmander was blown away, he had always been attracted to humans mainly because he was around many more humans then pokémon his entire life. As Misty finished she sat down in the middle of the blanket Indian style and motioned for Charmander.

"Char?" - "What’s going on?"
Misty: "Just get over here"

        Charmander slowly moves toward Misty, half afraid and with a mix of desires. When he reaches her Misty immediately starts to feel up his body. She puts her hands to his sides and runs them up and down his flanks.  Her hands move around to his backside and massage his buttocks, slowly and sensually she slowly trails her hands over every part of his tight, firm body, occasionally dipping a few of her fingers into her woman hood. Then without hesitation she moves her head down sucks in the full seven inches of Charmander’s member. Charmanders head rolls back on his shoulders from the feeling but being unfamiliar with oral sex a thought hit him, 'she’s going to bite it off!' Quickly he pulls his small body back, which in turn pulls Misty foreword.  Her mouth being where it is causes some pressure which is interpreted by Charmander to be her trying to bite his dick off.

"Char Char Charmander Char Mander Char." - "Why are you trying to bite my dick off, I know I did something bad but it wasn’t that bad. I’m sorry."

        Misty who can hardly understand Charmander understands from the hand motions and pitch of his voice that she just made a big mistake.

Misty: "Oh my god!  I tried to rape poor Charmander!"

        She promptly broke down in tears which further confused Charmander. 'Shouldn’t I be the one sad, I mean if she pushed me I would have let her bite my dick off, I sort of deserved it' he thought to himself. Regardless of whatever just transpired Charmander still goes over to check on his masters friend.  He utters soft cooing noises while holding her to calm her down.

Misty: "I’m sorry Charmander.  I thought that that’s what you needed, I guess I was wrong, I thought that you wanted to have sex with me."

        Embarrassed, Misty turns around on her knees and starts gathering up her clothes, her butt right at chest level to Charmander. In Charmander's brain the gears started turning again, 'she said something about sex I think and me, hold on, that means, she and me ohhhh...' Once Charmander realized this he got a grip on Misty’s hips with his short arms and attempts to mount her ass.  However the attempt fails and he claws her cheeks and falls on his back, burning a small hole in the corner of the blanker with his tail before he gets back up. Misty quickly turns around wondering what the hell is going on. 

        But the second she gets within range Charmander starts to lick her face. Misty was ecstatic, Charmander really did want to have sex with her. Charmander’s thoughts went along the lines of 'I have a life partner'. Regardless of motive the both of them were ready to go for sex right now. The pain in her ass forgotten Misty reaches down and starts to jerk off Charmander’s slippery member, after she thought that he is significantly worked up she bends down like earlier and starts to suck him. This time Charmander does not pull away, he simply sits there and enjoys the attention. In Misty’s mind she is trying to recall something that she heard once, something about a Charmander’s cum. 'That’s it' she thought to herself, 'a female Charmander’s 'juices' are toxic, I hope that his isn’t'. 

        After three or so minutes Charmander starts to clench his ass cheeks and like a dam that burst his dick starts blasting ribbons of thick gray cum all in Misty’s mouth, in fact so much was coming out so fast that she had to quickly pull away in order to avoid drowning. Streams of the stuff cover her face and her firm excited nipples and breasts. Instantly she started to feel sick so she quickly turned around to vomit, but the movement made her start to black out, bracing her body with her hands and getting up on her knees she begins to puke the unctuous stuff up. She lurches foreword landing on her shoulders with her ass raised in the air over her knees, vomit oozes out of the sides of her mouth as her eyes stare blankly into the blackness of the forest, then shut.

"Char Char Mander?" - "Hey, are you ok?"

        Getting no response he looked her over slowly, the claw marks he left earlier on her hind quarters had left little streaks of blood but from behind he could see nothing wrong. Now though he was horney again, his little red member started to once again emerge from its sheath. 'She wanted to have sex so she shouldn’t mind' he thought. He stepped onto the heels of her feet and grabbed her butt cheeks and finally positioned his fire rod at her anus. Slowly with pleasure akin to agony he began to ease it in, if she were conscious she would have been in pain but she was not, and only a thin stream of blood bore mute testimony to the pain she would be in. In and out and out and in he went developing a very solid rhythm. With every thrust he yelled.

"Char, char, char, char!"

        Like a mantra until with one final yowl he emptied what must have seemed like gallons of the gray runny fluid into Misty’s used and abused body. Charmander lost his grip on her body and fell on his back spasming every which way, cum shot every where, in the air on Charmander and especially on Misty. With the last of his load spent Charmander let sweet sleep claim his body.

        It wasn’t till morning that Misty woke up from her most disturbing nap. She coughed a little bit, hacking up the last remnants Charmander’s seed. The painful ache in her butt caused her to reach down and pull back a handful of blood and semen. She slowly turned around afraid of what she would see and was semi relieved to see only Charmander, Charmander soaked in his own cum, she was soaked in it too? 'We must have had a fun night' she thought.

Misty: "I gotta hurry up and get cleaned up or Ash and Brock will know I’m gone."

        Misty hastily ran toward the lake so that she could take a bath, she took her clothes and the towel with her to destroy the evidence. Misty’s sudden departure and the fact that she took what he was sleeping on caused Charmander to wake up. He was confused that Misty had left without him so not knowing what to do he went back to camp to see Ash. Poor Charmander could not bathe on its own because one false move and some stray water could put its tail out. So he went back to camp covered in cum and not a bit happy with the feel of it. When he arrived at the camp Ash and Brock were still asleep and Misty was nowhere in sight.  This enforced Charmanders hunch that she had left him and at the thought of this he started to cry. With tears in his eyes he tried to keep a positive perspective so he headed over toward Ash. Pikachu was near by but he didn’t want to talk to the rat, he got enough attention. Charmander headed straight to Ash.

"Char Char Charmander!" - "Hey wake up Ash!"

        Ash must have been a light sleeper or about ready to wake up anyway because that was all he needed to start to groan and sit up.

"Charmander!" - "Yay, Ash is awake!"
Ash: "Charmander!"

    Ash catches Charmander in a hug but pulls back.

Ash: "Ewww...... Charmander what did you get into?"

        Ash sits there moving his fingers every which way looking at the stuff attached to his fingers with disgusted curiosity. He looks at Charmander and notices that he’s covered in the grayish stuff. Ash points at the stuff....

Ash "What is this Charmander?"
"Char Char Charchar Charmander" - "Misty mated with me and I haven’t cleaned up."

        Ash stared blankly at Charmander unsure of what he heard, finally deciding to write it off, him not understanding the language. Ash still decided that he would have to wash Charmander off, so he and Charmander headed down toward the lake. Upon arriving at the lake Ash and Charmander noticed Misty swimming around in the lake wearing only her undergarments.

Ash: "Hey Misty!"

        Up on hearing this Misty seemed to be so stunned that she nearly drowned on the spot. She began a slow dog paddle and looked toward the shore where Ash and Charmander stood. She looked at them uneasily wondering what they would say.

Misty: "Hey Ash!"
Ash: "Why didn’t you wake me up when you left?"
Misty: "It was still early."
"Char Charmander Char." - "Hello my life mate!"
Ash: "I think something is wrong with Charmander, he’s acting strange today, when did he wake up?"
Misty: "Ummm... A little after I did I guess he was still sleeping when I left."
"Charmander Charmander" - "You woke up before me but you weren’t at the camp site."
Ash: "Uh Misty, Charmander says that you weren’t at the camp site."
"Char" - "Yeah"
Misty: "I was to, Charmander must be mistaken."
"Charmander Char Char" - "And we mated too!"
Ash: "Quit lying Charmander"
Misty: "What’s he saying?"
Ash: "Well uh, he’s uh saying that uhh... mated..."
Misty: "Well HE’s LYING!!!"
"Char Char Char Char Mander!" - "Your lying, we mated with each other and your my lifemate!"
Ash: "Jeze Misty you don't have to get so defensive.  I just came down here to wash off Charmander so lets drop it you two. I know you two did'nt have sex I mean your not some weird pervo or anything, right?"

        Ash, Misty, and Charmander continued their business in complete silence. Ash would wipe Charmander with a cloth and periodically rinse it in the water, methodically cleaning him while Misty swam around in circles. Misty left soon after the duo arrived saying that she was heading back to camp. Ash had some time to think after Misty left, after all cleaning Charmander with a towel took awhile.  'Could Charmander have been telling the truth?' he thought to himself. He didn’t think that she would do something like that but he did remember the time he caught her reading that hentai magazine with the girl getting screwed by a Rapidash. While Ash was lost in thought Charmander kept following the road of depression, he was dwelling on the fact that Misty denied there relationship and then she denied them even having sex. So with their minds burdened with questions they headed back to camp.

        By the time they had gotten back Brock was wide awake and cooking breakfast.  The fact that this had been set up as a temporary camp was evident, everything had already been packed up except for a sleeping bag and the cooking gear. Breakfast went uneventfully except for the fact that Charmander was not yet in his pokéball like he would normally be and he kept passing longing stares at Misty. When Breakfast was over, at Misty’s request, Ash attempted to put Charmander back into the pokéball.

Ash: "Ok Charmander back in the pokéball."
"Char Charmander Char Char?" - "Pikachu doesn’t have to stay in the pokéball so can I stay out at least for a little while?"
Ash: "I guess so."
Misty: "You cant let him stay out it's wrong."
Ash: "You never complain when I leave Pikachu out."
Misty: "Well this is different!"
Ash: "How?"
Misty: "It just is!"
Ash: "Well I’m not making Charmander stay in that cramped up pokéball right Charmander?"
"Char" - "Right!"

        Together the group headed off down the road. In Ash’s mind something seemed suspicious with the way Misty was acting, there was something strange going on between her and Charmander. Misty just hoped what happened stayed a secret. Pikachu was happy :) Brock was Brock :) And Charmander had a lifemate or so he thought.



        Hey it's me, the author, RVincent, I wrote this fanfic in one day and it took hours. I got the idea from a picture of Charmander having sex with Misty. I’m sorry if I misused anything or made any mistakes I did this all at once and my pokémon game isn’t working so I couldn’t double check spellings of names and potions and stuff, I may do some follow ups to this if I get positive feed back and this is the first fanfic that I’ve completed so be gentle. You can e-mail me at In this fanfic I made it so that Ash could understand Charmander really well and Charmander could understand Ash but Charmander could not understand Misty really well because she was not his master and Misty only had a vague idea of what Charmander was trying to communicate. Charmander's attitude of fear was decided upon by the fact that he had a bad trainer prior to Ash so I just made the assumption that such a bad trainer might beat his pokémon thus making Charmander nervous and likely to worry about being beaten. Charmander referring to Misty as his life mate is done because in my belief pokémon do not have casual sex and intend to stay with who they have sex with forever. One final thing that I want to clarify is that Charmander's cum is not poisonous in this story and that Misty passes out because of the pressure which it is fired with which causes her to momentarily drown and the lack of oxygen makes her pass out. Oh well that’s enough rambling for now see ya!  My website is at just in case you were wondering.

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