Lina’s Shortened Vacation


(I can't believe it's done...)

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                Hey hey hey, it’s me, the author, RVincent. I just wanted to warn you that this fanfic contains lemon scenes <Gasp!>, so read at your own risk, but only if you’re not under 18 to begin with. Also, I do not own the characters in this story nor do I claim to, I’m making no profit off this story, it is purely a work of fandom. The Slayers are copyright of their respective copyright holders. You can re-distribute this as you wish as long as it is not altered, and you give credit where credit is due, and don’t put it on any pay sites!  You leaching bastards, I know where you live, charging admission to see fanfiction, you should be ashamed of yourselves!!!  Usually spoken text is in quotation marks like it should be, but Lina’s thoughts are shown in different ways, one being within ~thought~ marks, I don’t know, but you should be able to tell them apart hopefully.  It’s written partly from her perspective so occasionally her thoughts cross over into the authors rambling. A little note about my writing style, this shows though more in this fic then any of my others. I have a very ‘mechanical’ style, if I want you to take notice of something more I might make the sentence confusing so you have to re-read it, I might make the sentence stand alone, I might misspell a word purposely. I try and get my point across with the actual nuts and bolts of the English language. 

"I have nothing but contempt for anyone who can spell a word only one way." --[Thomas Jefferson]

It drives some people batty, others don’t notice, but after looking though this fic I decided to keep most of my oddities, so consider this a warning. Please enjoy the fanfic and if you have any questions, comments, or even flames, you can e-mail me at the above address, now on with the fic.

(P.S. The theme song for this fanfic is REO Speedwagon’s “Can’t Fight This Feeling” if some other fanfic already took this one, we can share can’t we?)


                Lina was in the process of enjoying some well-deserved time off.  Sure bandit killing and treasure hunting didn’t get boring per say, but even Lina needed a break sometimes.  She had split from the group, but not permanently.  Lina had asked them to meet with her in the center of town later in the week.  It wasn’t a big town, it hardly even made the map, and it lacked all the feeling of the big cities Lina had gotten used to lately.  Her plans for the next few days were simple, eat, sleep, and relax.  She had paid for her hotel room three days in advance, no need to worry about that.  She also slipped the hotelkeeper a little extra money, just to keep her stay a secret.

                Lina settled in by flopping straight onto the bed, causing it to loudly creak. ~This is the life.~  She thought in bliss, Gourry, or Zel, or Amelia, and best of all, no Xelloss!~  Lina gazed up to the ceiling contemplating what to do next. She debated laying there all day, this was her vacation after all.  Well, at least that’s what she thought until she heard the tell tale grumbling of her stomach.  She giggled lightly, “I guess it’s time to eat.”  She patted her stomach with a hint of affection and moved off the bed.  Strapping her sword to her side she made a move for the door, but just as she was about to exit she remembered something.  “Almost forgot my money!”  She chided herself and moved quickly to the nightstand, and after a couple seconds of rooting around underneath it produced a small bag of coins. With no further complications in sight she went out in search of a good meal.

                The setting sun created a dramatic background.  This was made all the more inspiring with Lina's cape billowing gracefully somehow, even in the subtle wind.  But the walk itself was uneventful.  The place she chose to eat was only a short walk from the inn, her hunger kicking in and forcing her to stop before checking out many places.  Immediately upon entering something was off, unlike most of the times she walked into a place no one stopped eating to start starring.  Maybe this was due to the absence of the regular group of conspicuous individuals.  Not used to the lack of attention Lina slowly walked over to an empty booth and took a seat, almost tempted to make a scene after getting so used to the lime light lately.

                After the waiter took one of her ‘usual’ orders she settled in with a smug expression on her face. ~ Wow, a whole meal all to myself...~  Already shifting in her seat from anticipation she tried to take her mind off the bounty to come.  During her travels she had become a fairly accurate judge of character by looking over the people around her. Shure she wasn’t completely accurate but she couldn’t help herself.  Her eyes would go from one person, to another, and give them a title she decided on. ~Thief, thief, warrior, thief, wanna be sorcerer, apprentice thief, they’re sure a lot of thieves in here..~  She mussed.

                Quickly tiring of her name game Lina took out her money and began to count it quietly.  Ever since her younger traveling days she had a slight phobia about not being able to pay for her food and counting out her coins helped to ease it.  Shortly after she finished counting though her pocket money for the fourth time the food arrived.  And it looked delicious to the point of perfection.  Her mouth started to water from looking at it, she hadn’t been this excited about eating since she got a shot at lake dragon, but she tried to forget that fiasco.

                Now before her was a feast big enough for her entire regular group and fit for a king.  There were chickens and rabbits, stews and sauces, and more cow prepared in more ways then most normal people could imagine and to top it off enough to drink for five people.  Lina dug in with reckless abandon.  The appetizers were gone before most people could bat an eye, the shocked looks on the surrounding people’s faces were priceless but Lina hardly took notice.  She had already started in on the main courses just as the final plate of her meal was sat on the table.  Several of the customers simply sat in shock at the brutal way in which Lina was attacking her meal.  By anyone’s estimates there was enough food to feed any traveler for days but in just less than fifteen minutes the mountains of food were a memory.  All that remained were scattered breadcrumbs and greasy plates along with the occasional splattering of a sauce or stew; even most of the bones were gone!

                Now in a good mood she made sure to leave a halfway generous amount of money on the table to cover the bill and tip.  Then without a word she left, with some people still gazing at the spot she had just vacated.  Outside the sun had just sunk below the edge of the earth and the moon had begun its ascent into the sky.  The moon wasn’t full, but it was close, with only the tiniest sliver missing.  The cool autumn air was a refreshing comfort to Lina after being cooped up in the crowded restaurant.  As she walked she gazed up at the stars occasionally, they were beautiful. Usually she didn’t feel she had much time to look at them any more, but tonight she enjoyed them on her way to the inn.  She reached her room as the peaceful relaxed feeling that had been building up all night reached its peak, drawing her to the bed.


                Lina slept the sleep of the dead, such a deep sleep that she could not remember any dreams or disruptions.  When she woke up the next morning she felt more refreshed then she had in years.  She did not get out of bed however; she just laid there for well over an hour savoring the sensation of sleep extended.  She felt and looked so very comfortable, she was completely entwined in the covers, tightly they coiled around her like a strangling boa constrictor.  Occasionally she would giggle or mutter something about not wanting to get up yet, and not having to get up to herself. Ultimately, well past noon, she got out of her bed.  Immediately after rising out of it she turned to face it, giving a stern look, ~I better be careful, if that bed were much more comfortable I don’t think I would have woke up today...~

                The morning ritual of every woman takes time, but Lina prided herself on being able to get ready faster then other women.  She washed her face with casual grace invigorating and helping her pace.  She had always liked this part of her morning, she always felt so renewed.  Within minuets she had stripped out of her bedclothes, and after a quick check in the mirror to see how well she had been ‘developing’ she dressed in her daily outfit.  She decided on leaving her sword behind and after some consideration took off her cape and shoulder guards as well, giving her less of an unconformist appearance.  As she went to walk out the door she took one more look in the mirror. Her hair was a bit on the wild side but she could feel in her bones that it was going to rain today.  “Mehh...”  It was just her way of saying ‘It doesn’t matter’ and with that headed out the door.

                Lina walked outside and was immediately hit by the weather.  No, it wasn't windy or cold or anything. Just as she had guessed, it was raining, a soft slightly warm rain.  Not the kind of thing that you would expect in the fall.  She loved the rain at times like this; it was like taking a shower with your clothes on.  She tried to resist the impulses at first, afraid that she would look silly, but she couldn’t keep up the fight.  She started twirling in circles letting her self go a bit in the cleansing downpour.  She went down the street with a light smile on her face just enjoying the beautiful feeling of the rain dropping on her skin. ~Today’s going to be a great day... I can feel it already...~  It would have kept being good if she hadn’t been so distracted and actually seen the pot hole in the street instead of slipping into it and falling on her butt.

                After quickly looking around to make sure no one had seen her blunder she lifted up, giving her tender butt a squeeze, wincing slightly as she did. ~It’s okay.... I’m not going to let this ruin my day...~  She got right up and kept walking, albeit paying more attention to where she stepped.  She was passing a tavern when she realized, “I haven’t even eaten breakfa....” Pausing in mid word her brain did an emergency interjection changing her words in her throat, “I mean lunch yet, what’s wrong with me!”  Her sentence finished just as she walked into the dimly lit eatery.  It was not the same tavern that she ate at the night before.  This one had a seedier feel to it.  Most of it looked as though it had not been cleaned in ages and the men sitting at the bar looked like they were permanent additions.  Her vigor dropped a little as she sat down at the table closest to the door.  Sure, she had no problem coming in here and eating.  She did it all the time, but usually there were other people with her.  The waiter, a gruff-unfriendly type came over.  His tall appearance and wide girth made him look like a bandit, his shirt was covered in splotches of food and grease and his smell made Lina wrinkle her nose.  “Can I help you?”  He asked in a surprisingly normal voice not befitting his size and appearance.  “Yeah, I’ll take one of those.” Lina said with a smile pointing at a display on the far wall. “You really want that little girly, it really is a lot a food?” Lina nodded her head and smiled, the waiter continued, “Well, you know if you can eat it all you get it for free...” Lina smiled even wider, “Yup, that’s what I want.”  The waiter shook his head giving a 'suit yourself' look and turned back toward the kitchen without another word.

                Time passed and the next time we see Lina she has a visibly bulging stomach and is walking out though the double doors of the tavern.  Inside we see the table absolutely covered in plates and the waiter is jumping up and down yelling. At the far end of the tavern we see the display on the wall and in the corner a man is cleaning up some paintbrushes, we see he just finished painting.  He stands back and now the sign additionally reads ‘Limit one per Customer.’

                Lina was quite happy with herself.  Not only did she get more then enough to eat, she also didn’t have to pay a single silver piece for it. ~I guess I wont be able to go back there tomorrow, they seemed kind of upset, oh well..~  She thought to herself with a light chuckle accenting her thoughts. ~Damn, being so full’s making me sleepy, maybe I’ll go back to my room and take a ‘break’...~  Of course by ‘break’ she meant sleep the day away, but if she admitted she was going to do that she wouldn’t have gone back, being that Lina didn’t like to let a day go to waste, so she lied to herself.

                As she walked she inhaled the refreshing fragrance of newly fallen rain still in the air.  The sun had peeked from beyond the clouds bathing everything in its warming pure light, high in the sky a faint rainbow showed through the clouds.  She sat down on a nearby bench to enjoy the atmosphere, her stomach bulging a bit as she made the leap from vertical to sitting positions.  Lina watched as some kids played in the puddles, their expressions showing they didn't have a care in the world.

                A smile formed on her face as she thought about having kids of her own.  Sure they would be a hassle, images of super-deformed versions of herself dragon slaving mountains popped into her head. ~Better not teach them anything destructive for awhile...~  She wasn’t going to delude herself to believe it would be easy to raise children, but it was bound to be an adventure different from any she'd had before.  After a few more moments and almost nodding off on the bench she sighed and pushed herself up to continue her advance toward the inn.

                As she was just about to enter the inn she paused. ~Do I really wanna go back so soon? I’m just going to sit around, and inside... but then again there’s that bed, ohhh.... so comfortable...~  She almost drooled as she remembered just how heavenly the bed was.  After some internal conflict she did decided to head up stairs to her room.  When she got inside she saw that it was in immaculate condition.  The maid had folded the bed sheets and picked up her things, arranging them in the corner of the room.  She took off her boots and gloves at the door and made a beeline for the bed.  On her way she also ditched her belt and talismans.  Clad in only the slimmest remnants of her original outfit she flopped her body down on the bed.  Lying there she enjoyed the immense comfort for several minutes, just laying there thinking.  Thinking about the past, the present, and the future.  Relaxation started to overcome her, she was a log floating in the sea of sleep, her troubles drifted away and she closed her eyes, day turning to night.


Lina woke with a start, sweat causing the sheets to cling to her body.

“Oh gods that was a strange dream....”

                The words were deafening in the silent room, visibly shaking she continued.  “In the dream I.... I enjoyed it, and with Amelia of all people!”  Lina’s form shuttered as she let the last part out. She looked out the window, the curtains were drawn partially but she could see the blackness and the full moon already high in the sky.  She looked to the sky trying to concentrate on something else. The stars were glowing warmly and she let their soft, beautiful glow hypnotize and relax her. But her mind still drifted back to her dream. ~It was wrong... but.. it was good at the time...~ She cleared her throat slightly blushing a bit, “It was sort of.... nice....”.

                ~I’ve kinda always sorta been turned on by... girls.~  She habitually cast a light spell to remedy the darkness, thinking maybe of scaring away her current train of thought as well. ~First it was that girl who used to work down at the store.... then Naga.... and... my sister.... now Amelia is in one of my sick fantasies, for god sakes...!~  As she thought about it more she couldn’t help but get angry at herself. She turned her head back toward the sky and raised her hands above her head, closing her eyes tightly, “L-sama... what's wrong with me.....”  The hopelessness was becoming tangible as she sat there in silence for several minuets starring blankly at the wall.

                “Is that why I never feel... happy? Like I used to be....”  She laid back down on the bed and put her arms to her sides staying very still. ~...I’m only making myself more depressed... by forcing myself to change...~  She rolled over to look out the widow again, using the stars for guidance, ~..why am I doing this to myself... I’ve got no reason to change...~ Slowly Lina sat up again, beginning to justify things to herself, “It’s not like anyone knows how I feel, I’m not hitting on Amelia or anything, so why do I have to change?”  A smile started to transplant her frown, “I can think about whatever the hell I want!”

                Laying back down Lina closed her eyes and tried to let go of her persistent control over her thoughts.  As she drifted closer to sleep her mind relaxed and a fantasy began, her inhibitions falling to the wayside.  It started off slowly, she imagined herself at an inn much like the one she had stayed at three nights previous, before Amelia left.  Lina was looking out the window when she heard the creek of the floor boards, the first floor board by the door always creaked, she remembered, so hearing it could only mean someone was coming into her room.  She turned around slowly wondering who it could be.  

                There, standing in the doorway was Amelia. “Amelia, what are you doing here?”  But Lina knew what she was doing there, Lina knew that this was all what she wanted, she knew she wanted Amelia. Amelia lifted her head from her fixed gaze on the floor to meet Lina’s eyes before starting to talk in a timid voice, “I wanted to tell you something Miss. Lina.” Lina looked at her closely for a second, “Go ahead Amelia, you know you can tell me anything.”  Amelia paused before continuing, “It’s just that after all of this time traveling with you, I think...I think that.... well.... I might be starting to become attracted to you...”  She finished by turning shyly to the side and blushing a bit.

~Is Amelia really attracted to me...?~

                Lina felt butterfly’s gather in her stomach, it was pure euphoria.  But she realized her imagination was getting the better of her and calmed herself a bit, reason to get this worked up Lina... it’s all just my imagination...~  But due to her sudden burst of consciousness her fantasy rapidly lost its luster.  Starting to panic she let go even more, hoping to lose herself in the dream state. ~This is a dream, and dreams are supposed to make people happy... I’ll be damned if I’m going to waste this too!~  “Amelia?” Lina asked with her voice quivering and her heart beat quickening. “Yes, what is it Miss. Lina?” Amelia asked, her own voice betraying her. “I think that I (gulp)...I love you Amelia.”  Lina finished and looked to Amelia expectantly, “Ohhhhh.... I love you too Miss. Lina.”  With that Amelia tackled Lina onto the bed with a hug.  Lina’s emotions were running high and her mind had them stripped of their clothing in the blink of an eye.

                Lina was terrified of concentrating too much or not enough and waking from her trance but the more she got into it the less she had to worry as it became closer to reality for her.  Lina could feel her tongue was in Amelia’s mouth and her hands playing with Amelia’s nipples within moments.  The sensations were out of any relm Lina had ever experienced before, she was going wild, she was white-hot fire, she was everything she felt she was missing in life, and this one act was fulfilling her.  Amelia’s hands were pushing Lina’s shoulders firmly into the bed as Amelia ground their mounds together, relishing the feeling.  The two of them were moving together, the expressions on the duo’s faces were nothing short of pure bliss.

                Meanwhile in the real world Lina’s hands were down inside her underwear.  Both hands were going at it.  Her body thrashing up and down, sometimes leaving the bed in areas all together, like she was having sex with an invisible man.  She was sweating, her teeth clenched.  She was letting out high-pitched squeals of delight and animalistic moans all at once.  To Lina, she was at heavens doors, no magic, no nothing could compare to what she was feeling right now, and it was only getting better.

                Lina and Amelia’s pace picked up and was becoming more uncoordinated as the pleasure built.  Soon they were screaming out each other’s names at the top of their lungs.  Lina’s hips were bucking like mad and it was hard to follow the movements, but with one ear splitting scream Lina Inverse experienced the first true orgasm of her lifetime, one that  rippled throughout the astral plane.  She opened her eyes quite some time later to find her sheets soaked and her pants ruined and ripped. She looked at her finger, glistening from the diffuse source of light, and popped it in her mouth. ~Wow, I taste good.~ She thought to herself before she fell asleep exhausted.


                The next day went as would usually be expected.  Wake up, get dressed, eat, etc.  But everything felt different to Lina.  That little episode the night before had stirred some powerful emotions within her and they were keeping her on edge.  By the beginning of the next day she had decided to head to the meeting place earlier then she originally intended.  Sure, no one would be there, but they would start arriving soon.  She had no idea when she would see Amelia but just the thought of it made Lina’s stomach do summersaults.

               Lina's new inn was closer to the center of town in preparation for meeting with her friends.  After booking her room she spent the remainder of the day mulling around, enjoying the small town’s historical beauty.  Despite its size, the town had a surprisingly large number of beautifully designed buildings.  Lina had learned to appreciate beautiful architecture but that did not mean that she had reservations about destroying it if she had to.  The day was beginning to wind down and the sun was already well on its way to setting, Lina had just bought herself an ice cream cone and was walking carefree down one of the numerous side streets.  Her thoughts had drifted from those that previously concerned her, now the only thing she wanted to do was go to her new inn and relax, but Lina saw something that made her personality fracture... “Amelia....”

                She said the name softly to herself as she felt her blood become more viscous.  From her perspective Amelia was moving in slow motion, as a matter of fact everything slowed down for Lina.  She could hear every beat of her heart, the ice cream cone she had bought for herself dropped from her hand as she felt goose bumps rising up on her arms.  Amelia had in turn spotted Lina and was heading toward her, a big smile coming to Amelia’s lips.  Lina’s breath was coming in short gasps, visibly she shook ever so slightly showing her nervousness. She forced herself to calm down but it only worked part way.  By the time Amelia reached Lina she was still quite shocked. “Hey Miss. Lina.”  Amelia said gleefully.

                “Hey there Amelia (nervous laugh) a little early ain't ya?”  Lina said managing to keep most of her nervousness out of her voice.  She had forced herself almost back to normal, but it was straining her will power.  She couldn’t stop starring at Amelia; she had to keep tearing her eyes away from her chest.  Visions of her fantasy were surging back to her; she was about to do something she might regret when..... “Hey Miss. Lina, do you have an inn yet?”  Lina was at least half-shocked back to reality by this, she pointed limply toward her inn, which was well within her vision. “Oh, okay, I wonder if they have any extra rooms? I’m gonna go check, okay?”

                Lina’s shoulder slumped a little as Amelia walked toward the inn, “Good, she’s gone...” Lina said in relief almost feeling like turning back from a statue to a human, but the relief was also accompanied by a sense of longing on an indescribable level. ~Jeez, how could I get like this... I’m like some kind of lovesick puppy dog, god this has got me all emotional and stuff.  I feel like I’m gonna cry........I wanna do something... I want.... I just wanna go back to my room and rest for a while...~

                Lina wearily headed back to the room. ~This isn’t a bad room.~  She thought to herself. ~Not as good as the last one, but still, not too shabby.~ She moved over to the bed and sat down on it, starring out the window.  She took off her boots and rubbed her sore feet.  The sun outside was already completely down, plunging the small town into all but darkness with only scattered lamps on street corners and in windows to light the cold fall night until the moon rose to height. “It’s time I called it a day, all these emotions can be really draining..” She said with a slight sarcastic smile, “I better.....” her voice trailed off as she heard the door open with a creak. ~Now who could that be?~ She thought as she started to turn around, ~It better not be any bandits, I’m not in the mood...~

                It was not a group of bandits, or a demon, or any of a number of things that would cause her little or no trouble. It was Amelia and recently she was throwing Lina off far worse then any demon could. “Miss. Lina the inn keeper said that I could have the room next to yours, isn’t that great?” Amelia said with exuberance, “Not really...” Lina answered truthfully, a little unsure of herself. Amelia was shocked, but then again, to her, Lina had been acting kind of strange ever since they had met up.  And of course she wanted to get to the bottom of whatever it was.

                “Lina, honestly, why are you acting so strange?” Amelia took a few steps foreword to confront Lina more directly, “We’ve know each other for over a year, if something's wrong you can tell me, can’t you?” Lina had anticipated Amelia’s question, she knew she was shutting Amelia out, but that was her intention.  However it did make her feel bad to do this to her friend, maybe someone who, to Lina, was becoming more then a friend.  ~I really don’t think Amelia is ready for this.. but.. oh well.... how will little Miss. Love and Justice react when I tell her that one of her best female friends wants to throw her on the bed and get it on? Welllll.... that does sound pretty good, the heck with it...~

“Amelia, I have something I need to tell you, just promise me you’ll hear me out.....”

                Amelia nodded her head and went still, anticipating the answer. The entire room seemed to absorb the outside world, filling it with a terrible silence. Lina took a few deep breaths and tensed up even more but Amelia was still standing loosely, bobbing between her two feet while waiting for Lina to talk. It took a few more deep breaths and mental prep but Lina was starting to feel confident again so she seized the opportunity.

“I....I....just.....wannn... to....”

~Damn it! I can’t say it?~

~I have to say it, I can’t just.... I have to let her know...~

“What is it Miss. Lina?”

~Now’s the time Lina, say it! Are you a woman or aren’t you, say it!~


                Lina stood up suddenly and grabbed Amelia by the shoulders tightly and looked deeply into her eyes, “Amelia” This time Lina said her name softly and with more feeling “I....I think that I might....” Lina took a few more seconds to compose herself before continuing in a small voice, blushing lightly and looking to the side slightly.

“I might.... you..”

                Amelia’s smile widened  “Well I like you too Miss. Lina...” But her face darkened a bit before continuing, “Didn’t you like me before..?”  Lina just about fell on her face, she could tell from the way Amelia was acting that she wasn’t getting the message. “Not that kind of like, just like!”  She hoped that Amelia got the message this time, Amelia sort of got a puzzled look on her face then it brightened back up. “I think that I like-like you....” It was all too visible on her features; even she didn’t know what she was talking about. Not normally being a patient person anyway, this was certainly pushing Lina.

“The kind of ‘like’ between a man and a woman.”

                Being careful to put special stress on ‘like’ Lina was confident that she would get the point across, that was until she heard Amelia’s reply, “But Miss. Lina, I like Mr. Gourry and Mr. Zelgadiss the same as I like you...”

~The kid can’t be this dense, it’s impossible, if she doesn't get it soon I'm gonna scream! Maybe this is a sign from L-sama that I should just stop here.... NO! I can’t do that...~

                Exasperated Lina gave deep growl and pulled her hands away from her.  She started shaking her fist threateningly causing Amelia to shrink back, “I like you in the way a man does a woman, you got that! I want to have s..e..x..u..a...l relations with you!” Lina’s hands immediately covered her mouth in response. She could hardly say that in her own mind without getting too flustered to continue. Lina carefully watched Amelia, scanning for a reaction, a blush spreading to both of their faces.

~I think I got her that time....~

“So what do you think about that!”

                Lina shouted in an exasperated voice, a pitiful look showing though her features, hinting at inner turmoil.  Amelia stood still, the indecisive and the half frightened look on her face not helping Lina’s mind set but she felt compelled to press for an answer, “Well!?” Lina was louder this time then the last, but still Amelia just stood there.  Finally Lina grabbed Amelia’s hand, ignoring the softness of her skin, the warmth of her body, the texture, the need.... and started dragging Amelia out of the room.  They reached the door but just when Lina was about to throw Amelia out she heard her talk in a voice just above a whisper. “It doesn’t matter, I trust you...” Amelia’s words were quiet but confident. Lina ceased her actions and inspected the juvenile princess. “ sure?” Lina’s voice now matched Amelia’s volume although it lacked the confidence and gained a quiver.  Amelia managed a smile on her once indecisive features, “Yes, I’m sure.” She said firmly. That settled it, Lina just grabbed Amelia up in a friendly hug, muttered an almost inaudible thank you, her eyes watering slightly.  Amelia returned the embrace by wrapping her arms around the sorceress’s neck. They sat there for several minutes holding each other, Amelia taking on an uncharacteristic amount of maturity before they parted from their mutual embrace.

                No further words were exchanged between the two. Amelia took a step back and gave Lina a little smile and bowed faintly before silently exiting.  Lina turned back toward the bed and let out the breath she had been holding, her chest quivering as it left her lips. She walked over to the bed and sat down on it softly and a smile started in the corners of her mouth. Regardless of the fact that she was crying full out now she had a huge smile. “I really couldn’t have imagined it going any better...” She kicked off her boots and reached over to put out her lamp.  She still had a smile on her face as the room went black, but she had stopped crying.




                Time slowly passed, and midnight, the witching hour came very quickly.  Even in Lina’s room it was totally dark, the moon, so prominent over the last few days was blacked out by the clouds.  Lina was sleeping peacefully, although she was not covered up, having kicked said covers off sometime prior.  Currently the covers were residing at the foot of her bed, but in all likelihood she will awaken later and scavenge them as the room became cooler from the deep night outside.

                Lina laid there, face up, rhythmically breathing as she soundly slept.  Steadily there was an increasing volume of an unknown sound.  But it slowly became discernable, footsteps, right outside Lina’s door.  Lina however did not notice them and continued to sleep, totally oblivious to the door silently being opened and Amelia sneaking in.  Amelia took a moment to look around nervously and began creeping toward the bed in which Lina was sleeping.  Everything was so quite, the silence was audible, a buzzing, when everything is too quite.  The only sound that broke the silence was the padding of Amelia’s bare feet across the well-worn floor of the inn.  There was something else too, so light it was almost inaudible, their heartbeats.  They were almost in sync with one another. Amelia started to give Lina’s sleeping form a shake causing the bed boards to make a slight ruckus in the silence but soon abating as Lina rose a bit from her mattress.


                Lina intended for it to be questioning, but she said it while wiping sleep from her eyes and stretching at the same time, making it loose its original meaning.  The said girl waited for the other to stop stretching before speaking.  Just to make sure that she had the sorceress’s full attention.  She silently began to talk but each word sounded deafeningly loud in the quite room, echoing eerily off the walls. “Lina..” she said it once, testing her vocal cords before continuing “Can I sleep....with your bed tonight, it’s too cold.....and I can’t get to sleep, please Miss. Lina?”

“Amelia.... I.... you know how I feel...”

                Lina’s face was unreadable in the darkness but Amelia was trying her best to catch even a glimpse of it.  Lina in turn was unable to make out anything on Amelia, her own heart was beating incredibly fast being this close to the princess.  Amelia moved in a little bit, her breath now lightly brushing over Lina’s cheek making her feel muddled inside.  Amelia licked her lips lightly then softly responded, “I know.... how you feel..” Lina gulped.  Amelia put her hand on Lina's shoulder reassuringly.  Lina smiled slightly in the darkness, “I really would like it if you spent the night in here.... with me... but you know... you.... ” Amelia took her index finger and put it over Lina’s lips to silence her. Lina was a bit shocked but decided to give in, it was too tempting trying to keep from touching myself is going to be...~ She thought to herself blushing a bit.  Lina moved over from the center of the bed to make room for the princess, and Amelia took the spot without prompting, taking a moment to grab the covers at the foot of the bed..

                Lina rolled over in the small bed pressing her lithe body almost flush against the wall in a futile attempt to give Amelia enough room, but it was all for not in the diminutive bed.  Split as far apart as the bed would allow they were still only an inch or two from each others back. Finally Lina sighed in resignation, and Amelia gave up as well.  They both rolled away from the edges and they were now lying on their backs, Amelia having to lay her arm on Lina to make enough room.  Lina laid there not knowing what to think, the warm contact where her body was touching Amelia was pulling at the back of her mind. ~Is Amelia trying to come onto me..? Or am I just imagining things? I mean, why else would she sneak into my room in the middle of the night.... especially after what happened earlier?~ Lina’s face scrunched up as she thought about it, debating the level of Amelia’s innocence, ~..does Amelia even know what it is to come onto someone...?~

                “Just try and get some sleep Amelia.”  Lina’s voice was soothing but Amelia just couldn’t sleep, it wasn’t Lina’s feelings that were keeping her awake, it was the darkness around her.  Not even a shadow could make it out of the murky void and it only got worse in time.  Amelia laid there, feeling her pulse, her heartbeat, and it was getting faster by the second.  She felt it now, like a thousand eyes were on her, the cold of the room was closing in and her breath was coming quicker.  The lead weight in her gut prevented her from moving, not even an inch. She had slowly worked her way to a state of mind no less then sheer panic, ice cold sweat soaking her brow and that’s when the darkness started to take form and move and prepare to attack.

                Amelia bolted upright from her small spot on the bed shocking Lina from her thoughts. “What is it!?” Lina asked in alarm, her voice not loud but still assaulting the senses in the soundless room.  Amelia took a moment to compose herself, she had been between sleeping and being awake, her mind had started to wonder, she had been hallucinating. Amelia gulped once more before answering, she turned where she expected Lina to be but all she could see was darkness.  “Just a bad dream.... that’s all....” Truth was the dark always terrified Amelia, but she wouldn’t let Lina know that.  Lina’s hand fumbled around under the covers, causing Amelia to worry for a second as to what she was doing.  Finally Lina’s hand eventually came into contact with her own and squeezed it reassuringly. “It’s okay Amelia, I’m here, and I always protect my friends.” Lina gave her hand another warm squeeze, for about a second Lina fought off the temptation to kiss it then gave in just as quick, bringing it up and caressing it with her lips. Amelia’s fears quelled somewhat, she laid back down. But as Lina started to lie down Amelia grabbed her by the shoulders and forcibly moved her body so that they were laying face to face.

                With her face only inches from Amelia’s Lina was unable to move, she couldn’t even breathe right, she started to get a little angry, ~What the hell is she doing, pulling me around like this, ohhhh.... if she thinks she's testing me, I'm gonna kick her ass...~ However that was the farthest thing from Amelia’s mind, sleep would not come to her and although she was calmly going over how she felt about the situation with her friend, Lina was sweating and preparing to bolt.  Amelia was the first one to take action with an unexpected, yet somewhat justified question, “So, how do two girls have sex...?” Even if Lina didn't have feelings for Amelia she would have been hard pressed to answer that one, so all she managed was the usual, “Uhhhh...” Amelia guessed that Lina was having trouble answering, not because of modesty, but because she was unsure her self. So Amelia decided to try and guess for the both of them.

                “Well, do you have a spell that makes you into a boy..?” Lina started to grimace and a blush came to her cheeks as Amelia continued, “Can you... you know.... grow a phallus..?” Although still blushing Lina now had a bit of a smile as she imagined herself as a boy, then imagined her endowment with the cynical thought, ~I’m not well endowed as a girl...~ She pondered considering her own breasts, ~I bet I’d make a pretty pathetic guy...~ Amelia was about to continue when Lina finally cut in, now blushing to a ridiculous extent, “It’s not like that at all... when a girl... and a girl... have..<ahem> sex... uhhh... they ummm.. kiss and... and well... touch their nipples... and... ”  Lina started to blush uncontrollably as she tried to remember her fantasy from before.  She couldn’t keep going though, it was too embarrassing for her. That’s when Amelia cut back in, “So they kiss... like on the lips?” “Yeah, on the lips like any cou..” It was mid word that Lina was cut off by Amelia’s lips on hers.

                Instantly shocked, Lina tried to pull away, but Amelia pulled her closer by the neck and wouldn’t let go.  If there had been light Amelia might have noticed the completely shocked look on Lina’s face and relented her kiss, but as it stood she did no such thing.  Finally after a fair amount of struggling on Lina’s side the kiss subsided and she pushed Amelia to arms length, almost causing her to fall off the bed.  “Wha... what the hell was that?” Lina was trying to keep her cool but this was bordering on unreasonable. Through her arms she felt Amelia shrink back, but surprisingly Amelia answered the question anyway with a rushed response reflecting how she felt inside.

                “Lina, I thought that you wanted... I’m sorry Lina... Oh... please.... it’s just that I... I don’t know... I’ve never really been close with anyone.... I’ve never...” Amelia continued, her voice dropping several decibels making it almost non-existent, “I’ve never, you know... had feelings for someone....... maybe you...... didn’t it make you happy?”  Lina could feel her friend start to cry, and despite the complications of the situation, did what came natural and enveloped Amelia in a tremendous hug. Amelia hardly responded but instead cried on Lina’s chest soaking the thin material of her bed shirt. “Amelia, I think that I love you but... you shouldn’t try and love me back.  And even if you do we shouldn’t rush things... you’re young.... things are different, don't do something like this just for me...” Lina’s voice continued to ebb during her speech until she was hardly holding it together between her watering eyes and breaking speech.

                “Lina, it’s not what you said earlier.... I think that I’ve always ... loved you...”  Lina’s eyes went wide and she pulled away, wishing that it were a little brighter inside the dismal room so she might make out some details on Amelia’s face.  “You’ve always loved me?” Amelia reflexively had to move a hand to her face to cover her unexpected blush, “Well, there were lots of times when I almost kissed you but I could never figure out why... and I would get jealous of Mr. Gourry and Mr. Zelgadiss.... I.. I've just always felt something with you... Lina... I felt something almost from when we first met... after you told me how you felt earlier I went back to my room and thought about it, and it all made sense, how I've always felt about you... I know now, but before.... I didn't even know that a woman could ever love another woman like that....”

                ~Since when did Amelia get more in touch with her feelings then me... I don’t know, she’s just admitting all of this with no problem...~  Lina couldn’t help but wonder if Amelia’s love for her was a little suspicious, so she approached the subject cautiously, “Amelia, I think I might love you, but, well.....I’m not sure you love me, that’s such a strong word.....I don’t even know what love is and I’m seventeen... I just don’t think you’re ready for could screw you up for life, and I don’t want that.” Amelia knew she was being rejected, “That’s okay Miss. Lina.......I knew that you wouldn’t love someone like me......I have nothing to offer you but my love...” She said hamming it up a bit. Lina knew that Amelia could be a little over dramatic, but decided to feed into her ploy anyway, “Amelia, you have everything in the world to offer me, you're a princess, a heck of a sorceress, um.......a diplomat, you're lots of things I could never be........It’s just.... I mean, between two girls, it's just not normal...” Lina’s train of thought started out strong enough but by the end it had fizzled, leaving even her unsure of where she was going with it.

                “Please Lina, let me stay here and be close to you, at least for tonight...”  ~Like I’m going to kick her out of my room in the middle of the night... I’m not that mean!~  Lina didn’t say anything and began to settle herself in for the night, even though she was confused she was never one to turn down a nap, especially when it provided such an easy solution. Amelia took the hint and laid back down, this time facing away for Lina. So, once again, Lina attempted to get some sleep, but her mind was a buzz running though the whole situation. ~It’s just too convenient, Amelia likeing me back.  I want to believe it.... but it just.... just... doesn’t seem right... if that were the case I wouldn’t have to drop her off back in Sailrune like I’ve been planning...~

                It was sometime later and Lina was still laying there, the cloud cover above still had not dissipated so darkness was still the predominate force.  She just couldn't get to sleep but from what she could tell Amelia had been asleep for sometime now. She didn’t really talk in her sleep but at such a close distance Lina could occasionally make out a random muttering of words from the over-emotional princess. Finally though Lina started to fall into rest, her eyes starring into the darkness, at the evil that had the promise of lurking there.  She was used to it, evil didn’t bother her anymore. But something happened that did scare her. An arm suddenly flopped across the duel lumps that made up her chest. Her body jumped, not physically but now she was totally awake again, “Amelia!” She said it loud enough so that anyone in the room would have been able to clearly hear it but it seemed no one in the room did hear it, except for her. Amelia was still sleeping and had inadvertently let her arm fall over top Lina.

                After a moment Lina settled back down, realizing that she had got upset over nothing. She could now feel the heat from Amelia permeating her skin under the recently scavenged covers, warming her like nothing else could. She put her hand in Amelia’s and held it tightly, “Don’t worry Amelia, things will work out somehow.” Lina said the words with more emotion then she intended, shocking her a bit.  The princess laying before her must have been lonely, Lina could tell from the tone she had used before, ~..maybe it’s just all this life on the road that’s getting to her.  Yeah, we’ll all head back to Sailrune for a bit and let her visit with her father. She’ll be back to normal before she knows it!~

                Yet more time passed in the darkened and chilled room before anything else happened. Lina found that this was definitely not a good way to pass the time, the more she thought about it the more she realized Amelia might have some feelings for her, and she was less and less sure of what they really were, ~... is it even possible that she might love me?~  Flashing though her mind were images of Amelia, her cute smile, her shapely body, her speeches, well her speeches weren’t all that great she mussed to herself. ~She always did get a little grabby in the hot springs...~ Lina rolled over to face the princess again, which allowed her to listen in on the little girl’s musings in her sleep. “Please Lina don’t leave me........but I love you Lina........don’t reject my love......please...” Lina tried to look at her objectively, ~She could be just putting on a show...~ Slowly Lina moved around Amelia to try and catch a better look at her face, ~I mean, how could Amelia have kept this bottled up for so long? I hardly kept it hidden for a few minutes, and I was terrible at it to boot....~ Against her better judgment she reached out and embraced Amelia’s tensed form which immediately relaxed in her arms.

                Lina stroked her hands though the petite girls hair, savoring the relaxing feeling it had on the both of them, once in a while muttering reassuring things to her. Amelia’s infatuation with her might have been worse then she thought. Realizing that it might be quite some time before they got privacy like this she felt pressured to act. Her plan was hasty, but Lina was never one to play it safe. The room was ever so slowly starting to become illuminated, banishing the infinite darkness. She could now for the first time begin to make out Amelia’s features, her eyes were puffy and red, and her face still had dried tear streams streaking down toward the pillow. It was such a sad sight that it swayed Lina from her current plan of action. She was still holding Amelia fairly close, her arms closed around Amelia’s lower back encircling the girl with room to spare. With great care she shifted her arms from their warm confines and brought them to Amelia’s shoulders and shook her body lightly, just enough to wake her up. Her eyes had yet to open but the jaded look that was forming showed that she was realizing the unpleasantness that morning brought. That was until she opened her eyes and took in Lina’s form. In the space of a second her whole demeanor changed as she noticed the all too serious expression on Lina’s face.

                Amelia gulped, and Lina heard it and softened her expression in response. “Miss. Lina.” Amelia stammered the words out, seemingly both too slow and too fast somehow. Lina gulped as well and looked deep into the orbs that were Amelia’s eyes, at her inner self. She and Amelia both held their breath, Lina trying to gather together her dwindling resolve and Amelia just wishing that Lina would make it easy to take whatever she had to say. However what Lina said next was expected by neither of them.

                “Amelia... I would be honored to have you as my girlfriend.” The statement came as such a shock that even they weren’t sure what was said, at least for a few seconds. That was when Amelia’s face lit up brighter then the midday sun and she squealed in delight, gripping Lina around the waist in a massive hug. She was crying, Lina could tell even though she could not see her face, ~Now I’m crying too...~ She thought to herself happily, ~How can I be so happy over something I didn’t even want to say?~ Lina realized that her affection was deeper then she originally thought, the tears began to flow more freely now, she sniffled a bit and hunched her body over so that she could hug Amelia from behind, and that brought her more happiness. They held each other and talked, strictly business-like at first. Lina laying out the ground rules over what Amelia should expect from their relationship and Amelia listening intently. But that broke down, Lina started talking about her childhood and Amelia about hers, and they laughed, and cried. And eventually... they kissed, awkwardly at first and usually initiated by Amelia, but soon Lina found her confidence again and took the lead. The emotional strain quickly worked out of them and being completely content with the situation for now they laid in the bed till almost noon, shooing away the maid whenever she would try to clean the room. They both had a feeling that today would be a good day.

                Finally Amelia decided to leave the room, once inside her room she quickly dressed into her signature outfit and picked up her meager possessions, a small portrait of her father imposed over the seal of her kingdom, some miscellaneous bottles, perfume, a small stack of parchment paper, and some potions of sorts. She gave herself a quick look over in the mirror taking a few more minutes then usual to adjust her hair then took one quick last glance around the room to see if she missed anything. Nothing amiss she left, heading down stairs to meet with Lina for a quick breakfast.


                By the time Amelia arrived down stairs Lina had already started in on a comparatively conservative breakfast. Amelia took a seat across from Lina, then, seeing that she was not being paid attention to, stood up and walked around the table to sit next to her. Lina stopped eating and turned to look at Amelia. “You know, you don’t have to sit next to me..” Amelia smiled a bit, “Yeah, I know but I just wanted to be close to you.” Lina grimaced a little, ~People are gonna start watching us if she gets lovey in public, but if I try to tell her that she’ll probably get upset, or worse yet, stand on the table and give a speech about it...~ Knowing that either way things might turn out bad, Lina opted to let Amelia sit next to her with no further questioning.

                After some time of remaining stationary Amelia reached out to grab some sausage off of one of Lina’s plates, Lina eyed her threateningly. Realizing that Amelia was probably going to scavenge enough of her food to leave her hungry regardless of the looks she gave, Lina flagged down the waitress and placed an order for some additional breakfast foodstuffs. Amelia smiled thinking that Lina was being considerate and Lina smiled knowing that they would have enough food now. But there was some down time between when they ran out of food on the table and when they were brought more food, so Amelia opted to start some small talk.

“So how do you think Gourry and Mr. Zelgadiss will react to us.. You know.. together?” 

                Lina choked on her water and turned toward Amelia ready to give a quick response, but it never made it through her lips. Her initial instinct was to just tell her that they would never know, but Lina knew that was being delusional. Regardless of her hopes to conceal this relationship it would not pass the scrutiny of their friends. “I just don’t know.” Lina said shaking her head no. Amelia looked confused then she smiled a bit, “I bet they’ll be happy for us.” Lina gave a smile back “Yeah, maybe...” ~I know Gourry likes me, and Zelgadiss tries to hide it but he has a crush on her... actually he seems to be playing the field, hoping for either of us, I don’t see this ending well... L-sama give me strength..~ Lina forced her smile a little wider, “Well, we’ll know in a day or two won’t we?”

                Soon the waitress was taking away the old plates and setting down three fresh ones. Lina was still quite hungry and Amelia was nowhere near full and just as Lina grabbed her fork and knife she felt a tug on her cape. She turned to her side and looked at Amelia expectantly, “Lina... I..” Quickly Amelia pushed foreword and gave Lina a peck on the cheek and pulled away just as fast, a blush on her face, “I just wanted to tell you... I love you..” Lina in turn blushed but the slight smile faded away fast as she tried to get serious, “We really shouldn’t kiss and stuff where people can see us Amelia...”

                Amelia pushed her lips together before talking, “Lina, I know that how we feel is not socially acceptable..” Lina was a little shocked that Amelia would even think of that, but before she could but-in Amelia continued, “but... It doesn’t matter, since when do we travel as a group of conformists?” Lina thought about it for a bit, sure, no one would probably say a thing to her face and this little rumor would be nowhere near as bad as others, but... “It just wouldn’t look good for a member of the Sailrune royal family, you know how gossip spreads, I mean, you’re going to be queen some day!” Lina smiled, quite happy with her on the fly explanation. Amelia was taken aback, she hadn’t thought about that, the disgrace to her father, and her kingdom.... Lina saw the effect her words where having and decided to tone it down a little, “Well, one day they’ll accept us, but for now, we should just keep things a secret...” She forced out the last part with a little hiss, wondering if Xelloss was rubbing off on her.

                Still though Amelia remained quiet, Lina looked back to the food and forced herself to put down the fork and knife then turned back to the princess. Timidly putting an arm around her shoulders she started again, “Don’t worry, things will always work out for the two of us, they have before...” Amelia looked up into Lina’s eyes, “It’s just that... I’m not ashamed of us...” Lina put her other arm around Amelia and pulled her into a hug, “I know....” Amelia settled into the embrace and let out a deep breath before forcibly breaking it. Lina let her have her room and they both picked up eating utensils but before they started eating again Amelia had one last thing to say, “No matter what Lina... even if we end up hating each other some day... don’t leave forever..” A single sparkling tear slid down Amelia’s cheek as she finished, all Lina managed in response was a nod.


                Lina had decided on an activity that would take the two of them far away from town, it had already lead them to the edge of the village. Lina had heard ‘from a very reliable source’ that there was a cliff face well within walking distance that held a great treasure in one of the caves that dotted it. They traveled somewhat in silience, with Amelia putting her arm over Lina once they passed the border of the village.  Eventually the two of them made their way through a patch of woods and to the base of what looked like a massive man made wall. Around them were large stones sheered off that had fallen from dizzying height. From bottom to top, the wall of rock was over a five hundred feet and looked to be without any outcroppings, it extended in both directions as far as the eye could see but had a very slight curve to it as it went, to state the obvious, it was intimidating.

                The two of them stood for a long time in its presence, simply awed. Amelia for one had never known such a thing existed and Lina had never seen it in her life. Eventually Amelia broke the silence, “So where's the cave supposed to be?” Lina turned toward her and gave a confident smile and a victory V, “It doesn’t matter, and as long as we use our Ray Wing’s and go in opposite directions we’ll have a good chance of spotting it." Amelia nodded and wondered for a moment in sync with Lina if they should do something different to say goodbye, Amelia gave a wavy smile “Good bye..” She said moving her hand back and fourth, “Bye Amelia...” They turned away from each other and stood still for a moment before each calling out, “Ray Wing” and climbing to mid-level with the wall, shooting off in opposite directions.

                It wasn’t long before Lina spotted a hole in the wall, she flew over to it and took a peek inside. It was only about arm lengths deep and the entire area inside was well visible but Lina didn’t want to miss anything. She reached in and felt around for a switch or anything that might indicate that it was special.... nothing. So without further delay Lina took flight again, and again it was only a short time later that she came to yet another hole in the rock. Inspection of this hole yielded nothing and so it went for some time. Eventually, exhausted from spell casting and a lack of success, Lina decided to take a break.

                She dropped down into a small clearing that butted up to the rock face and sat down, taking out some carefully wrapped bread slices and dried meats. Lina laid back against the rock and took her time eating, from her position the sun didn’t quite reach her but the diffuse light offered more then enough warmth to keep her happy. As of far the day was being unseasonably warm and she hoped that it would continue for the next week.... But thinking about the coming days drew Lina’s mind back to what her future would hold. “Does she really love me.... or is she just trying to make me happy...?” Lina took a moment to chew another bite of bread before continuing.

                “I mean.... what do I expect from this... to go back to Zefielia and just live the rest of our lives out... what about her responsibilities.... we’d have to live in Sailrune and she would be queen and what city has a queen and no king.... Life can be so depressing...” Lina looked up toward the sky, her vision cut off by the wall of stone she sat against, actually, because of the wall, looking up was making her sick, like leaning back too far on a swing. Trying to keep her emotions in check she focused on finishing her bread and before long she had left her spot very much refreshed and somewhat motivated to find this cave.

                To Lina though the same litany stood to repeat itself. She would spot some hardly noticeable hole in the rock and fly over to it just to find that it had nothing special to offer. She was nearing the end of the wall now, far off into the distance she could see this wall of stone dip into the Earth. The sun was getting low and she took a quick look around to make sure she did not come all this way just to miss it at the end, then seeing that there was nothing, turned around and started flying back, but just as she made her turn the sky lit up, an intense light appeared, alternating from red, to pink, to green, and back, “Amelia’s signal...” ~I wonder if she found something... well, I was heading back anyway...~ Lina took a moment to touch down again to cast a recovery spell on herself to get back her stamina. Then she headed off at top speed to find out what Amelia thought was so important.

                By the time that Lina found her, the sun was already going below the horizon. Lina slowed her speed as Amelia came into her field of vision. Amelia saw her and responded by dropping to the ground. Together on the ground Lina was the first to speak, “So what did you find?” Amelia shook her head no, “Nothing much, just a cave with a skeleton in it, nothing else though, I even checked with magic.” Lina shrugged her shoulders, “Oh well, that was a bust, it’s getting late anyway.” Lina turned and started walking in the direction of the village, “Let’s head back to town...” But before she could move far away, Amelia sprinted foreword and caught her hand. Lina turned around to look at the princess and gave a slight smile as she caught up, then they walked hand in hand until they reached the town, but before they parted Amelia gave Lina a great big hug, finishing with a soft emotion filled kiss on the lips that left Lina feeling giddy, breathless, and a whole plethora of other feelings she would have never related to before.


                Amelia and Lina both waved ‘hi’ to the innkeeper as they passed and went up to Lina’s room; this is the only one they needed tonight. Lina had paid in advance for her room to make sure she would have a room in such an instance as this, arriving in town late at night during the end of the traveling season. They walked into the room and Lina went over to the nightstand and lit the lamp there, Amelia in turn went over to the other side of the room and lit the lamp on the vanity there. They both took their boots off and started trying to get comfortable in the room as it got brighter from the duel lights.

                Now with the privacy they were both simultaneously dreading and looking foreword to, the duo did not know where to begin. They spoke nervously to one another, not sure where things would lead, but ended up sorting their possessions independently. Lina had all of her recently acquired possessions spread across the floor, knives, coins, it was a wonder she could carry all the trinkets on her, considering she never wore a pack of any sort. Up on the bed Amelia was doing the same thing, rooting around in her outfit she retrieved all of her possessions and laid them out. She was carrying nowhere near the amount of stuff that Lina was, and no loot. Everything she carried were her personnel possessions. Amelia went through the things that she had carefully, and although she knew each thing was, she spent the time to look it over once again. She actually began doing this truthfully and ended up putting some intensity into looking though her possessions.

                So much of her intensity was directed toward her mission that she did not hear Lina rise and sneak beside her in the small room. Lina was standing slightly to the left of Amelia looking over he shoulder at everything displayed on the bed. Lina reached out and gabbed up a stack of thick paper cards. Immediately Amelia went into action. She turned around at her waist and lifted off the bed a little with her legs, reaching out, “Hey!” Lina took a step back, then two, away from the princess who was now looking at her shell-shocked. Lina smiled back, waving the cards in front of her, “And what are these Amelia?” Lina said in a taunting voice, “Something hentai I bet...” Lina said with her smile growing bigger. Amelia huffed up and pushed out her cheeks, some of the blood rushing to her face. “Lina.. those are mine!” Amelia dropped down off the bed and whirled to face Lina who had taken another few steps back just to be safe. Amelia reached out expectantly, motioning with her fingers, “Just hand them over...” There was an edge to her voice that Lina was unfamiliar with but she pressed on, “What’s wrong with me looking though these.... I don’t keep anything from you...” Lina said in her best ‘Feel sorry for me because I'm the one at fault here’ voice, her lower lip coming up and quivering at just the right time to drive away Amelia’s resolve.

                Amelia put her hands on her hips, letting out a sigh, “Well... I guess you can look at them, but.. don’t laugh...” Lina was a bit puzzled at the solomness of Amelia’s voice and now wondered about the contents of what she had in her possession. However, with permission now granted she glanced once more to Amelia and undid the string that fastened the parchment together and flipped the top piece to the bottom. The first thing she saw was a picture of herself, standing triumphantly atop a large rock, cape flapping in the breeze, the sun shone in front of her and the sky was beautifully painted with water colors. ~Did Amelia draw this...? I didn’t know she could draw.~

                The detail was incredible on the picture, a viewer might even be able to tell how much gold Lina carried from the bulge of the sack at her side, and Lina’s face, on her face was a look of pure relaxation, one Lina herself wished she felt more often. Lina turned toward Amelia. “Did you draw this?” Lina finally asked, Amelia shrunk back for a second, her hand coming to her face and a blush starting to form on her cheeks, she took a moment to respond. “Yes” She said it loud enough but it was obvious she was quite insecure about admitting it. Lina’s eyes started to tear, ~...well, I guess that proves she’s always had some kind of emotions for me...~ Seeing that Amelia was standing there expectantly, Lina reached out and encompassed the girl in a hug. Amelia timidly returned the embrace before Lina spoke again, “thank you....” Amelia felt a little puzzled, “For what?” Lina seemed to break down at that comment, “For caring about me...” Lina responded, increasing the intensity of the hug.

                Finally the two parted, and both of them could feel the atmosphere had changed. Lina took Amelia’s hand in hers and pulled away, luring Amelia to the bed. Lina sat on the far end, she reached over and put out the lamp on the bed stand, the room now only being lit by the lamp behind Amelia’s back, creating a whole new sense of shadow. Amelia had meanwhile taken up her original spot opposite Lina. She spent a moment clearing her meager possessions off the bed in preparation for what she now figured was a certain thing. It was time for her to prove her love to Lina, something Amelia couldn't stop thinking about all day after her talk with Lina the night before.

                Outside the sun had long since sunk below the horizon. It was definitely dark, only an occasional oil lamp wounded the inky blackness but otherwise it was another pitch-black night. The window gave off a cold aura from the plummeting temperatures outside, but the drapes blocked it for the most part and the bed was a good distance away from the window anyway.

                Amelia started undressing as soon as she was sure the mood felt right. She reached up with both hands and removed the large medallion from around her neck, letting it click open and fall into her waiting palms. She bent down from her sitting position and dropped it a short ways to the floor. Soon both of her wrist decorations were added to the pile, making dull thunk sounds as they landed. Next off was her belt, it pulled off with an ease born though years of experience and she sailed it across the room all the way to the door. Finally she wiggled her shoulders out of her top leaving her bare chested. Her petite nipples standing erect like little cherries on a sundae. Her breasts were perfectly proportioned, seeming only somewhat more then a handful, and her skin, her skin was free from defects, the beautiful cream color was a feast for the eyes, seemingly perfection itself aside from some randomly scattered, heavily faded scars that one would hardly notice. Sitting in just her pants she folded her hands in her lap and watched Lina intently.

                Lina sat idly during this time, thinking to herself, ~I guess that clenches it... we’re going to <gulp> do it.~ Seeing Amelia undress herself dispelled any doubts as to what Amelia wanted and what they were going to do. She felt herself getting flustered, almost like her blush was covering her whole body, ~Oh gods how I want this... I need this... but... will I look down on myself later?~ Lina gulped again as Amelia started to loose her top, if she would have been standing she felt like her legs would have given out, ~Amelia deserves me to love her with all I’ve got...~ Other thoughts flittered though her mind, how would her friends take this, would they approve, what would her family think, but those were completely dispelled as she watched Amelia finish removing her top. “Wow...” Lina said out loud as she looked at Amelia. Amelia in turn blushed and looked down a little. ~I never felt like this when I saw her before...~

                The need to reach out and touch Amelia was almost overwhelming, but first there was something else Lina had to do. She reached around and unclasped a chain that ran around her neck and threw off her necklace, which landed noisily against the ill constructed vanity. Next off were her gloves, she looked at Amelia once again before continuing, and noticing that she was now the center of attention put more into showing off. She brought the tip of her index finger on her right hand to her lips and stuck it in her mouth, doing her best to look sexy. She nibbled down its length to the end where she sunk her teeth into the now damp glove and pulled it off slowly giving a little growl as her hand was released. The same fate fell to the glove on her left hand, both of which were tossed off to the side by a quick movement of her head. She then reached behind her back and gave Amelia a little wink and with a couple quick tugs the entire front of her outfit fell foreword and started sliding down her arms. She wiggled it off with the motion generated by her hips (a hard thing to do sitting on a bed) and tossed it over Amelia’s nearly drooling face where it sat for only a split second before it was hastily batted away.

                Lina sat there, exposed in her ‘flat chested’ glory. Actually her breasts were about little less then a handful, miniature would be a very hard label to apply to them. Strangely enough her areolae were larger then Amelia’s, seeming to dominate the features of her milky white breasts. Lina acted embarrassed about herself, still afraid of being rejected. Noticing this Amelia edged, ever so slowly, foreword and patted Lina across her bare back. “We don’t have to do this if you’re not ready....” Lina smiled a little, “That’s supposed to be my line.” Unexpectedly Lina wrapped her arms around Amelia’s neck and brought her face in close to kiss her, toppling Amelia’s unprepared body onto the bed. They rolled across the bed long-ways till they came to a rest against the oak headboard, making creaking noises all the way.

                After all was said and done Lina was on top of Amelia, pinning her down by the shoulders. Lina’s hair was tussled and her belt, which held up her pants, was gone and they were slowly sliding down her body. Her breath was moist on Amelia’s neck as she maneuvered her face back in and toward Amelia’s ear. “In case you can’t tell... I’m ready.....” Lina’s voice trailed off as she began to lick and nibble around Amelia’s ear lobe. Instantly in pleasure all Amelia could do was talk nonsense and lightly put her hands on the back of Lina’s neck to signal that she wanted more. The sorceress licked over the princess’s neck with long tongue strokes leaving it a slippery mess. Her assault continued to Amelia’s face where she kissed the diminutive girl’s eyelids shut as Amelia gasped in and out, her hormones totally dominating her responses. Then they kissed again, but this one felt different. This one set of fireworks in Lina’s head, strong, primal, the intensity of the emotions behind it almost winded Lina.

                Amelia simply laid there savoring the savage wonderful experience. Her body left her; all she could feel was Lina’s indefatigable hot tongue roaming her mouth, caressing every inch of it. At length Lina withdrew from Amelia’s welcoming orifice and sat on her haunches facing the princess. With great effort Amelia propped herself up on her elbows and decided that maybe it was her turn to give. She moved into a sitting position copying Lina’s and timidly reached out with her right hand, and awkwardly twisted Lina’s nipple, which caused Lina to cry out, somewhat in pain but mostly in surprise. Lina reached up quickly and gently pushed Amelia’s hand away from her ill-treated nipple.

                “Amelia..... haven’t you done this before?” Amelia blushed heavily as she responded, “You’re my first Lina...” Lina smacked her hand to her forehead and groaned, “No, I mean, haven’t you, you know, with your self.....” Despite the situation Lina found herself blushing for asking such a question. For a moment Amelia looked puzzled, then her cheeks went rosy and she started stuttering out a reply, “Oh, no, no, no, it’s not proper for a princess to do that......” Lina groaned again, ~Damn it! Why can’t Amelia be at least a little experienced?~ Lina thought everyone did that, ~Oh well, I guess I’m expecting too much, Amelia is what fifteen, sixteen?~ Lina looked at Amelia who seemed a little sad for being such an innocent.

                “Like this.” Lina reached out and took hold on Amelia’s right hand and brought it toward her, Amelia put up no protest, Lina put Amelia’s hand on her left breast and took her own off it and over to Amelia’s chest. “Just do what I do.” She took Amelia’s nipple between her thumb and forefinger and rolled it around lightly causing Amelia to grimace slightly with pleasure. Amelia applied light pressure to Lina’s nipple in response, trying to mimic the motions to the best of her ability. “That’s good, just like that Amelia, see, you’re already doing better....” Lina was unmistakably experiencing pleasure over pain now, an occasional, “ummm.....” or “unnhhhhhh.....” Escaped her lips as the foreign feel of pleasure brought about by someone else filled her senses.

                “Use your lips...” Amelia didn’t stop massaging the crimson haired girl’s nipple but asked her a question, “My lips..... on what?” Lina paused her ministrations and sighed, she pulled Amelia foreword by her shoulders and laid on her own back. Amelia was now laying on top of her, their breasts pressing together, their faces were inches away from each other when Lina continued, “Just do what I tell you, and I’ll do the same to you in a little bit....” She coaxed Amelia to lower her head downward and toward her breasts and motioned to her nipple, Amelia picked up on what Lina wanted of her and took the cherry colored appendage into her mouth. “Nibble on it lightly, and ummm... suck on teeth...”

                Amelia followed the directions to the letter, allowing her tongue to slide over it and teasing it with suction now and again, enjoying its utterly unique fleshy texture sliding between her lips. Amelia looked back up to Lina, “How am I supposed to nibble on it without using my teeth..?” Lina looked exasperated but answered anyway, realizing the validity of the question, “Just don’t... bite into it or anything..” Amelia’s head went back down and she continued her attention on Lina’s nipple. At random Lina would let out a moan or a short squeal of delight, in part to drive Amelia on. Lina was sucking and chewing on her index finger so she wouldn’t get too loud but that wasn’t all to necessary either and more of a show for her princess as it still allowed Amelia to hear the all too pleasant sounding fruits of her labor. At Lina’s prompting Amelia switched to the other neglected nipple. A thin trail of drool escaped the confines of Lina’s mouth as she dropped her head back from the feelings as Amelia started massaging the other nipple with her hand. A slight shudder racked her body as the intensity, the need, within her grew. Wearily she reached down and prodded Amelia away so she could get some ‘breathing room’ before she got carried away.

                Amelia stopped her actions and sat up at Lina’s feet, starring in worry at the still sorceress. But her worry left her as soon as Lina gave her a thumbs up. Amelia crawled up next to her and listed to Lina’s voice, “That was great.... but there are other things we can do too...” True to her word, Lina had in short order, moved into Amelia's embrace ready to try something else. She draped her arms over Amelia’s shoulders and intimately patted her on the back and kissed her on the end of her nose, playfully pushing her onto her back in the process. It was Lina’s turn to suckle and she was none to timid about doing it. Her lips found their soft target in a short moment and Amelia was already seemingly half-way to climax.

                Or so Lina thought, after five or so minutes of sucking Amelia’s now hardened nipples she was unsure if the princess would succumb to this stimuli. Her ego somewhat crushed already she decided that this called for more drastic measures. She wasn’t sure if she really wanted to go this far with Amelia their fist time, ~Oh well.... she never even touched herself... I guess this'll be really memorable for her.~ So Lina was only slightly eager when her hand passed the waistband of Amelia’s pants. But her arousal grew to new heights as her hand felt the first slippery contact of Amelia's nether regions, which caused Amelia to unexpectedly buck her hips and cry out loudly. Startled, Lina stopped for a second or two but quickly picked back up. Amelia couldn’t even tell Lina had missed a beat, she had no idea that she could feel this good, that anything could feel this good. She cried out once again as Lina’s hand unskillfully manipulated her outer lips, not even brushing her engorged clitoris but bringing her pleasure like she had never experienced before none the less.

                Without the intention of doing so one stray finger, Lina’s index finger, slipped past Amelia’s waiting lips and into her opening. After all the foreplay, that was all Amelia could take, she cried out Lina’s name and collapsed off her elbows and back onto the bed, breathing heavily. Lina’s hand and Amelia’s pants were saturated with her liquids, a large dampened spot directly over the crotch. Lina pulled her hand up to her lips, a satisfied look spread over her face. She glanced at it for a moment and gave it a coy lick, at first she didn’t know what she thought of the taste, but by the time her entire hand was tongued clean of excess fluid she came to appreciate the slightly gamy tang. Amelia was back to herself now, and was once again propped up on her elbows. She watched Lina intently as she sat there licking her hand. Amelia noticed that she definitely seemed to be enjoying the taste; finally she got fed up of watching. “Miss..” Amelia caught herself, being that formal really didn’t go well with their current relationship so she started again. “Lina-chan, can I have a taste?” Lina was somewhat shocked by Amelia’s name choice, but more so by her strange request. Amelia tried to ask kindly but on the inside she felt like a small child that wanted a friend’s candy bar, she felt quite tempted to just grab Lina’s hand and have the rest whatever it was all for herself.

                Lina glanced at her hand, then at Amelia. “Ummmm.... I kind of ate it all...” Lina laughed nervously and Amelia just felt the need to face fault from the cat that ate the canary look Lina was giving, but she settled on allowing her brain to freeze up and tears to flow from her eyes in a comical fashion, she had really wanted to try herself too! Suddenly Amelia got a wicked smile on her face and pushed herself up into a sitting position. “Ohhh Missss Linaaaaa.....” Amelia said playfully, purposely falling back into formalities and stretching out Lina’s name. The said girl looked at the princess with a half annoyed look “What is it Miss Ameliaaaaaa....” Lina tried copying Amelia to the letter but let some of her unfounded annoyance creep into her voice. Amelia sat there for a couple more seconds just starring at Lina then...... “MY TURN!” She jumped friskily at Lina, pushing her into the bed by her shoulders. Lina laid there startled while Amelia took the initiative and started kissing down her body and copying her earlier actions of rubbing and nibbling Lina’s oversized areola sending shivers down both of their spines.

                Amelia was wasting no time, before Lina even realized what was going on Amelia had forced her sagging pants to her knees and was fumbling around with Lina’s privates. Lina was tempted to correct the younger sorceress but opted not to, she knew from her experience just minutes prior how hard it could be to find just the right parts while sucking a nipple and rubbing the other. Lina gasped slightly in pleasure, her back arching from her contracting muscles which caused her pelvic region to raise making Amelia’s intended target all the easier to reach. Her contact with Lina’s sex was minimal but already her hand was dripping wet. She brought it to her mouth ceasing her sucking to Lina’s dismay and tasted it, for a second Amelia didn’t know what to say, she had the pallet of a well versed food critic, being served for years with the best of the best food, she was royalty after all. Her face was questioning as she rolled her tongue around seemingly impassive.

                All at once her face lit up and she said the one word that described the taste to the most miniscule detail, “Yum...” She looked at Lina, her face as bright as the midday sun, “Lina, you taste good!” Lina blushed, she never did take compliments well, ~Who’s she kidding, I don’t taste good... she's the one that tastes good.~ “Want a taste?” Amelia held out her hand, sticking it right next to Lina’s face, smiling as big as any human physically could, but managing not to loose her ever-present innocent look. Lina looked at the hand, and for a second she was tempted but eventually, “Not right now..” She declined.

                Amelia’s face lost some of its over-exuberance but that didn’t mean it was gone, now it was just toned down to the level of a new mother. She shrugged her shoulders and gave one of those ‘suit yourself’ looks and finished licking her hand clean. Lina watched with her heart beating faster and faster as Amelia slid each digit individually between her lips, cumming out slippery wet, her desire increasing steadily. Lina propped herself back up on her elbows with her legs spread slightly, the pants around her knees preventing them from opening up to any great extent. She lifted her legs and twisted her body so her pants slid down to the floor leaving her clad in only a simple pair of white panties. She was now propped up on her hands with her legs crossed, she winked and gave a little laugh, as if saying ‘come and get me’ with her facial expression alone.

                Faster then Lina thought possible Amelia was in the thick of it. She started at Lina’s navel kissing her way downward causing Lina to shiver in withheld delight. Still moving downward Amelia didn't even pause as she pulled down Lina's panties to her knees.  Finally Amelia went a bit lower, her lips trailing over the sparsely scattered pubic hair and still further toward her target. For a moment Lina was in shock. ~She can’t lick me down there!~ She screamed in her mind, and she was about to take action when she felt it. A hundred, no a thousand times more powerful then she had felt before, Amelia’s tongue caressing over her most private and sensitive region. Her hips rocked foreword pressing Amelia’s face in deeper. The rush, the exhilaration, like going from zero to a thousand miles per hour in a split second, and Lina’s back was pressed deep enough into the bed to back that up.

                The only thing Lina could feel now was the massive orgasm coming up fast from the horizon. Her eyes were rolled into her head so hard that even when she tried to look around all she could see were stars. But that was about as much control as she had, there was no way she could stop her bucking hips or her moans or even her other hand from pushing Amelia’s face tighter against herself. Amelia took this as a definite message to go faster and stronger then before and in Lina’s mind everything sped up just a little bit, and that orgasm of the future was here, now!

“Amelia.. I.... I.....!!!”

                Short guttural moans started coming from Lina and she bucked so hard that Amelia had to pull away. Amelia sat back in shock watching Lina flail wildly. While juices streamed from her genitalia coming out as liquid with gobs mixed in, being flung from her body and all around. However Lina couldn’t keep up this energy and shortly ended up laying still in quite the awkward position, emitting an occasional deep throated pleasure filled sound as she slowly rocked her hips slightly foreword. Amelia couldn’t believe that she had done that, that she had brought that kind of feeling to Lina..... it just boggled her mind. Meanwhile Lina felt dizzy and warm and, ~Oh god’s I feel gooooodddd...~ Lina turned her head slightly so she could see Amelia, “I would do anything... if you would do that to me again some day..” Amelia smiled, “You don’t have to do a thing.” Then Amelia stood up along the side of the bed and walked over so that she could bend over Lina’s face, she gave her a delicate kiss on the cheek, then bluntly pushed her toward the other side of the bed to make room for her to lay down. Lina groaned but Amelia ignored that, “Good night Lina.” Then she put out the light, “..night... night Amelia...”

                Pressing together in the cold room their combined warmth was more then enough to keep them comfortable. Even if Lina had wanted to stay awake she would not have been able to.  But there was no reason to stay up, their minds were clear of doubt and worry and together they quickly fell asleep.




                Normally Lina could be called a morning person, normally Amelia was a morning person, but today as one could expect neither were fulfilling their self-imposed stereotypes. Although mentally Lina felt great, physically she was a wreck, never in her life had she experienced something that powerful, the force of her orgasm clenched muscles and stretched tendons almost like a seizure. Her eyes had rolled back into her head so far that it hurt to look straight, she tried to say something but her tongue hurt so bad from pressing into the roof of her mouth that to even lick her lips took a monumental effort. Lina tried to roll onto her side to see Amelia but failed, ~I hope she wakes up soon, I can’t even heal myself...~

                After some time Lina had worked out the worst of her aches and pains with the tiny movements she was capable of and managed to wake up Amelia in the process. The princess stretched out forcibly, enjoying the feel of the new day and Lina grimaced at her ability to move so freely. Amelia turned to greet, “Good morning Lina.” Amelia bent down and gave her a kiss on her forehead, Lina struggled a bit but managed a ragged “Amelia..” Amelia moved in a little closer, a bit concerned, “Could you cast a recovery spell on me..?” Amelia smiled, “Oh, sure!” She sat back a bit from Lina and performed the ritual, finally placing her glowing hands onto Lina, one on each breast, slowly a glow spread from each that completely enveloped Lina’s body fading even slower then it appeared.

                Cautiously Lina moved her arm at the elbow, then her whole arm, then she sat up and turned to Amelia and gave her a big hug. “Good morning Amelia-chan.” Amelia flushed red with the use of a pet name and returned the hug “Good morning Lina.” She said yet again. Lina smiled even wider back as they parted then came back in to snag a kiss, but that kiss turned to two, then to three, and eventually to a whole trail of kisses that followed Amelia’s jaw line and went down to the crook of her neck. Somewhere during this Amelia had fallen back onto the bed and Lina was now straddling her body. Amelia reached up and put her hands on Lina’s breasts giving them squeezes as the kisses continued, then Amelia’s hands went lower and down into Lina’s panties. Lina gave one more kiss and sat up, the movement causing Amelia’s hands to slip out.

                “That’s enough Amelia, if we keep this up we won’t get anything done today..” Amelia shivered at the seductiveness Lina had in her inexperience voice and responded with her own shaky version, “Well Lina, what if this is all I wanted to do today...” Lina smiled back and slowly moved her hand foreword and tapped Amelia on her forehead, “Nice try!” She giggled a bit as she dismounted Amelia and stood on the floor looking around to gather up her things. Amelia let out a deep breath, scrunching up her face, “I can’t believe you’d taunt me like that...” Lina stuck out her tongue pretending to be mean as Amelia sat up again and flopped her legs off the bed, but stopped suddenly, noticing something odd, between her legs, it was slippery. Amelia reached down past the band of her panties and penetrated herself, a big smile coming to her face.

                “I’m soaked! Do you think... well... is it because of you?” Lina blushed, “Yeah, something like that...” Lina continued to get ready, ignoring Amelia fumbling around on the bed looking for something. At the foot of the bed Lina found most of her ensemble and got dressed there, looking out the window as she did so. Her outfit almost complete, she turned around to look for her shoulder guards and felt the tickle of a nose bleed as she watched Amelia on her knees, her face buried in the bed, butt high in the air, masturbating completely naked. “Eeeee..” Was the only sound Lina could muster as she tried to ignore the insanely erotic sight before her.

                Tip toeing across the room Lina grabbed her shoulder guards by the door and turned back after she donned them. On the bed Amelia stopped what she was doing and got into a sitting position with her legs draped over the edge. She spread them a bit and used her fingers to spread other parts. Her lubricating juices were running all down her legs and were mixed with her saliva, she used her other hand to finger herself while she was held open. Lina knew she didn’t have a choice now, her body would have not cared what her mind wanted, as she closed in Amelia picked the volume of her noises making Lina even hornier and just as Lina got to the bed Amelia asked her one thing, “Please lick me Lina...” She did not hesitate at all, Lina got down on her knees in front of Amelia and moved in. Despite her overwhelming want to immediately suck and finger Amelia she was still more then a little embarrassed.

                Her first licks went right across the clitoris and Lina would have swore Amelia was overacting. The licks became firmer and more controlled using different areas of the tongue, as she kept going Amelia’s lips firmed up and Lina found herself focusing more on them, running her tongue over the rim of Amelia’s hole. Lina stepped it up a bit, burying her face down low and driving her tongue in as deep as it would go, Amelia pushed foreword and stood up, pulling Lina’s face tightly into her crotch. Now Lina had almost no movement, she pulled her whole head up and down, rubbing Amelia’s clit with her nose and sticking her tongue in as deep as possible.

                As Amelia stood over Lina her juices mixed with Lina’s saliva started dripping off, spattering over Lina. Some of them would simply dissolve into the surrounding fabric and give it a darker hue while others would do the same but leave sticky white residue exactly where they struck. Yet more of this mixture was dribbling down Lina’s chin, following the curves of her body and ending up between her breasts. But this just drove Lina on further, the warm slick liquid was incredibly erotic, and the smell... She grabbed Amelia by her butt and pulled her own face against her tighter. With her hands freed up Amelia started playing with her breasts, pulling her nipples away from her body, tightly pinching them between her fingers. She was no longer exhaling, her breaths were short, and suddenly her body went rigid, Lina knew this was it, she pulled her face away and stuck two of her fingers as deep into Amelia as she could, using all of her weight to probe the deepest and tightest part of her hole then resumed her sucking with vigor. Amelia’s eyes went wide and she grabbed at the bed sheets with both hands, she tried to cry out but she was too tense, her sound came out as a hiss but instead of going down in volume rose until it was a yell that could be head throughout the inn. Lina kept her fingers inside of Amelia and lunged for her face, silencing her with a kiss.

                After a few moments she knew Amelia was spent, she broke the kiss and sat back to admire her work. Amelia for her part may have been out of it but she was not silent, he fingers had found their way back between her legs but their play was unfocused, all Amelia could do was occasionally give a deep throaty, “Oooohh!” And keep playing with herself. Lina closed in on Amelia’s face once again and gave her a kiss on her cheek. “Well, I hope you’re happy.” She said trying to sound angry, Amelia turned toward her with unfocused eyes, “I never knew I could be this happy.” Amelia stopped masturbating and sat up. “I love you so much Lina!” Amelia grabbed Lina ignoring the shrieking sensation her body was giving her from the cold metal shoulder guards contacting her hot bare skin. “I you too... but we have to get ready sometime.” Amelia flopped back down, “Just give me five more minutes.” Lina smiled again and went to the door, “Five more minutes... but not a minute more.” She said as she walked out and down stairs ~Damn, I just wanted to taunt her...~

                Lina sat down in the same seat that she had the day previous and when the waitress came up to her she gave the same order as the day before. She also made sure to include the extra portion she needed to satisfy both her and Amelia but as she talked she became somewhat unnerved by the stare the waitress was giving her. When she left to go back to the kitchen Lina was relieved. ~What... is there something on my face..?~ Lina reached up with her un-gloved hand and wiped the edge of her lips, where occasionally she might find some drool crust from the night before, but instead her whole face was slick. Lina stopped breathing, slowly she turned her head to the right and looked straight down at her shoulder, sure enough it was spattered with Amelia’s juices as was the entire front of her outfit, and down her shirt and... and... ~....I ....I hope that waitress is an idiot...~ Bit by bit Lina rose, afraid of attracting attention to herself, ~... and I bet I just reek of it too...~ Her purposely inconspicuous movements paid off and she made it to the stairs, then ran up as fast as her legs would carry her, darting in room and slamming the door behind her, using her body to block it from opening again.

                Amelia looked up from fastening something on her feet, “What’s wrong Lina?” Lina forced a nervous smile and walked out of the shadow and into the area lit by the windows where Amelia could see her, “Hey Amelia, do you see anything on my face?” Lina said in an innocent manner. Amelia carefully inspected Lina’s features then reached up with one finger and wiped a streak from just under her mouth. She took her finger and put it in her own mouth, “...Me?” Lina’s face darkened a little bit, her fang going over her lip, “Yes, you...” Amelia gulped and gave a little forced laughter, “Sorry...?” Lina’s face continued to become menacing to comical proportions, “Not as sorry as you’re gonna be!” Outside the room the sounds of destruction and yells of pain could be heard.

“I bet that waitress knows we’ve been having sex now!”

“Well... maybe she thinks it’s from a guy...”

“Like that’s much better, I don’t need whore tacked onto my reputation!”

“Ow Lina, gahhhh, it’s tight....”

“But I know you like it...”

“I love it... can I always get punished like this?”




                Now, much later in the day, the two of them were walking through the busiest part of the city, giving up on trying to find anything else on the cliff. They had nothing special in mind, if something caught their eye it was just a spur of the moment thing, a chance to shop and they were both in high spirits. However, the hustle and bustle of the city was not something that Lina was entirely in the mood for today, and she purposely lead Amelia away from the crowded streets to the outskirts of the city. A clearing on a hilltop by the woods. Lina took off her cape and spread it out on the ground, then opened one of the bags that she bought at the market.

                Amelia clapped her hands together once, “I thought that you were saving that for later!” Lina smiled and pulled out a whole smoked pork butt, “Well, now seemed to be as good a time as any.” Lina grabbed the ham by the bone and pulled out her short sword sheering off the meat in great big slices, the whole of the ham ending up as no more then eight huge pieces that she laid atop the bag it came in. Amelia smiled even wider and pulled a loaf of bread from her own possessions. She tore it into pieces and put them around the ham in the middle of Lina’s cape. “Now don’t drop anything on my cape, I’d hate to walk around with a big grease stain on my back.” She said with a chuckle. Amelia smiled in return and grabbed a piece of the meat and started eating.

                Lina slyly moved around the cape and sat next to Amelia, casually draping her arm over the smaller girl. They both smiled a bit in response then Lina started eating as well. The ham didn’t last too long, but Lina had more planned then just ham. The food may have been gone but Amelia was still staying put, enjoying Lina’s arm over her. Amelia leaned back into the crook of Lina’s shoulder and sighed as she nestled in. Lina was entirely happy with this situation but there was something else. She reached over toward her bag, trying her best to not move her lower parts much to keep Amelia still. Lina’s fingers grazed the outside rim of her other bag, she pushed her body a little more and nicked the top and finally she reached even further and pulled the bag over. It landed with a hollow thud and Lina stretched more, finally getting her grip on a large bottle.

                “I bought something else too...” Amelia looked upward from her position and Lina waved the bottle side to side where she could see it as Lina continued, “It’s wine, from Zefielia...” Lina trailed off as Amelia looked at her expectantly, she paused for a moment but realized that Amelia wasn’t getting the reference so she answered her unspoken question, “My hometown...” Amelia gave an, “Oh...” Like she was pretending to have known all along, but if it bothered Lina she didn’t show it. “Back home we used to be famous for our wine, when I was growing up we had wine with our dinner every Sunday... But I haven’t had this kind for a very long time...” Lina handed the bottle to Amelia who looked at it inquisitively.

                “Amelia... I...” Lina wiped her eyes and gave a forced laugh, “I’m really not used to... well, emotions.” Amelia turned in Lina’s arms to face her, and hug her, and in the process she took a kiss as well, “I know, it’s okay...” Lina returned the kiss and began anew, “..I really think that my family might like to meet you, back in Zefielia, I know everyone in Zefielia would accept us...” Lina swallowed audibly and licked her drying lips, waiting for a reaction from Amelia before going on, “I want you to come back with me....” Amelia’s face lost some of its compassion, “Forever?” Lina noticed Amelia's worry and lightened her tone “No, not forever, just for a while, some down time, I mean, I know you have your own responsibilities in Sailrune too...” Amelia perked up a bit, “When do we leave?” Lina smiled wider, “As soon as we can, but first how about we drink some of this wine?” Amelia had forgotten the bottle she held in her arms and almost let it fall to the side when she went to look for it. Lina took it from her and grabbed the cork, pulling it out with brute force. She took the bottle and brought it to her lips, ~Smells like home...~ Lina took a shallow drink from the bottle and handed it to Amelia, ~It already feels like home...~ Amelia took a drink without hesitation but tilted the bottle up too high causing some to drip out and go up her nose. She quickly pulled the bottle away snorting through her nose “Gahhh... it went up my nose!” Lina couldn’t help but laugh just as Amelia couldn’t help but laugh at her own embarrassment.




                Once again the day had slipped away and the sun was setting at Lina’s back. The day had been a good one. Lina had taken Amelia to some of the more interesting architectural wonders the city possessed, and whenever they could they would sneak off and steal a kiss or two. As the day went on though Lina became bolder and was now holding Amelia against her protectively with her right arm around her side. Amelia for her part loved this, she had relaxed and was leaning her head against Lina’s shoulder as the two of them walked away from where they ate an uneventful dinner. Regardless of how relaxed the two of them were Lina still noticed a distinctive glimmer in the crowd up ahead, she tightened her grip on Amelia and pulled her off to the side, behind the corner of some buildings, Amelia letting out a short cry as she thrown completely off balance and put up against a cold wall.

                “What is it Lina?” Amelia asked obviously shaken. Lina hazarded a look past the edge of the wall one more time to make sure she had not attracted undue attention, and seeing that her getaway was clean, turned back toward Amelia. “Zelgadiss is over there...” Amelia looked down at her feet, “Oh...” Lina reached down under Amelia’s chin and pulled it upward so their gazes met. “It’s okay, he just doesn’t need to know right now...” Amelia pulled away a little bit, her skin appearing to have dropped a shade of color, “.. but... but Lina...” Lina moved her hand away from Amelia’s chin and put it comfortingly on her shoulder, “I know, you just can’t face him can you...” Amelia nodded her head slightly, “..but Lina, I’m not ashamed of you or... but...” Lina pulled Amelia into a hug before finishing Amelia's thought for her, “But you just can’t see him right now, I know... Amelia, I want you to do something for me...” Amelia blinked away a few tears and nodded her head waiting for whatever Lina asked of her.


“Wait for me...”


                Amelia was now crying consistently, little rivers rushed down her cheeks. Lina reached foreword and wiped away a few tears cooing softly, “Just go back to Sailrune, I’ll come and find you...” Amelia nodded and grabbed at Lina’s outfit, using it to pull herself in tightly against Lina’s chest. Lina put both of her hands across Amelia’s back and gave her a soft pat, “It’ll be okay Amelia, now get going, I’ll be there in a few months...” Amelia looked up at Lina and noticed that despite the confident edge to her voice there were tears streaming down her face as well. Confused by the sudden changes occurring Amelia could only think of one thing she wanted to do, she pulled back, then dove in, giving Lina the most ferocious kiss imaginable, mashing their lips together. Their tear-covered lips met then parted, a bitter salty taste mingled with their saliva, Lina closed her eyes tight, her mind overwhelmed and then Amelia was gone. Opening her eyes, Lina looked around frantically, spotting Amelia taking to the rooftop at the end of the alleyway.


“Goodbye Amelia...”


                Lina stood there sniffling but tried to compose herself, she reached around and grabbed her cape, using it like a tissue. After some time the tears stopped, then her nose started to dry out, ~Here we go...~ Lina walked around the corner and through the crowd toward the benches that surrounded the fountain in the middle of the square where Zelgadiss was sitting, casually reading a book by the fading light. “Hey Zel!” Zelgadiss looked up from his book and ever so slightly smiled, “Hey Lina.” Lina forced a slight smile back, “So have you seen Gourry yet?” Zelgadiss stood up now, only a foot or two away from Lina, “No, I haven’t..... Have you been drinking?” Zelgadiss asked in all seriousness, a bit worried. Lina stuck out her tongue cute-like, “A little...” But the smile was no longer forced as she thought of fond memories.


Fade to black


**<><><><><><>Two Months Later<><><><><><>**

                Lina couldn’t help but be a little embarrassed, she had expected to arrive in Sailrune silently and sneak out with their princess before anyone was the wiser. But what she had planned, was definitely not what was happening. Here she was carrying Amelia in her arms as she walked down a red carpet leading to the bedchamber. Lina held her smile but talked out of the corner of her mouth as she walked, “Why did you have to tell your dad?”


~I can’t believe Phil pushed for this, wait... I married Amelia... what does that make me? I’m royalty now, I’m rich.... oh god... I hope she didn’t tell him what else we did...~


                Amelia just smiled wider, her wedding gown reflecting almost as much light as her face radiated happiness. “Lina I love you, I knew daddy would approve of you in a heartbeat...” Amelia put her arms around Lina’s shoulders and hugged her and the assembled townspeople in the hall, hundreds of them, cheered. Up by the podium where they were wed, Prince Phil was steadfast, a single tear making its way down his face. Lina just continued to force her smile, somewhat uncomfortable in the overcoat she had been forced to wear.  ~...tradition...~ She thought disgustedly, ~..It makes me look more man then woman!~ Finally the two of them reached the door and Lina sat Amelia down, the two of them put on their biggest similes and waved wildly at the assembled masses. The townsfolk responded by cheering even louder and the band kicked up to twice the volume it had been at during the assembly. Lina turned around and politely opened the door for Amelia, who curtseyed and walked inside, Lina followed and closed the door behind her.

                Lina turned to Amelia, her face almost as red as her hair, “Do they expect us to... do it... you know, now.... with everyone right outside?” Amelia grabbed Lina around the waist and hefted with all of her strength, easily lifting her up so Lina was much higher up then her, she turned her head up to so their eyes met, “We can do whatever we want...” Amelia lowered her a bit and craned her neck to give her a kiss on the cheek then set her down on her feet again. Lina turned to look out the window, the roar of the crowd still audible outside. Amelia followed her gaze, “So do you want to start heading to Zefielia now...” Lina smiled, Amelia knew all about the house she had set up in Zefielia for the two of them to live at for awhile, ~....they accept us here too, I guess it doesn’t matter where we go, I mean, we’re expected back home, but...~ Lina lowered her gaze from the window a little and smiled wider, “Well, it would be a shame to waste such a big bed...”

                Amelia started to look a little scared, “But.. but.. there are all those people outside..” Lina’s smile turned devilish, “I know, that’s what makes it fun..” Amelia double bushed, “Lina... you’re so naughty!” Lina chuckled, “Time for the ceremonial popping of the cherry.” Amelia looked at her questioningly and Lina couldn't help but look at Amelia like some sort of prey.  Lina held out her hand and Amelia took it, she lead the two of them over to the bed.  Once there Lina sat down, and with a yank pulled Amelia on top of her. Amelia landed gracefully with a hand on either side of Lina’s head, propping herself up, her face right over Lina’s, their exhales timed to be in sync. “What’d ya think Amelia... it is our wedding day, and I’m already the happiest woman in the world, but why not go for broke?” Amelia giggled and kissed Lina on the nose lightly, “Anything for you Lina-chan...”



And they lived happily ever after...... (With the occasional evil sorcerer interruption)


Authors Rant:

That’s it, my longest fanfic to date, huge, just freaking huge by my standards.... Anyway, thank you for reading this work o mine three years in the making, I hope you enjoyed it. I know, I know, I over use the ........ dots a lot but when using people’s thoughts or sometimes when they speak they trail off a lot, that’s what the dots are for. And I know, I never explained where Gourry or Zelgadiss went, well, I have some ideas but I didn’t feel like writing them in, who knows, they may get put in before this gets published wherever. So, if you want to read more of my works go to and go to my fanfics page, some Ranma and other stuff too, not just Slayers. My e-mail address should be at the top of this if you want to yell toward me.  12313 revised again 213 and again 283

One more thing, in the fanfic Lina has her first true orgasm, but she thinks it's weird that Amelia had never masturbated before, well, Lina did masturbate before, she just never got off, she might not have even known it was possible.  Some pre-readers were confused about this so there.


Cd’s I listened to while writing:

Heavy Metal (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture)

Gravity Kills (All of their albums)

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